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  • Minimum Desirable Product
    Customer Development for theWinner Take All Consumer Web

My target audience
Mass market consumer internet startups
Daily usage, but low value interactions
Ad-supported, indirect monetization models
First to 100M uniques/month wins
Executing the Viability-First strategy
Get a lot of users through viral channels
Create a Minimum Viable Product
Maximize user acquisition and revenue/user
Iterate to a great product experience (?)
Can this ever lead to a high engagement product with sustainable viral growth?
Scenarios that made me think
High-growth social network thats profitable but has terrible user retention
Dating site with lots of subscribers, but no one can find the dates they were promised
Photo-sharing site with 100M+ uniques/month organic growth, but unprofitable
Am I testing the right thing with a Minimum Viable Product?
A different approach:Minimum Desirable Product
IDEO design lenses
Test the riskiest thing first
Depending on your business:
Minimum Viable Product
Distribution, Revenue, Business model
Minimum Feasible Product
Transistors/inch, Power usage, Cures cancer
Minimum Desirable Product
Engagement, Sustainable growth, Love