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A group workshop from Code for America fellows at UX Week 2012.

Transcript of Designing for Civic Engagement

  • 1. Designing for Civic Action:A Collaborative Design Sessionwith Code for AmericaAngel Kittiyachavalit, Elizabeth Hunt, Emily Wright, Sheba Najmi

2. Hi, Were Code for AmericaA new non-profit that brings the technologyand process of startup culture to citygovernments to make them more transparent,open, and efficient. 8 cities 26 fellows 262 public open-source projects 3. Angel 4. Emily 5. Liz 6. Sheba 7. Agenda9:00 - 9:30 Overview 9:30 - 10:00 Explain design challenge 10:00 - 10:10 Break 10:10 - 11:25 Work on challenge in small teams 11:25 - 11:35 Break 11:35 - 12:30 Discussion and Q&A 8. Today Well Be Talking About Opportunities for UX in the gov andcivic spaces Observations and insights weve gainedthrough our fellowship Defining the new practice of civicengagement 9. THE OPPORTUNITIES 10. Government Interfaces 11. Government Computers 12. Department of Motor Vehicles 13. Bus Signage 14. Missing Sidewalks 15. OBSERVATIONS + INSIGHTS 16. Observations We dont often have user research or inputto guide us We often go from sketches to design orstraight to code We work in pairs (or threes) on a team designers also code and test We are always measuring and evaluating 17. Insights Build to explore ideas and tactics Experimentation as process JFDI (Just F***ing Do It) Open Source is great! UX people are needed 18. THE CHALLENGE:CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 19. Why Civic Engagement? Cities are interested because civicengagement can help crowd-source taskswith fewer city resources Its such a new space that the rules arentdefined. Help us define them today! 20. What We Want To Do TodayCome up with tactics to improve civicengagement How can we encourage people to help outthe city by taking responsibility for a pieceof city infrastructure? How can we keep people interested indoing that over a sustained period of time? 21. Feature Questions To Consider Incentives: Do people need incentives? What kind? Fun: How do we make the activity not feel like work? Social proof: Can we leverage this need? Reminders: How do we keep people engaged over aperiod of time? Urgency: How do we create a sense of urgency withoutbeing burdensome or communicating too often? Recognition: How can we recognize people whoparticipate? 22. Experience Questions To Consider Acquisition: How should people learn about Adopta? Activation: What things will drive people to sign up? Retention: What things will drive people to continueparticipating? Referral: How can we leverage existing users? Whatcould we use that leverage to do? Revenue: What types of business models might existfor Adopta? 23. Idea-starters Take away the important parts What would your closest friend do? Make it more sensual Change specifics to ambiguities Make whats perfect more human Voice your suspicions Use an old idea Faced with a choice, do both Use "unqualified" people 24. 10 min Break 25. Design Challenge - 1.25 hours 26. Discussion + Q&A - 1 hour 27. Thank You Angel - // @angelkEmily - // @emilyvilleLiz - // @ezoehuntSheba - // @snajmi