Designing an exemplary course assessment

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Transcript of Designing an exemplary course assessment

  • 1. Designing anExemplaryCourse Series
  • 2. 22Workshop ObjectiveBy the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: Identify the elements of assessment from theBlackboard Exemplary Course Program Rubric.
  • 3. 3What is an Exemplary Assessment?
  • 4. 44Blackboard Exemplary Course ProgramExemplary Course Program
  • 5. 5Exemplary Course Program RubricCourse DesignInteraction andCollaborationAssessmentLearner Support
  • 6. 6AssessmentExpectationsAssessmentDesignSelf-Assessment
  • 7. 77ECP Winner 2012 Course TourExemplary Course Tour
  • 8. 88Developing Quality Assessments1. Expectations Assessments match the goals and objectives Learners are directed to the appropriateobjective for each assessment Rubric included to explain evaluation Instructions are clearly written and withsufficient detail
  • 9. 99Developing Quality Assessments2. Assessment Design Assessments measure the performance they claimto measure Higher order thinking is required Assessments are designed to mimic authenticenvironments Assessments occur frequently throughout theduration of the course Multiple types of assessments are used
  • 10. 1010Developing Quality Assessments3. Self-Assessment Many opportunities for self-assessmentprovided Self-assessments provide constructive,meaningful feedback
  • 11. 1111Developing Quality AssessmentsBlackboard Assessment Tools Assignments Self-Assessments Multiple Question Types Hot Spots Matching Ordering Jumbled Sentence Fill-in-the-Blank Feedback on individual questions and answers
  • 12. 1212Best Practices for Quality Assessments Communicate clear expectations and criteria forevaluation Link course learning outcomes, evaluationstrategies, and course assignments Provide detailed step-by-step instructions Allow learners to track and evaluate their ownprogress (self-assessments) Evaluation should align with course objectives
  • 13. 1313Designing an Exemplary Course Presentation Video Course Tours Scholarly Readings Hands-On Activities
  • 14. 14AssessmentExpectationsAssessment DesignSelf-Assessment
  • 15. 1515Questions?ThankYou!