BbWorld 2012 Smouse Increasing Course Quality and Blackboard Adoption through Exemplary Course...

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Transcript of BbWorld 2012 Smouse Increasing Course Quality and Blackboard Adoption through Exemplary Course...

  • 1. Increasing Course Qualityand Blackboard Adoptionthrough Exemplary CourseReview ProcessCarey SmouseInstructional DesignerJacksonville State University

2. Why Course Reviews?Students:Faculty: Top tool requests in end-of- Dont know about all that isterm surveys:available Flash-based study aids Like the idea of tools/features but dont know Audio/video contenthow to use them Collaborate/Wimba virtual Transitioning from f2f orclassrooms hybrid and unsure how best to meet learning outcomes in More interaction withfully online environmentinstructor and peers; bettercommunication No time Less text-based material;more rich media New tools/features provided through upgradesand purchases but not being used. 2 3. Exemplary Course Review atInstructorconducts self-reviewID accesses ID offersInstructorInstructor and Bb course trainingCourse is requests ID meet to shell and and/or course taught orcourse review review supplemental buildingrevisedwith IDsuggestionssystemsassistanceExemplary orAccomplished eligible for stipend 3 4. Exemplary Course Review Form Rating Options: Exemplary Accomplished Promising Incomplete 4 5. ECP Rubric Category: Course DesignFeature/ToolRecommendations: Learning modules/lessonplans Mashup tools YouTube,Flickr NBC Learn videos Blackboard CollaborateVoice Authoring Publisher content Course and tool links Adaptive release5 6. Course Example: Course DesignChanges Made: Converted CourseDocuments content tolearning modules Assignments and testsadded to respectivecontent areas with courselinks in learning modules Added external links toother systems andpublisher materials Class presentations notonly submitted asassignments but deliveredthrough Collaborate6 7. ECP Rubric Category: Interaction and Collaboration Feature/Tool Recommendations: Blackboard IM meetings or Office Hours Blackboard Collaborate Voice Boards and Voice Emails Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing Groups and Group Assignments Rubrics Campus Pack groups or personal learning spaces 7 8. Course Example: Interaction and CollaborationChanges Made: Added live class meetingsthrough Wimba Classroom toexisting discussion forums Added group project withmeeting rooms available tostudents for preparation anddelivery of presentation Used voice announcementswith transcripts throughout term 8 9. ECP Rubric Category: Assessment Feature/Tool Recommendations: Rubrics Blogs and Journals Wikis StudyMate Class or Author learning materials Practice quizzes from large pools Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring for feedback 9 10. Course Example: Assessment Self-assessments for studentsusing StudyMate Class Ideal for hybrid course wherein-class time is focused oncore content10 11. ECP Rubric Category: Learner Support Feature/Tool Recommendations: On Demand Learning Center Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing Jing introductions Mashups - YouTube Learning modules Blackboard IM office hours and help desks Blackboard Student Services 24/7 support 11 12. Course Example: Learner Support12 13. Potential Impact Student retention Implementation of new tools/features Highly successful Wimba Classroom rollout Interactive rubrics Increased usage of existing tools/features Significant increase in Collaborate session creation and attendance Upgrade preparation for faculty13 14. For More Information Carey Smouse, Instructional Designer Email: [email protected] Blackboard IM: csmouseadmin JSU Office of Distance Education website (Services) Policy: Standards for Exemplary Distance EducationCourses JSU review form Customized review form (College of Education andProfessional Studies)14 15. We value your feedback!Please fill out a session evaluation.15