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We are a young and innovative company. After succeding

in production and sales of infrared illuminators, we have

started a production of high technological LED spotlights.

The spotlights are being produced in Germany wich

means quick production with fixed dates, highest quality,

fast service and flexibility. Combination of extra-ordinary

thinking, experience and newest technologies allows us to

suggest different solutions for different demands.

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At any moment we keep 200 spotlights of different modifications at our warehouse. Presently our production capability is 1000 pieces per month, but if necessary we can increase production up to 10 000 pieces.

We constantly keep a reserve of 70% of needed components and work with at least 3 proved suppliers.

We are in constant process of inventing new modifications (different beam angles, explosion proof, DMX controlled, and others).

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LB-03 series has a genious, unique and easy-to-install


Maximum light emitting per Watt.

Suitable for inside use because of low heating level.

Low level of light pollution because of a narrow beam.

No electro-magnetic emitting.

No plumbum content – complies to RoHS standard.

Low weight

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G As they are unique of a kind, LB-03 series spotlights are

highly productive, have compact and functional design,

which allows installation in various places and applications,

including very complicated advertising and architectural

lighting. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

LB-03 series provides highest quality and long life up to 100

000 hours (based on LED manufacturers tests).

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DEG Licht GmbH

Dimensions (packing)


LED life time

Country of origin

22.5x16.5x8.5 cm

0.640 kg

100 000 hours (based on LED

manufacturers tests)


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- Outdoor and

indoor lightning for exhibitions;

- External facade lighting;

- Bridges lighting;

- Runways lighting;

- Internal picturesque element lighting;

- Marking lighting

(e.g.stairs, crosswalks);

- Marking lighting of vehicles;

- Advertisment lighting;

- Design lighting;

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Unique LB 03 series

Simple installation.

Unified cable for different power consumption.

Low power consumption, high light emitting.

Possibility to be installed at any place of an object.

The length and the sharpness of the beam allows installation outside the object.

No need of extra protection if installed outside because have IP66 class.

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New GT seriesWe have developed a new GT series spotlights for

architectural lighting and for operating in a harsh

environment, sea water and under water.

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New GT seriesGT series spotlights are developed to operate in harsh

environments, sea water and under water. Can be used for

architectural lighting, as the park lights, for caves

illumination, embankments illumination, on ships and

underwater lighting.

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New GT seriesThe unique design of the housing made of stainless steel

and polycarbonate makes possible to avoid galvanic

corrosion emergence between various metals. The

aluminum radiator is covered with a special ceramic

compound for protection from the environment.

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DEG Licht GmbHWhite light and colored light spotlights are controlled by

PWM. RGB spotlights have built-in DMX control.

The line consists of a series of GT- 03; GT- 05; GT- 13;

GT- 17; made of stainless steel and polycarbonate. Full

compliance to IP68 protection class. Power consumption

from 3 to 17 watts.

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Contact us:Lange Meile 22

61352 Bad Homburg v.d.H.


+49 6172 9898 513; +49 3222 1092256

[email protected]

[email protected]

TAX number • 003 231 16040

VATIN • DE263778455

Trade Register number • HRB 11173

Registration court • District court Bad Homburg v.d.H.