Dearest sister why not cover your modesty

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Transcript of Dearest sister why not cover your modesty

  1. 1. Dearest Sister : '1 ' 1Abdul Hameed Al-Balali 1Translated in to English "Free Translation" by Wael F.Tabba'Dar Al-Thakhair
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  3. 3. {Dearest Sister : L Iii!4?5:1 FK ;1..5 71% = By Abdul Hameed Al-BulaliTranslated into English "Free Translation" by Wacl F.Tabb: l'.
  4. 4. 3Copy Rights Reserved First Edition 1994 G.- 1415 H. zb_,5., ... _. h.II5_, is._, J,~n: .., I.JIPublisher :Dar Al-ThakhairP.O.Box 999 - Dammam 31421 Tel.: 8321834 - Fax 2 8322078&.32:3J3--"' 1 j= ,kZ; -.1514:m 4.5. m. I (6.311 AVYCOYA L, .sL'a Af1/TiJ
  5. 5. {I)LLIIt'5I _SI.5IL'r . ' --". ; -ff; 31'lranslator's IntroductionThanks are only due to Allah,the High and Almighty,and Peace Be Upon Him who no Messenger will be sent after. Upon reading the book of Al-Balali,I was very impressed about the way it tackles the problems of the modem Mus- lims,and the way it attacks dubiosities,and handle them one by one.Consequently I was hoping that our Muslim Arabic Language should benet of this book.That was the reason that compelled me to translate it into the English lan-guage. The translations of the meanings of the Holy Quran was based on the work of Abdullah Yousef Ali. The translations of the meanings of the Hadeeths of the Messenger of Allah was based on the nearest possible meaning that the modem English language can give to that narration. This translation was done on a free basis hoping to capture the true spirit with which it was written.For an attempt to do it in other way will casue it to lose a lot of its power. Finally I hope that this work,will benefit our brothers and sisters in Islam,and I ask them to pray and make "Du'a" for the writer,myself,and all those who participated in making it available for the public. Peace be upon each and everyone of you. Al-Khobar 8/4/l3|4H Corresponding to 24/9ll993G.
  6. 6. Dearest 5z'ster : j 0 O O lntrggdgggtitrn :Allah - High is He - says : ow J I / az-a /1 t .1?ggtsijsj L. =)J. _.>. t$ L, -,'. .,5.b as t, u,. . t. , v. ... ,," IS};the Soul. . ml the pmpnrtion amtl 0ltlLl' (liven to it LAmi its inspiruticm/ ~;In its wrongAnd its right: " (Al-Shams 9] 1 7-8)Allah - the High and Almighty - created the human soul,and gave it the ability to chose between treading the Good path or the Evil path.He also told us to exchange with our brethren good advice,and teaching of Truth.Allah - high is He - considers these acts to be specific characteristics of those whom He excludes from etemal loss. This is what Allah declared in Sura Al-A'ssr.Our Messen- ger (Peace Be Upon Him) also taught us that giving advice to each other is part of our duty,so he said: la-aeiallilrao-a-411}"The bclicvcr is at mirror ol other hclicvcrs"l for he looks into the aws of his brother,and reects it like a mirror.This Mirror does not reflect the physical image,but rather reects the character image.Islam encourages his followers to love each other.We are advised and encouraged to do so through many Hadeeths. l Narrated by Al-Tabbarani in Al-Awsatt.and is considered by AlAlbani as one of the True Hadeeth (S. J.S.653!)7