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  • 1.


  • List items/behaviors/ideas that bother you.
    • It might help to think about where you go, what you do, and the people you encounter on a regular basis.
  • Choose one to explore further in a quick write.

3. 4.

  • that sense of unique presence on the page
  • an unmistakable something that becomes the mark of a writer
  • a way of saying things that is the writers own
  • a sign that the piece was written by a human being

5. 6.

  • With words (diction)
    • Choice (vocabulary)
    • Arrangement (syntax)


  • 2. Over time
  • Because of writers theyve read
  • Because of choices theyve made


  • By repeating subject matter.
  • Using the same point of view.
  • Conforming to a form.


  • Take a minute and think about your own writing.
  • What do you do that makes your writingyours?
  • What patterns exist in your writing?

10. 11.

  • This is one of those phrases you hear writers use.
  • Was it ever lost?
  • You always have your voice, and it will probably change over time.
  • Concentrate on creating good writing, and your distinctive sound will emerge.


  • Dont worry; it happens automatically. We dont choose it.
  • Seek tosaysomething, and your voice will follow.
  • Work on broadening your vocabulary by reading.
  • It emerges when you write passionately.


  • You have a number of different voices, depending on your audience.
  • You speak differently in class than you do:
    • @home
    • @practice
    • @a party


  • Voice is born from a lot of workbut not just any words or any work will do. You have to bleed a little. You have to shiver a little. You have to love a lotlove your writing, love your failures, love your courage in going on in spite of them, love every small triumph that points toward eventual success. You already have a voice. Its beautiful, its unique Your job is to lead it from the darkest of the dark places and the deepest of the deep waters into the light of day.
  • Holly Lisle

15. 16.

  • Persona
    • Greek for mask
    • Pretending to be someone else
    • A mask adopted by a writer
  • Persona writing typically means the creation of a voice for something or someone very different than the writer.
  • This can be a great way to stretch imagination and writing style, to feed your own voice.
  • Remember: No written account can be the whole truth about an event.


  • Identify the person in the picture you are handed. If you dont know them by name, thats ok.
  • List qualities you think this person would have, just by looking at them.
  • List topics you think would be important to this person.
  • Adopt the persona of this person, and write about one of the topics you just listed.
  • Write a short piece from this persons perspective.
  • Remember, you are not writing your opinion of this person, but imagining how this person sees the world.

18. A close relative to voice 19.

  • Definition: the perspective from which the story is told
    • First person - I
    • Second Person - You
    • Third Person He/she


  • Choose a person or a group of people as an audience.
  • Write two pieces:
    • One entirely made of commands.
    • One entirely composed of questions.
  • Alternately, you could choose to adopt the voice of someone you admire and become the audience yourself.
  • Include ashortauthors note stating your intentions.


  • Develop your quick write from today into a polished draft about one of your pet peeves.


  • Write about yourself from the perspective of your shoes.
  • Write from a babys perspectivein the womb.
  • Write from the perspective of an animal.
  • Write form the perspective of an inanimate object looking for his/her mate.