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  • 1. *Sandra RodriguezMrs. VelizEnglish l

2. Son of Aphrodite God of love and sexual desire Hes weapon was darts or arrows Worshiped as a fertility god Sculptors preferred the figure of a winged putto(plump baby) Wounds the hearts of mortals and immortals Gives good gifts to men* 3. Mortal princess Astounding beauty Goddess of souls Wife of Eros* 4. Aphrodite was jealous of Psychesbeauty. Aphrodite sent Cupid to makeher fall in love of the horrible creaturein the world. When Cupid shot her, itwas like he shot himself. He fell in lovewith Psyche. He got Psyche and took herto his mansion. There, she woke up andnobody was around. She didnt knowwho her husband was. Her sisterswanted to visit her, but her husbandtold her not to let them in nor payattention to them.* 5. Psyche ignored her husband and let in hersisters. They told her who was her husband but,Psyche didnt know either. For that, they toldher during the night get near him and lighten upthe oil lamp. As so told, she did that. While herhusband was sleeping, she got the oil lamp andsaw that it was Cupid but, a drop of oil fell onhim and he flew away. Psyche went to follow himand got to Aphrodites mansion. Aphrodite sentPsyche to do several challenges to he if shereally loved Cupid and wanted to forgive all theunconfidence she had. So, she did all thechanllenges Aphrodite told her to do. Cupid washealed, and went on to search for Psyche.Therefore, they got married and had a little girl.