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I made this for my Introduction to Religion class. So yeah

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  • 1. The Cult of The DoctorFor fun and Intro to Religion classBy Itsnotasiftheywererealninjas

2. What are our beliefs? We believe that The Doctor is real and that the showDoctor Who that cornicles part of his life is based uponreal events. We believe that the TARDIS is very real and verypossible. That Sexy thing. We believe that there are aliens out there and thatsome of them ARE dangerous, which is why we needThe Doctor. We believe that the Doctor is the Savior of humanity. We believe that the Daleks are the root of all evil. We believe that Rusty, the Dalek, meant that TheDoctor was a good Dalek in that he has hate like aDalek but chooses good things. We are unsure if there is an after life. 3. Where can you find us? Our sacred cities are Cardiff and London. However thecities of the actors to play the Doctor are alsoimportant to us. You can find us on the internet. You can find anythingon the internet, why not us? 4. What are our rules? Do NOT have a gun. The Doctor hates them. Please be wary of all aliens, they may not be as nice asthe Doctor. DO NOT approach alien tech. It could be dangerous. Please allow UNIT and TORCHWOOD to do their jobs. Do not swear against the TARDIS or The Doctor. Point and laugh at archeologists. Try not to die. Do NOT ignore coincidences, unless youre busy thenalways ignore coincidences. Bow ties are cool. Tea is good. And declining it is how wars start 5. Thank you.