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Free or inexpensive tools to make your Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding campaign efficient and more predictable. The slides were prepared for my presentation in Denver in June, 2013.


  • 1. Campaign ToolsOnline Course Money from the Crowd Your Guide to Social FundraisingElena Mikhaylova

2. Tools will not do the job for you But they will help you save time and money And make your campaign more efficient 3. Campaign Stages Planning Preparation Execution Post Campaign 4. Planning What your product When season, the length of the campaign Who your target groups How your promotional channels Your team, budget, organizational structure 5. Planning tools Choose your crowdfunding platform Directories of crowdfunding sites: has several lists for niche platforms 6. Planning tools Research similar projects Projects posted on CF portal Analytics Kickstarter successful and unsuccessful projects: compare, filter by categories and goals (cancelled in March, 2013) projects by location and category 7. Planning tools Places to ask questions LinkedIn groups the largest one, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding, has almost 20,000 members Meetup Groups 8. Planning Tools Places to read about crowdfunding Google Alerts 9. Preparation Build your crowd Find media Create Content Decide on the Perks 10. Preparation tools Build your online crowd to find influencers to find people on Twitter by keywords, locations, # of followers Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Facebook Insights to understand your connections Newsletter signup tool for Facebook fan pages ,,, 11. Preparation tools Create your media plan Google search top **** blogs, websites, forums international/national/local blog directories by categories directory of newspapers, TV and radio stations by cities/states website traffic rating, demographics of the audience 12. Preparation tools Have your content ready PRIOR to launch on crowdfunding portal Keyword search tool on Google Adwords -design, writing, online research Stock Photos - iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, 123RF, BigStock, Getty Images for picture editing WindowsMovieMaker, for video editing 13. Preparation tools Create your online HUB Wordpress: Connect with all your social accounts Google Analytics NewStatPress widget Fundraising widgets 14. Preparation tools E-mail campaign for Gmail richprofiles and latest tweets of your connections E-mail tracking SpyPig, WhoReadMe or Yesware for Gmail Bulk e-mail campaigns - ConstantContact, MailChimp, i-Contact, Campaigner, AWeber: free webinars, social media integration, analytical tools, A/B test, tracking tools, segmentation 15. Preparation tools Test the waters Kickstarter pre-launch post your pre-launch project, monitor interest level for your perksIf you have a significant number of foreign connections, try to use translators networks for free or almost free translation of your or 16. Execution Monitoring Promotion Engagement 17. Execution tools Monitoring: Social networks Facebook Insights, YouTube Analytics, SocialMention,, Klout Media, blogs Google Alerts E-mail campaign providers Website traffic Google Analytics, onsite widgets On Page Campaign Link www. Mapping your connections 18. Execution tools Engagement to schedule your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Foursquare or Wordpress to schedule yourmessages or videos and monitor your reputation across 14 social media to schedule e-mail blasts, reminders and respond tracking 19. Execution tools Media To Get in Google News: press release distribution PRLog free press release distribution 20. Execution tools Twitter accounts to promote your campaign@KickstarterNews @KickstartAdvice @TeamCrowdfund @CrowdReporter @OccupyCrowdfund @KSStandard @JustKickstarted@CrowdfundingEye @CrowdfundingDjo @Ayudos @BestKickstarter @CrowdfundingPro @CrowdfundBuzzFind more accounts in 30 people to promote your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign on Twitter post on 21. Execution tools Communicate with your connections through live Q and A sessions and progress reports Google Hangouts 22. Post campaign Analysis Communications with backers and media Perks fulfillment Pre-orders, business? 23. Post campaign Perks fulfillment from $99 handle all shipments, incl. international print and ship Tshirts 24. Post campaign Pre-orders 25. Additional Resources IndieGoGo blog:Tool Time: E-Sources for Crowdfunding Campaigners 26. Questions? 27. Online Course Money from the Crowd Your Guide to Social Fundraising Four Hours of Recorded Information Optional Homework One Hour Online Group Consultation (Max. 10 people per group) Downloadable Action Plan $25 Discount on a Personal Readiness Assessment or Strategic Planning ConsultationPrice: $49 without Homework $65 including HomeworkRegister on