A succesful Crowdfunding campaign in 9 steps


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Want to start your crowdfunding/ crowdinvesting campaign? But don't know where to start? Follow the 9 steps in this guide to get funding for your project or business. PREPARE 1. Finalize investor proposition & rewards 2. Create a pitch story 3. Visualize your story 4. Find your investors 5. Choose your channels 6. Get your campaign team & plan your campaign LAUNCH 7. Update on progress 8. Learn and adjust FOLLOW-UP 9. Deliver what you promise


  • 2. GET STARTED Congrats! You have a strong investment proposition and are ready to get started with rallying your network to invest in you. To help you on the way we have compiled this step-by-step guide containing tips & tricks to succesful crowdfunding. Weve done it ourselves as well, so we are happy to share our learnings with you. Environmental: physical units (i.e. Kwh, CO2) Social: number of Weve identified 9 steps people affected thethe solution succesful campaign. to help you on by way to create a Economic: profit generated in year 3 Enjoy spreading the word! The ImpactCrowd team
  • 3. CROWDINVESTMENT CAMPAIGN IN 9 STEPSPREPARE1. Finalize investor proposition & rewards2. Create a pitch story3. Visualize your story4. Find your investors5. Choose your channels 6. Get your campaign team &physical campaign Environmental: plan your units (i.e.Kwh, CO2) LAUNCH Social: number of people affected by the solution Economic:7. Update on progress profit generated in year 38. Learn and adjustFOLLOW-UP9. Deliver what you promise
  • 4. PREPARE
  • 5. INVESTOR PROPOSITION & PERKSYour investor proposition is the prerequisite in your firststep to a succesful crowdfunding campaign.Projects that add extra rewards next to an impact returnon investment are more succesful than the ones who dont.It is amazing the power behind giving away something or getting access to the next must have productunique Environmental: physical units (i.e. Kwh, CO2)before it hits the shelves. Have a good think about what are likely to find people affected tier your rewards topeople Social: number ofcompelling and by the solutionentice people to invest more. Economic: profit generated in year 3For a product this is easy. For services it can be moreabout involvement. The link should be logical betweenthe product/service you are offering and the reward that theinvestor can recieve.
  • 6. 2. CREATE A PITCH STORY People are more likely to invest in a business that they are already passionate about or a story that is too compelling to ignore. Your pitch should be one, or both, of these things. What makes your business unique? And how will you take advantage of this opportunity? A good story is: Clear Easy to understand Environmental: physical units (i.e. Kwh, CO2) Articulate & professional Social: number of people affected by the solution A way to build trust with your investors Visualize by using images and a video 3 Economic: profit generated in year Use references Cite your track record and past succeses Who is on your team?
  • 7. 3. VISUALISE YOUR STORYYou can visualise your story is by using strong images onImpactCrowd as well as in your own promotional efforts.A promotional video can be a powerful tool to communicate whatyou are trying to do. It will help bring your pitch to life, show that youare serious and adds credibility. As investors generally dont havethe opportunity to meet you face-to-face, a video helps instil trust inyou and your company. Keep it short and simple (2-3 min). Anstoryboard for a good video pitch could look something like this: Environmental: physical units (i.e. Kwh, CO2)1. Introduce yourself Social: number of people affected by the solution2. Introduce your product/services Economic: profit generated in year 33. Show the ways someone might use your product/service4. Explain why this product/service matters to you and why you are looking for investments5. Say thank you ;-)
  • 8. 4. FIND YOUR INVESTORSWho are your investors?Your communityAs you probably know, it all starts with your own community of friends, family,neighbours, fans, followers everyone you know to not only inform them youreseeking capital but why they should invest in you. Your community is also yourprofessional network of suppliers and customers.Even greater is when they want to be your brand ambassador and help youspreading the word in their network. Environmental: physical units (i.e. Kwh, CO2)The likeminded crowd The people and organsiations who are by the solutionWhos next? Social: number of people affectedinterested in your propositionbecause they have affinity with your product/service. Or they share the same Economic: profit generated in distribution list and reach out topassion as you. Identify them, add them to your year 3them with your pitch.The impact investorsThe investors who are looking for the next impact investment gem onImpactCrowd. It could be you, especially when you already have somecrowdinvestors on board.
  • 9. 5. CHOOSE YOUR CHANNELSONLINEYou can choose from a variety of online channels that have their owndynamics. Well help you on the way with some tips.1. Email / mailings2. Your own website 3. Social media channels Environmental: physical units (i.e. Kwh, CO2) Social: number of people affected by the solution4. Influencers (bloggers, journalists, brand advocates)OFFLINE Economic: profit generated in year 35. Events & Meet-upsMost of the crowdinvesting efforts take place online. However, dontforget to pitch your proposition at events and meetings that youattend.
  • 10. 5.1 EMAIL / MAILINGSEmail is still a very effective tool for telling your personal andprofessional contacts about what you are doing. Ensure that your email contacts are up-to-date. Segment your email database to create targeted messages Make the mailing personal Make a planning to send regular updates (once a month) Environmental: physical units (i.e. Kwh, CO2) throughout the campaign period Social: number of people affected by the solution Add your crowdinvestment message to your email signature Economic: profit generated in year 3 You can use Mailchimp A service for easily creating email newsletters.
  • 11. 5.2 YOUR OWN WEBSITEDo you have own online channels that you use such as your websiteand/or a blog? Dont forget to add them in the mix and refer to youropportunity on ImpactCrowd.Write news articles and blog postings about your project andcrowdinvestment progress and post them online.You can use your newsletter & emailings to refer to these articles. Environmental: physical units (i.e. Kwh, CO2) Social: number of people affected by the solution Economic: profit generated in year 3
  • 12. 5.3 SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELSImpactCrowd offers easy sharing options to share your opportunitywith your network. Encourage others to do the same, by creatingmessages that suit the channel they are posted on. Vary and repeatthe campign message during the campaign period.We have collected some tips for you that can be useful.TwittterTwitter is limited to the use of 140 characters. Its quick and easy touse Environmental: physical units (i.e. Kwh, CO2) Use Social:to create of people affected by the solution who hashtags number traction and make it easy for people are interested to find your investment opportunity Economic: profit generated in year 3 Write texts that are short and make people curious to click on the link that guides them to your investment opportunity Ask for a retweet (pls RT) Reach out to influential people on Twitter
  • 13. 5.3 SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS CONTINUEDFacebookFacebook works well when you use strong and appealing visuals andmake it easy and inspiring for people to share your content. Use visualisations, post your pitch video or pitch image Ask your facebook friends to share your postLinkedIn LinkedIn is Environmental: physical unitsits easy to CO2)groups the business network where (i.e. Kwh, spotaround your area of interest. Social: number of people affected by the solution Join and post relevant contents in groups that are in your area of interest Economic: profit generated in year 3 Use the message option in LinkedIn to send personalized messages Use your linkedIn status update to post a link to your investment opportunity