Crowdfunding 101: Crowdfunding for Causes

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Alex Kouts, Senior Director of Product, Razoo Twitter Handle: @AlexKouts Crowdfunding is the new buzzword. Get the best practices for successful online fundraising campaigns. Plus learn the nuts and bolts of social media to tell your story effectively, spread the word and thank your donors.

Transcript of Crowdfunding 101: Crowdfunding for Causes

  • 1. Crowdfunding for Causes democratizing philanthropy

2. What is crowdfunding? 3. Why is it so great? 4. How to create a successful campaign 5. Pre-work 6. Tell your story 7. Pick your goal 8. Pick the deadline 9. Tiers are crucial 10. Images are powerful 11. Video is powerful 12. Comments are King 13. Promotion is crucial Staff Board of Directors Key Influencers Donors Your Social Networks Volunteers Friends 14. During start endpromote Deadline panic. Promote! 15. Get going early 16. Beware the pit! 17. Crossing the Finish line 18. Follow-up 19. Thank yous 20. Say no to Silos 21. Alex Kouts @akouts @razoo Questions?