Crowdfunding 101: WeDidIt's guide to nonprofit crowdfunding

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Transcript of Crowdfunding 101: WeDidIt's guide to nonprofit crowdfunding

  • 1. Online Giving Statistics $250 million in 2000 $6.8 billion in 2006 $25 billion in 2011
  • 2. What is Crowdfunding? The idea of accruing micro donations to reach a larger fundraising goal
  • 3. PBS Telethon
  • 4. What are the Common Principles of Crowdfunding? All or Nothing Video Call to Action Rewards Deadline Target Peer to Peer
  • 5. How Does Crowdfunding Work?
  • 6. Benefits of Crowdfunding MYTH: The only real way to measure fundraising success is the amount of money raised Increased engagement More action = More invested in your organization Low upfront cost Failure is rarely failure
  • 7. Why Do People Give to Charity? Context!
  • 8. What is Peer to Peer Fundraising? The process of empowering individuals and groups to raise funds on your behalf by allowing (or assisting) them to communicate and solicit prospective donors from their own networks and communities. Old Model New Model
  • 9. Peer to Peer Fundraising Why It Works 72% of Millennial donors said theyd be willing to communicate with friends and family about ways to be involved in an organization they support. 74% of those polled said they would be highly likely to donate to a cause if asked by a friend or family member *Source: Achieve:
  • 10. How do I choose a fundraising goal? Set realistic goals based on your potential reach Donors arent trolling the web looking for campaigns to fund. Your campaign will not be the exception. Make an attempt to calculate guaranteed donors before launching the campaign
  • 11. Power of Video People will forget what you tell them, but they will never forget how you make them feel. - Maya Angelou
  • 12. Power of Video Most shared content online Helps audiences visualize why you exist Instant engagement
  • 13. Power of Video Campaign videos should be short and sweet NO LONGER THAN 3 Minutes Who are you? What do you do? Why do you need money? How can potential donors help?
  • 14. Power of Influencers & Taste Makers What is an Influencer? What is a Taste Maker?
  • 15. Power of Influencers & Taste Makers Whats going on here?!?
  • 16. Power of Influencers & Taste Makers But Ben, I dont know Jimmy Kimmel!!!! Leverage the resources you DO have! Staff Members Board Members Volunteers Bloggers
  • 17. Power of Rewards Separate yourself from competitors Opportunity to engage your audience Chance at brand awareness Increase your donation sizes!!!
  • 18. All-or-Nothing Vs. Traditional All-or-Nothing scares me! What are benefits to each model? Whats right for me?
  • 19. How Can I Use Crowdfunding?
  • 20. Future of Non-Profit Crowdfunding
  • 21. How Mobile Works
  • 22. Questions? Create your crowdfunding project with WeDidIt and Email us at