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Critical success factors. At centre of educational developments in Wales. Provides a powerful network of centres and support structures. Promotes skills. Promotes inclusion, retention and achievement. Promotes parity of esteem between academic & vocational qualifications. Growth in WBQ. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Critical success factors

  • At centre of educational developments in WalesPromotes parity of esteem between academic & vocational qualificationsPromotes skillsPromotes inclusion, retention and achievementProvides a powerful network of centres and support structures

  • Growth in WBQ

  • Results 2011

    Number% of entryAdvancedCore782494.0 %Diploma755090.7 %Intermediate Core516887.5 %Diploma484782.0 %Foundation Core254186.7 %Diploma241782.5 %TotalCore1553390.5%Diploma1481486.3%

  • Characteristics of a Baccalaureate

    broad and balanced curriculumcompulsory core offering common experience plus optional elements/traditional subjectsparity between academic & vocational qualificationsemphasis on skills, independent learning, innovative learningqualification for admission to higher education, employment and foundation for life

  • Curriculum FrameworkWelsh Baccalaureate coreOptions - range of current qualificationsFoundation, Intermediate & Advanced LevelsEach student has a personal tutor or learning coach

  • Advanced WBQ Diploma = 120 UCAS points in addition to Option pointsIntermediate WBQ Diploma = approx 3 A* - C grade GCSEsFoundation WBQ Diploma = approx 3 D - G grade GCSEs

    What is the Welsh Bac worth?

  • Funding now a matter for the local authority

    Previously post 16 (over 2 years) was based on NPFS system and worth c 550 per year*

    Pump prime delivery and planning funding pre-16 is no longer available

    *Key Skills = 36 CEUs (3 could be claimed each year)Core = 9 CEUs ( 4.5 each year)Total = 45 x 25.04 = 1126.8 (563.40 each year)What about funding?

  • What about universities?

    96% received a WBQ offer from at least one of their 5 choices (Head of 6th Form, 2010)

    HE & WBQTotal coursesAcceptableon ownAcceptable in combinationNotacceptableUK20,88116,0694,659153WALES2,8092,2205863

  • Work by the UCAS Research Team, analysed a sample of over 600 Welsh Bac students who applied through UCAS for entry to HEIs in 2006. The Welsh Bac applicants showed a number of positive characteristics.

    Welsh Bac applicants demonstrated a higher success rate in the UCAS main scheme Better A level performance.

    (Abi Titley, UCAS)


  • DELIVERY OF THE WBQ PRESENTS A CONSIDERABLE CHALLENGE Staffing/expertise Timetabling Resources Training Cost - Apathy- Reform fatigue- Conservative culture & defence of the status quo


  • Core team meetings - once a weekRegular meetings with learning coachesREGULAR MEETINGS

  • ROLE OF PERSONAL TUTOR/LEARNING COACH IS KEYTutors guide students through the Welsh BaccalaureateSurgery style interviewsStudents entitled to 30 minutes each half term

  • SPREADING THE WORD Students Teachers Parents Local community HE Collaboration

  • EVALUATIONSenior managers review provisionProgressionCompletion

  • WBQ provides excellent preparation for success in HE.Aberystwyth Uni.You get life skills from the WBQ. It makes you more confident as a person (Nick, student)The WBQ has developed a number of the employability skills that employers have asked for. David Rosser, Director CBI in Wales