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A mishmash of design and innovation work. Part of our series to foster creativity and design thinking at DMA Yellow Works

Transcript of Creative Melange

  • 1. cable drawings by maisiemaudbroadhead

2. the art of window displays
"Redefining everything we ever thought about window shopping, these creative window displays will stop anyone in their tracks. As a mix of art, fashion, design and marketing, they not only have to quickly grab our attention they must compel us to enter a store. By giving people an experience, these displays also have the important duty of helping define a brand's image. As window displays have started becoming more like amazing art installations or fantastic scenes from a movie, we can only imagine the time spent beforehand - conceptualizing, planning and installing. How wonderful is it, though, when your art comes to this?"
3. bin bags by wieden+kennedy
4. leoburnett office by ministry of design
"Singapore designers Ministry of Design have completed an office interior for an advertising agency that features a drawing of the companys founder spread across the walls and floor, wielding a scaled-up model of a pencil. Designed for advertising agency Leo Burnett and located in Singapore, the project is divided into three parts."
5. steertart by dface
6. crate men streetart
7. zaha music hall
8. negative space illustrations by noma bar
9. i'm not a security camera
10. dharma lounge
The Dharma Lounge has come to fruition through the exploration of using text as both structure and decoration. The purpose of this chair is to create a situation where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship with the object based on personal and communal experiences and memories thus substantiating the lifespan of the product. Customizable colors, text and languages are an option Palette Industries offers as well.
11. sharky tea infuser
12. mydna bookshelf
13. annaterhaar
14. outdoor fun by filthyluker
15. cardiff public library
16. stereoscopic parking garage
Axel Peemoeller of Australia won several design awards for the three-dimensional directional system he created inside the Eureka Tower Carpark in Melbourne, Australia.
17. pedestrian street art by peter gibson
18. light art performance photography
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