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An event management company that specializes in conceptualizing, managing and executing Fashion events ranging from fashion shows to beauty pageant.

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2. Events are done the Wrong way or the Right way, For lasting impression we do it the BEST way.. There is no business like show business. In U.P. show business is a young but fast growing industry but inherently disorganized at this stage of evolution. While it sees to be a simple job to manage such events, but there is more to the project than meets the eye. It takes a team that has a hands-on experience of the industry and focuses wholly on the peculiarities of such events. It takes a team with the background of the show biz including an exposure to the mainstream marketing and advertising.OUR PAST EVENTSWelcome to the group that specializes in organizing glamorous events, as MELANGE Events says...Glamour is our profession..INTRODUCTION 3. At MELANGE Events we conceptualize and deliver effective results and recall intensive solution to communicate the brand proposition to its target group through glamourous events maintaining excellent quality standards during this process.OUR PHYLOSOPHY At MELANGE Events we believe that a lasting impression is what people remember the most and the longest. We, therefore, do our best to deliver a spectacular event tat will leave our guests with memorable moments and our clients with successful events. With the vast experience that our team carries, the wide range of in-house services we provide, we can guarantee events that meet your expectations as well as your budget.OUR PAST EVENTSOUR PHYLOSOPHY 4. OUR STRENGTH MELANGE Events boosts its 4 core team who blends thought processes and workflow to deliver exciting results. Creative Team Production Team Event Operation Team Public Relation Team MELANGE Events has the team that has extensive exposures to the realities, peculiarities and knows the potential of the show biz.OUR PAST EVENTSOUR STRENGTH 5. OUR SERVICES Fashion Shows Celebrity Nights Model / Celebrity Coordination Public Relation Creative Styling Model Grooming Conference and Corporate Events Beauty PageantsOUR PAST EVENTSOUR SERVICES 6. We thank our amazing partners , associates and sponsors for their support for making MELANGE Events, Lucknow what it is today.Truly, all our work is made possible through the strong support of our amazing sponsors and individuals who work with us to build our vision. It's important to note that we do not look to our sponsors simply as financial backers, rather as friends and supporters in delivering the best results. SOME OF OUR PAST ASSOCIATESOUR PAST ASSOCIATES & PARTNERS 7. MR. & MISS. COSMIC INDIA has been conceptualized and produced by MELANGE EVENTS, Lucknow owned by partners Basant Rai and Anuj Singh. While individual excellence can get you far, history has proved over and over again that nothing can quite match up to a group of talented people pooling their resources and pulling together towards a common goal. MELANGE EVENTS therefore, brings together some of India's finest minds, body and soul as: MR. & MISS COSMIC INDIA MR. & MISS. COSMIC INDIA is a celebration of life, beauty, self discovery and confidence. We seek for a man and woman who has confidence, personality and a heart of what it takes to represent India on the global platform. _________________________________________________________ There is no limit to human ingenuity and creative thought. This is especially evident in the always-innovative, always-evolving fashion industry. Bringing in $300 billion a year in revenue, one might wonder what it takes to make it so successful. As it turns out, quite a lot: the resources of healthy ecosystemsfresh water, clean air, robust biodiversity, productive landand the stability of just societies. So as the third most environmentally damaging industry in the world, its time for the fashion industry people to initiate, implement and promote the kind of sustainability necessary for their long-term viability. Therefore MELANGE Events presents: ECO FASHION WEEK INDIA 2014OUR EXCLUSIVE EVENT PROPERTY 8. Contact details: Basant Rai / Anuj Singh 07376909809 / 09044928842 2/139, Vijay Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. 226010, Email: Blog: follow us on: US