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    Darren Menabney @ Samurai Startup Island

    Tokyo 10.07.2015

    Crafting the Perfect Pitch DeckPitching Perfectly Session 1

  • 30 seconds!How much time you have to give a good

    impression to the audience


    -2011, Toronto

    BSc Astrophysics, U of T

    Government of Canada Revenue, Industry, Foreign Affairs, Defence

    2011+, Tokyo

    MBA, GLOBIS University

    Global HR, Ricoh Co. Ltd.

    Part-time Faculty, GLOBIS University


  • Connect People to People Connect People to Ideas Create Value for Everyone

    Sunrise Over the Pacific Ocean" by NASA. Image in the Public Domain

  • Javier Montano / TEDxKyotoUniversity


    Judging pitches

    Attending a LOT of pitch contests

    Writing & delivering pitches

    Coaching startups

    Teaching entrepreneurs at MBA program

    Public speaking

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    Start With Some Basics

  • Elevator Pitch?

    Pitch contest to a large group?

    Boardroom pitch?7

  • Different pitch deck for each of these situations

    No one-size-fits-all pitch decks8

  • Pitch contest to a large group

    1. What is your goal?

    3. What are your constraints?2. Who is your audience?


  • 1. What is your goal?To make a pitch

    To get interest in your solution

    To win the pitch contest

    To get interest in your company10

  • Winning is great, but getting VCs or Angels interested should be your main goal

    Goal = Getting A Meeting & Boardroom Pitch


  • 2. Who is your audience?Research the judges

    Find out what kind of pitches they like & dont like

    Tailor your slide deck to them12

  • Skills Money

    Specialist Audience

    General Audience






  • Pitch Contest JudgesHave limited time

    Need to make a group decision

    May not know your industry

    BUT even if you dont win the pitch contest, may still be interested in your company


  • 3. What are your constraints?Usually limited by fixed time

    May be limited by use of video, demos

    BUT nobody will interrupt you!


  • Todays Goal

    Guide you on developing a pitch deck

    Can be delivered in 5 - 10 minutes

    To a large group during a pitch contest


  • What I will provide today




  • 19

    Four Steps to a pitch deck thats

    perfect for your venture


  • 20

    Step 1: Design your Minimum Deck

    Step 2: Create your Storyline

    Step 3: Populate the Slides

    Step 4: Make it Pretty

    Four Steps

  • Step 1 Designing your Minimum Deck


  • The Perfect Pitch Deck?


  • Do it in 10 slides!

    10 / 20 / 30 rule!


    Talk about team first! Talk about team last!

    Do it in 13 slides!

    Stress financials! Stress proprietary IP!

    10 minute rule!

    Everyone has an opinion

  • Company The team The problem (opportunity) Your value proposition (solution) Competitive landscape Market Size Go To Market plan Financials analysis & projections What you need

    Startup gurus agree you need to describe


  • Number of slides

    Order of slides

    Definition of Market Size

    Definition of Financials

    Other content (e.g. elevator pitch, IP, summary)

    Startup gurus do not agree on


  • The Problem & Your Solution

    General agreement on three parts to deck, in this order


    = Where to Start Designing Your Deck Ensuring Consistency Between Each Part

    Market and GTM Plan

    Resources you have, what you need for GTM Plan

  • The Problem & Your Solution

    Market and GTM Plan

    What you have, and what you need for that GTM Plan

    and lets add in


    Elevator Pitch


  • The Problem & Your Solution

    Market and GTM Plan

    What you have, and what you need for that GTM Plan

    = Minimum Viable Pitch Deck


    Elevator Pitch


  • 29

    First thing you do

  • Who is your audience?

    Turn Off Your Computer


  • Go Analog

    Write Out Your Minimum Viable Pitch Deck


  • Prototype your Minimum Deck


  • As a Team, create the Minimum Viable Pitch

    Deck as a Starting Point


  • Step 2 Create Your Storyline


  • Build on Your Minimum Deck


  • Structure your pitch deck around the story of your



  • In a business presentation, youre telling the story behind your campaign, company, or productwere all storytellers and were telling stories in business each and every day.

    Carmine Gallo Author, Talk Like TED


  • Facts Emotion Logic AND Passion

    Audience Memory and Motivation


  • Outline Your Company Story With Post-It Notes


  • Storyboard It

    How I Created my PechaKucha Tokyo Talk@


  • Mindmap It


  • Create an outline of what each slide in your deck will

    say as part of your storyline, building on Minimum Deck


  • Time you are given You have 5 minutes, do you try 10 slides or 20?

    Number of slides?


    Dependent on

    Your delivery style and the story you want to tell

  • Minimum? At least 10 slides to tell your companys story and meet your objective

    Maximum? Depends on time and your story, however 2015 study of 200 startups who raised $300M found average number of slides was 19

    My synthesis


    So lets say 10-20 slides for your deck

  • If your team includes super-talent or serial entrepreneurs, describe Team near the beginning

    Where do you describe your Team?


    If your team is talented but your solution is your companys strength, describe Team near the end

  • Title Page with Companys Purpose Elevator Pitch The Problem (Opportunity) Market Sizes Your Value Proposition (Solution) Why Now? Go To Market Plan Competitive Landscape Business Model Your Team Financials analysis & projections What You Have, What You Need Summary

    A Possible StorylineWith Logical Flow


  • Where and how to describe your team, your solution, your history, are

    part of your companys story and thats your


    But Remember


  • Step 3 Populating The Slides


  • Title Page with Companys Purpose Elevator Pitch The Problem (Opportunity) Market Sizes Your Value Proposition (Solution) Why Now? Go To Market Plan Competitive Landscape Business Model Your Team Financials analysis & projections What You Have, What You Need Summary

    Filling in each section (1+ slides each)


  • Company name (and say it)

    Company Logo (a nice one!)

    A short, memorable sentence describing why you exist

    Title Page with Companys Purpose


  • Memorize this until you can say it in your sleep!

    Elevator Pitch


    We solve [problem] by providing [advantage], to help [target] accomplish [targets goal]. We make money by charging [customers] to get [benefit].

    Follow the 500 Startups Formula

  • Describe the customers pain

    Describe how the customer currently resolves that pain

    Relate it to an everyday experience if very technical

    The Problem (Opportunity)


    Keep the language simple here, especially if you are an engineer!

  • How much is that problem costing?

    How much will people pay to fix that pain?

    Validate your estimate by using top-down public data, combined with your own bottom-up research

    Differentiate Total Available Market (TAM) Serviceable Available Market (SAM) Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)

    Market Sizes


  • How does your company fix the problem?

    What products and services can you offer?

    Pictures or screenshots

    Show actual user cases or the customers journey

    Proprietary technology & protected IP?

    Your Value Proposition (Solution)


    Remember its your Company youre trying to sell

    Dont focus too much on product features, dont get technical

  • Describe historical and recent trends which show why NOW is the right time in the market for your solution to succeed

    Show that youve done your homework and understand whats going on out there

    Why now?


  • How will (or has) your company enter the market?

    How will your company grow in the market?

    What conditions are needed to scale up?

    Back up plan with data

    Go To Market Plan


    Never talk about how you only need to reach 1% of the Chinese market to succeed

  • Competitive Landscape


    NEVER say you Have no competitors even if you really believe that


    Why are you better?



    Lo Cost

    Hi Cost

    Pre-set Customisable

  • Business Model


    How will your company make money?


    Sales & Distr