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Presentation “Continous Delivery with CQ“ by Oliver Burkhalter at CQCON2013 in Basel on 19 and 20 June 2013.

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  • 1. Continuous Delivery with CQThe way of automating the Software Development processOliver BurkhalterBasel, 20. Juni 2013

2. Unic - Seite 2Agenda About me Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Delivery(CD) CQ and CI/CD implementation example Demo 3. Unic - Seite 3 Oliver Burkhalter (age = 28) Since 2007 at Unic AG Likes: Software Development, People/Teams, Baking, Thun CityAbout me 4. Unic - Seite 4One-ClickReleasesDeploymentsProduction 5. Unic - Seite 5What is CI and CD?ContinuousIntegrationContinuousDeliveryContinuousDeploymentNon-Production environment Production environment 6. Unic - Seite 6 Continuous Integration: Team members integrate their work daily All the components are automatically integrated and tested by the CI systemWhat is CI and CD? 7. Unic - Seite 7 Continuous Delivery: Is the advancement of CI Is an end-to-end approach (from dev to end user) Software is always in a production-ready state It is the technique to automate thebuild, test and deployment process Fail Fast pattern Pipeline Pattern from Jez Humble&Co.What is CI and CD? 8. Unic - Seite 8 Continuous Deployment: Continuously deployment to the Production environment (one-click idea) From Development to Production Extreme Cont. DeliveryWhat is CI and CD?Deployment 9. Unic - Seite 9Why 10. Unic - Seite 10 11. Unic - Seite 11 Forces us to write Quality software The overall Thinking changes fromdev -> test system to dev -> end user system Faster release cycles are possible Automated Software Development Process is less error prone Team Ownership of the release process (not only Release Manager,infrastructure is also code) Everybody can do a release (one click)Why? 12. Unic - Seite 12Implementation example stackWriteBuildTestDeployRunApache MavenJenkinsJUnitHtmlUnitJenkinsAntJenkins 13. Unic - Seite 13 With Maven Plugins: Auto start/stop of CQ, deployment of CQ packages over theCRX HTTP interface Running auto. tests with JUnit and HtmlUnit Set of unit and integration tests Automated Acceptance tests still in progressFoundation: CI 14. Unic - Seite 14 Separate delivery and infrastructure Maven module Delivery: Deployment scripts Infrastructure Environment-specific configurations Done with Ant scripts and custom Ant tasksNext: Continuous Delivery 15. Unic - Seite 15 Direct deployment to the customers production environment Example: Trusted Maven RepositoriesNext 2: Continuous Deployment 16. Unic - Seite 16Demo 17. Unic - Seite 17Click to edit Master title styleQuestions 18. Unic - Seite 18Click to edit Master title styleThank you! 19. Unic - Seite 19 20. Unic - Seite 20