Consolidation of medical emergencies in the dental practice

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Transcript of Consolidation of medical emergencies in the dental practice

  • 1. As you know every dental practice mustannually undertake CPR training in theworkplace Itis a compulsory component of CPDrequired by the GDC

2. UNCONCIOUSNESS ABNORMAL OR ABSENT BREATHING 3. The individual is unresponsive to all stimuli The heart may have stopped beating Cardiac arrest The brain becomes starved of O2 4. Noisy gasps intermittently Possible obstruction Reduction in O2 Skin colour pallor from pink blue, grey This is called HYPOXIA 5. Discuss this in your group 6. Kneel at one side of the patient Straighten out arms and legs Move their nearest arm out at a right angle andbend it up at the elbow Gently pull their other arm and furthest leg towardsyou, the patient should now be rolling towards you Place the furthest hand against the side of the face Continue to roll them towards you by pulling thefurthest leg until their knee touches the ground Keep their hand against their face so that theirhead rolls onto it Ensure airway open by tilting the head backwards Adjust the bent leg to stabilise the recoveryposition 7. FLUSH EYE OUT WITH WATER USINGEYE BATH GET VICTIM TO BLINK RAPIDLY DRAW EYELIDS AWAY FROM EYES CONTINUOUSLY FLUSH FOR SEVERALMINUTES LIGHTLY COVER EYE WITH PAD ANDTAPE TAKE TO DOCTOR OR HOSPITAL 8. THIS CAN BE AN INJURY MADE WITH ANYSHARP INSTRUMENT, NOT JUST A NEEDLE STOP IMMEDIATELY WASH SKIN WITH DISINFECTANT RUN UNDER TAP WITH WATER ANDENCOURAGE BLEEDING DRY AREA AND COVER WITH WATERPROOFDRESSING TAKE DETAILS OF PATIENT WORKING ON ANDMEDICAL HISTORY CONTACT OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE FOR 9. Natural occurrence post extraction Bloodclot forms while patient bites on gauze pack Five- ten minutes firm pressure allows this stage of the prevention of infection and healing stage 10. Thisoccurs when the patient has done an action to promote bleeding Runningfor the bus home Going to the gym strenuous exercise Poking with a dirty finger Rinsing vigorously within 24hrs 11. Around 3-4 days post extraction Blood clot has been dislodged A difficult extraction Not looked after the socket Infection/pain/swelling Treatment of dry socket is required What would this involve? 12. WRITE FACTS ABOUT;FaintMyocardial infarctionAnaphylaxisAnginaEpilepsyHypoglycemia AsthmaDental Haemorrhage