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    360Visualiser 360Visualizer helps hotels sell more rooms and meeting spaces by digitalizing parts of the sales process. We develop and operate a cloud-based visual sales engagement service for person to person, tele-, and web sales.

    We develop software for a visual sales engagement service. The service consists of

    - Content Management system for sales material creation - Asset Management system for images and other digital material - Offline APP for use by sales personnel in person-to-person meetings - usage data collection and analytics - tools for the sales team to follow the customer's buying journey

    We also provide our customers professional service and training connected to the service and photography services (provided by our partners).


    Country: Finland

    Sector(s): ICT; Hospitality & Tourism

    Is looking for: 500 000 to 1 M

    Contact: Kimmo Kaitala -

  • Aeroxo Aeroxo develops Unmanned Aerial Vehicles based on tiltrotor technology

    The use of tilt-rotor technology enables Aeroxo unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to combine the vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities of a helicopter with the speed and range of a conventional fixed-wing aircraft. Breakthrough Aeroxo tiltrotors characteristics simplifies usage of UAVs (at remote areas especially), significantly reduces UAV system deployment time, and decreases operational cost of users.


    Country: Bulgaria

    Sector(s): Space

    Is looking for: 5 M

    Contact: Vladimir Spinko -

  • Agricolus Agricolus wants to make precision farming easy!

    AGRICOLUS is a cloud applications ecosystem for precision farming with multiple purposes: disease awareness and forecasts, crop monitoring, decision support system for treatments and fertilizers, farm management and end to end traceability bringing valuable information to final users. It is already on the market and multinational agroholding companies, medium-big farms, association of farmers and government are using it successfully.

    AGRICOLUS makes agTech tools accessible to worldwide farmers to improve production reducing wastes.


    Country: Italy

    Sector(s): ICT; Agri Tech; Analytics

    Is looking for: 2 M

    Contact: Andrea Cruciani -

    Supported by

  • Alternative Energy Innovations AEInnova generates negative carbon energy from industrial waste heat. This energy can be returned to electric grid improving the energy efficiency or power our battery-less IoT device

    AEInnova generates negative carbon energy from industrial waste heat. This energy can be returned to electric grid improving the energy efficiency according to H2020 and H2030 or power our battery-less self-powered IOT devices. Solution is based in peltier-cells tested in 1970s in Nasa-Propulsion-Lab and installed in NASA space crafts. It is free of maintenance being the perfect solution to harvest electric power from waste heat. Our patent-pending solution based on SoC allows to interconnect hundreds of peltier-cells in order to generate big amount of energy for any hot surface.


    Country: Spain

    Sector(s): Energy

    Is looking for: 800 000 to 1 M

    Contact: Ral Aragons -

    Supported by

  • BBH Biotech BBH Biotech is a young company based in Pozna whose main field of work is broadly defined industrial biotechnology.

    Since 2017 we have become a supplier of high quality bee venom for chemistry and cosmetics. Applied in a cosmetic mixture it can reduce the volume of wrinkles even by 20% in 4 weeks. What is more, thanks to its complex composition, bee venom has multiple other effects including leveling skin tone, elasticity, hydration as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-acne activity. Bee venom is even a promising substance for experimental therapies including cancer treatment.

    Currently we are able to sell pure bee venom in form of powder or a cosmetic ingredient. We also plan to produce premium quality cosmetics with high dosage of bee venom and develop drugs containing bee venom and its components.

    Our target market: the anti-aging cosmetics market, with the following geographical regions for the first ~8 years of expansion: China, West Europe, North and South America. In general, TAM is worth at least 14 billion USD with CAGR at the level of 7,7%.

    Besides this project and as a biotech company with a well-equipped laboratory, we also offer a variety of services for the biotech industry, such as microbiological screenings and microbiological cultivations.


    Country: Poland

    Sector(s): Life sciences

    Is looking for: 280 000

    Contact: Mateusz Hoppe -

    Supported by

  • B-influencer Binfluencer is an ad-tech company that automatises and optimises influencer marketing.

    Binfluencer is an ad-tech company that automatises and optimises influencer marketing.

    We provide the full service of influencer marketing including influencer identification, negotiation, campaign management, content review and reporting of the campaign.

    Our model uses our own software to analyze information from millions of profiles in social media and identify those influencers that best fit the target audience of the brands that require our services. We use machine learning technologies in order to identify the best influencers and to recommend the best price in order to optimise the campaign ROI.

    Our machine learning technologies allow us to obtain information and classify not only information about influencers but also their followers in Social Media platforms.

    The model gains in scalability against marketplace alternatives, which need to register thousands of influencers in a country before they can operate on it.

    We are also developing a service that completes information of a company's CRM with the information obtained about their customers in Social Media.


    Country: Spain

    Sector(s): Ad Tech; Advertising

    Is looking for: 500 000

    Contact: Javier Yuste Garca -

    Supported by

  • bob - your bag on board Check-in your luggage from the city center.

    Check-in your luggage from the city center. The departure day, head straight to security screening at the airport. Collect your bags from the carousel when you land.

    We connect two very different industries for the very first time, logistics and airlines.

    Our system compliant with aviation security standards.


    Country: Spain

    Sector(s): Travel & Tourism

    Is looking for: 250 000

    Contact: Felix Campano -

    Supported by

  • Boolino Boolino is an educative initiative that pursues the goal to engage children with reading to develop reading habits and comprehension skills which are the basis of learning and learning outcomes. BookAdvisor. Reading tools.

    We are building the largest online ecosystem around children`s and young adult books (0-16 years). Driven by the Boolino ecosystem (content marketing, SEO, 1,500+ bloggers) we attract in a unique and very cost-efficient way users which we monetise through a double-sided B2C/B2B business model: book sales, subscription-based reading tools (Boolino Book Box, Fiction Express) and B2B marketing services. 70% of income recurring. Currently 300,000+ users (monthly growth 8-10%), 2016 sales 400k+ . Boolino operates in a niche that Amazon and alike are not serving well. Our strategic market opportunity arises from dominating the online space for childrens books, driven by our segmented user database in combination with a unique content marketing strategy and recurring income business models that drive long-term value.

    Website: | |

    Country: Spain, UK

    Sector(s): Education; Ed Tech

    Is looking for: 1,5 M

    Contact: Sven Huber -

    Supported by

  • Briareo Briareo has developed a vertical axis wind turbine with a high design content, environmentally friendly, affordable and extremely efficient even in light winds.

    Briareo developed a new concept of Vertical axis wind turbine. The model is an "IKEA style" product: good design, high functionality and low cost, to spread the wind turbine concept to everybody. The main drivers are simplicity, efficiency and economy. To get this results, the Briareo team innovate on two main branches: Aerodynamic research and Costs.

    The aerodynamics was based on the innovations introduced in the Americas Cup that started the experimental trend with the double wing. the results allowed Briareo to develop a micro wind turbine with a high torque at low wind regimes. definitely more efficient than the competitors.

    The reduction of costs was achieved thinking in a nautical way the main c