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  • 8/4/2019 Cold Roll Steel



  • 8/4/2019 Cold Roll Steel


    Cold rolled steel sheets offer a variety of outstanding properties,

    including easy formability and a smooth, clean surface, and

    are used in automobiles, appliances, furniture, and many other

    everyday items.

    JFE Steel Corporation who holds ISO9001, QS-9000 and

    ISO14001 certi cations, produces a full range of cold rolled

    products for these and other applications. Because strict quality

    requirements are now applied to meet the needs of improved

    product functions, JFE has adopted an integrated quality control

    system. Customer requirements are re ected in products from

    the quality design stage in order to supply customers with the

    optimum material for each application in a timely manner.

    Based on a wealth of experience and an advanced production

    system, JFE is continuing to develop new technologies and

    products which meet the needs of the times.

  • 8/4/2019 Cold Roll Steel


    Cold rolled steel sheet Contents


    Superior workability

    JFEs cold rolled products have excellent formabilityand minimal deviation in mechanical properties

    thanks to the companys accumulated technicalexpertise, newly constructed and modernizedfacilities and innovative technologies, and integratedquality control system extending from raw materialsto the nal product.

    Superior surface quality and dimensional accuracyM o d e r n f a c i l i t i e s , a d v a n c e d o p e r a t i o n a ltechnologies, strict inspection, and integrated qualitycontrol ensure excellent surface quality. Dimensional

    accuracy is guaranteed by an automatic thicknesscontrol system using advanced numerical models.

    Wide range of product standardsJFE produces cold rolled products to meet a widerange of product standards, including JIS and otherpublic standards, as well as internal JFE standards.Products range from general use, including extradeep drawing quality and bake hardening sheets, tohigh strength sheets and sheets for enameling andother special applications.

    Wide range of sizesT h e a v a i l a b l e s i z e r a n g eincludes thickness from 0.14mm

    to 3.2 mm and width up to1,850mm.

    Superior shapeA p p l y i n g t e n s i o n l e v e l e rensures superior strip atness.

    Outstanding technical serviceTo meet the requirementsof diverse clients, JFE has

    established a complete technicalservicing system with advisesclients on questions rangingfrom material properties toprocessing technologies.

    Manufacturing process 2

    Correspondence with JFE standards to public standards 4

    Product Standards, Characteristics and Application 5

    JFE Standards 8

    Dimensional and shape tolerances 18

    Available product size range 20

    Surface nish and strip edge 24

    Packaging and labeling 25

    Remarks on product use and handling precautions / Instructions for ordering 26

    (Appendix) Extracts from Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) ( 1 ) 27

    (Appendix) Extracts from Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) ( 2 ) 28

  • 8/4/2019 Cold Roll Steel


    Blast furnace

    L i m e s t o n e

    C o

    k e

    I r o n o r e


    Vacuum degasser

    Reheating furnace

    Continuous caster Scale breaker Rougher Finishing train

    Pickling line Continuous cold strip mill

    Electrolytic cleaning line

    Box annealing

    Open coil annealing

    Cold rolled coil (As-rolled)

    Skinpass mill

    Continuous annealing line

    Shearing line

    Recoiling line

    Cold rolledslit coil

    Cold rolled coil

    Cold rolled coil

    Cold rolled sheet

    Fully continuous cold strip mill Continuous annealing line

    Skinpass mill


    M a n u

    f a c t u r i n g p r o c e s s

    Manufacturing process

    Cold rollingThe thickness accuracy of cold rolledproducts is determined by the coldrolling process. Rolling force and striptension are computer-controlled tominimize thickness deviations duringrolling, based on measurements ofthe strip thickness at the entry anddelivery sides of the mill.

    AnnealingThe formability of products is determined by annealing.Because cold rolling signi cantly increases materialhardness, making forming dif cult, annealing is performedto improve ductility by inducing a recrystallized structurein the steel. As the annealing process, coils are piled andcovered by the box and annealed and this is called thebatch annealing. The other is the continuous annealingprocess, in which coils are continuously treated. JFEuses two annealing technologies, depending on productrequirements.JFE is among the worlds leaders in process technologyfor the continuous annealing line (CAL), and has alsoused the CAL to develop a wide range of new products,from 1500N/mm 2 high strength steel to non-aging extradeep drawing grade. JFEs advanced CALs are highlycomputerized and feature automatic quality assuranceequipment, such as an automatic surface inspection devicewhich was developed by JFE.

    Skinpass rollingAnnealed coils are lightly rolled by the skinpass mill toprevent a defect called stretcher strain, improve strip shape,and adjust mechanical properties. Skinpass rolling is alsoused to produce dull nish and bright nish products.

    FinishingAfter skinpass rolling, coils are processed at the recoilingline, where they are cut to produce product coils of thespeci ed weight, or at the shearing line, where they are cutto sheets of the speci ed dimensions. Product thickness,width, shape, and surface quality are inspected, andmechanical properties are tested using specimens taken atthe nishing line.

    CleaningRolling oil on the cold rolled strip isburned off during annealing, whichis the next process after cold rolling.Other types of rolling oil are removedby electrolytic cleaning prior toannealing. In particular, electrolyticcleaning is used with products whichrequire a clean surface to ensure goodpaintability .

  • 8/4/2019 Cold Roll Steel



    C or r e

    s p on

    d en

    c ewi t h

    J F E

    s t an

    d ar d

    s t o p u b l i c

    s t an

    d ar d


    Correspondence with JFE standards to public standards

    Classi cationJFE

    standardJIS ASTM Others

    Steel sheets for general usesJFE-CCJFE-CDJFE-CE



    BS 1449 Part 1DIN1623 -2BS EN 10130DIN EN 10130BS EN 10139DIN EN 10139

    High strength steel sheets JFE-CA G3135 SPFCA980


    Atmospheric corrosionresistance steel sheets

    JFE-CCUP G3125 SPA-C A 606BS EN 10155DIN EN 10155

    Corrosion resistancesteel sheets


    Steel sheets forporcelain enameling

    JFE-CPE G3133 SPP A 424BS EN 10209DIN EN 10209

    Steel sheets forelectric wire sheath


    Steel sheets for galvanizing JFE-HKT

    Steel sheets without annealing JFE-CNA

    Steel sheets in h igh temperatureatmosphere


  • 8/4/2019 Cold Roll Steel



    P r o

    d u c

    t S t a n

    d a r d s ,

    C h a r a c t e r i s t

    i c s a n

    d A p p

    l i c a

    t i o n

    JFE Steel is producing wide range of products which have excellent characteristics based on thepublic standards like Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS) to original JFE standard, at the East JapanWorks (Chiba and Keihin plants) and the West Japan Works (Fukuyama and Kurashiki plants).

    Product Standards, Characteristics and Application

    Public Standard ProductsJFE Steel is producing products based on following public standards.

    Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)

    The Japan Iron and Steel Federation Standard (JFS)

    Classi cation Designation Characteristics and Application

    G 3141Cold-reduced carbon steel sheets

    and stripSPCC SPCC-T


    Best suited for automobiles, electrical appliances, etc.due to wider workable ranges from commercial todeep drawing qualities.

    G 3135Cold rolled high strength steel

    sheets with improved formabilityfor automobile structure use


    Mainly used for automobiles due to high strength andimproved formability.

    G 3125Superior atmospheric corrosion

    resisting rolled steelsSPA-C

    Best suited for rolling stock bodies or constructionsdue to superior atmospheric corrosion resistance.

    Classi cation Designation Characteristics and Application

    A 2001Cold rolled steel sheets for

    automobile useJSC

    Specifying cold rolled steel products for automobileuse (General use to high strength steel)

  • 8/4/2019 Cold Roll Steel



    P r o

    d u c

    t S t a n

    d a r d s ,

    C h a r a c

    t e r i s

    t i c s a n

    d A p p

    l i c a

    t i o n

    JFE Standard ProductsJFE Steel is producing cold rolled steel sheets for general use, high strength steel sheets and cold rolledsteel sheets for special use based on JFE standards.

    Cold rolled steel sheets for general use

    Cold rolled high strength steel sheets

    Classi cation Designation Pages Characteristics and Application

    Commercial quality JFE-CC

    8 9

    JFE produces six grades of cold rolled soft steelproducts, ranging from commercial quality JFE-CC(equivalent to JIS-SPCC) to extra deep drawingquality JFE-CG, which is superior to J