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The American civil war

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  • 1. The American CivilWar

2. Presidential election of1860In 1860, Stephan Douglas and Abraham Lincoln ran against each other again, this time for president.Lincoln had become well known from their debates about slavery.This time, Lincoln won, becoming the 16th president. 3. Southern States secede Lincoln received no support in the South because theybelieved he wanted to end slavery. Since there wereso many more people in the North, he won the electionanyway. As soon as Lincoln won the election, the South startedto secede. This means the South split from the Union.They no longer wanted to be part of the United States. Supporters of secession based their arguments on theidea of states rights. They said they had voluntarilyjoined the union, so they could leave when theywanted. 4. Confederate States of America On December 20, 1860, SouthCarolina became the first state tosecede. They were followed by Mississippi,Florida, Alabama, Georgia,Louisiana, and Texas. The eleven states that had secededformed the Confederate States ofAmerica. They named Jefferson Davis aspresident. They wrote a new Constitutionwhich made slavery legal. 5. Civil WarA civil war is a war between people of the same country.There have been many civil wars, but one of the worst happened in America.The American Civil War was fought to keep the South from leaving the Union.Slavery was the major issue that separated the North from the South. 6. The Civil War began at Fort Sumter. 7. Fort Sumter was in the South, and the Union had a hard time defending the fort.There were 23 states in the Union (North) at the beginning of the war.There were 11 states in the Confederacy (South) at the beginning of the war. 8. Norths AdvantagesThe North some many advantages. They had many more people and also had more factories, which could be used to make weaponsThe Union also had many more miles of railroad tracks. 9. Souths Advantages The Souths main advantage was that they were fightingat home. This would mean that they would be closer to theirsupplies. They also would fight harder because they wereprotecting their homes. The Confederacy also had superior generals and bettertrained soldiers. The South was also being supplied by England at thebeginning of the war. England wanted to keep trading for the Souths cotton.