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Civil War!. April 12, 1861 – April 9, 1865. Made by: Gina Wright. Who was involved with the Civil War?. Union. Led by Abraham Lincoln - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Civil War!Made by: Gina WrightApril 12, 1861 April 9, 1865

Who was involved with the Civil War?

Led by Abraham LincolnStates include: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, new Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, and WisconsinUnion

Led by: Jefferson DavisStates include: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, TennesseeConfederacy

SlaveryStates RightsWhat are the Causes of the war?

Border states are the states that did not succeed from the union but were still slave states during the war.States include: Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia, Delaware and MissouriBorder States

Blue: UnionRed: ConfederacyGrey: Border State

Were there Alliances?

Union Alliances: None!Confederate Alliances: Great Britain and France

Why did the south need the alliances?-Because there were more states in the Union then the Confederacy.Alliances


LeadersUnion President was Abraham LincolnConfederacy Jefferson Davis


Date: April 12 April 14 1861Location: Harbor of Charleston South CarolinaUnion Command: Major AndersonConfederate General: General BeauregardCasualties: None!Significance: The first battle! Fort Sumter Beauregard Anderson

Fort Sumter

First Battle of Bull Run Date: July 21- 22 1861 Location: Near Occoquan river, Virginia Union command: Brigadier General Irvin Mc. Dowell Confederacy command: Brigadier General Beauregard Casualties: 1492 with 1216 missing Significance: A wake up call for both sides that it was going to be a long bloody war.

Brigadier General Beauregard

Brigadier General Irvin Mc. Dowell://

First Battle of Bull Run

Date: 1-3 1863Location: Gettysburg, PennsylvaniaUnion command: Major General George MeadeConfederate command: General Robert E. LeeCasualties: 7863Significance: Most kills and very Bloody!

Battle of Gettysburg

General Robert E. Lee

Major General George Meade

Battle of Gettysburg

Date: January 13-15 1865Location: Fort Fisher, The only open port on the East coastUnion Command: Major General Alfred TerryConfederacy Command: Major General W.H.C. Whiting and Robert F. HokeCasualties: 2021Significance: Turning point for the Union2nd Battle of Fort Fisher

Major General Alfred Terry

Major General W.H.C. Whiting

2nd Battle of Fort Fisher

April 9th 1865Location: near Courthouse of Appomattox, VirginiaUnion command: General Robert E. LeeConfederate command: Ulysses S. GrantCasualties: 664Significance: End of the war when the confederates surrendered

Battle of Appomattox courthouse

General Robert E. Lee

Ulysses S. Grant

Battle of Appomattox courthouse


Cannons!Napoleon: 12 pound shotHowitzer: 12, 24 and 32 pound shotEffective range: 250-1700 yardRifles: Used from 1859-1872 by Confederates and Union soldiers.Muzzle loaded2-3 shots per minuteAccuracy is from 75 to 100 yards!


Swords1850 Army officers swordBayonet: cl7.ose range, attached to the rifleWeapons

ShipsU.S.S. MonitorFully Armored shipRotating gun torrentC.S.S. North CarolinaTrainsVery helpfulIntrastate and interstateHorsesUsed in battleTransportation / Vehicles

I think the Civil war effected the future of America with a large impact. I think that if there was no Civil war then the United States would be separate from the confederate states and slavery may very well still exist in the Confederate state. I believe it was a good thing for the Civil war to occur because of the laws that were passed because of this war.How did the Civil war affect the future of America?

The surrender of the Confederacy was on April 9th 1865The final surrender was June 23, 1865There was no imprisonment for TreasonGeneral Robert E. Lee was the first to surrender in April of 1865The soon put a stop to slavery and reunited the Union and Confederacy

End of the Civil war!

Thanks For Watching =]By: Gina Wright