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  • 1. +CivicEngagementPresentation Lyanne Lira SERP 197

2. +About Me Senior Psychology Major 3. +The Jed Foundation TheJed Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established by Phil and Donna Satow in 2000 to help students around the country dealing with mental and emotional issues. 4. +Some Background Info According to the American College Health Association(ACHA) suicide is the second leading cause of death amongcollege students Many students who commit suicide are not properly treatedor diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder or bipolardisorder. Many students are under a lot of pressure and feel extremelystressed, but never address it properly. 5. +The Jed Foundation Phil SatowDonna Satow 6. +The Satow Family 7. +Jed Satow Sophomore at University Of Arizona when he committedsuicide 1998. He had been showing signs of depression and suicidalbehavior weeks before he ended his life. After a bad break up with his girlfriend during winter break,Jed ended his life in his Pennsylvania family home His family and fraternity brothers were not able to recognizeJeds warning signs and prevent his suicide. From this tragedy The Jed Foundation was born, and nowspreads knowledge about suicide in college and itsprevention. 8. Phil SatowPhil grew up in Brooklyn, New York andlaterStudied at Columbia UniversityHe attended college on scholarship andlearned a lot about pursuing excellenceand gained a broader perspective of theworld.He worked as a Pharmaceutical Executiveuntil his retirement in 1998.+Hemet his wife in college and thenmarried her in 1964. 9. + After Phil also served in the navy and received aMasters degree in economics. He then worked for Pfizer and otherpharmaceutical companies After suffering through the death of Jed, hebegan to question if there was anything that hecould have done to prevent the tragedy.He and his wife discovered that there werentany organizations around to address the issue ofsuicide in colleges.They also found that there were hardly anyresources available to those suffering from metalhealth problems that lead to suicide. 10. +Donna Satow Donna Satow was Jed mother, who also helped establish theJed Foundation. Before the Jed foundation, Donna was the publisher of theColumbia College alumni magazine, Columbia College Today(Jed Foundation, 2012). A member of Community Board #8 in New York City.After the death of her son, along side her husband, she co-founded the Jed Foundation to help those college studentssuffering from depression and on the brink of suicide. They recognized the need for a foundation that helpedpromote emotional health and prevent suicide in collegesnationwide. 11. +Jed Foundation Gala 12. +Influence on Psychology Help spread awareness about depression and suicide Shaped the way college students see depression and otherpsychological disorders causing suicide. Help prevent suicide Work with psychologists and clinicians to develop preventiveplans. They now work with a variety of professionals from differentfields including student services, deans, psychologicalservices and counselors to improve how mental health isapproached on campuses across the US.