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  • In Madeira, the party starts early, as from the 16th of December, with masses of childbirth celebrated every dawn to midnight mass. It is a tradition that comes from far away and neither cold nor rain of winter mornings prevent Catholics from missing Masses of the rooster.

  • On the way to the church drink hot coffee or a glass of brandy with honey. After Mass, people get together in the churchyard in mild talk, eating biscuits with honey at the dance. In Camera de Lobos and Camacha philharmonic bands roam the streets with castanets drums and accordions.

  • The entire month of December is devoted to the preparations of Christmas: people decorate the pine tree the decorations are made with the typical flowers of the holly season. and set up The mangers. Once again the popular imagination gives rise to a variety of frames with pastors houses and figures, which also represent scenes from the life of Madeira.

  • Midnight Mass still represents the pilgrimages of the shepherds. When the Mass is over, each goes to their homes for the comforting warmth of chicken soup.

  • At lunch on Christmas Day the traditional meal is meat with garlic roast pork and / or turkey. But there's no party without the most coveted holiday specialty: honey cake.

  • The transition of the new year in wood is made in the house of relatives or fennel. They usually eat a chicken soup before the fireworks. After the fire they kiss and wishing a Happy New Year. It is typical to eat 12 raisins and drinking champagne. The people loves to see this spectacle.

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