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  1. 1. Madeira Way Restructuration Plan Outline
  2. 2. Madeira Beach Boundaries
  3. 3. Brief Intro The City of Madeira Beach is home to about 4,263 people, and is a major tourist destination in Pinellas County; approximately 8,000 tourists visit the City every year. The tourism sector therefore plays an important role in Madeira Beachs economy. Since 2001, the City of Madeira Beach has devoted significant effort and considerable amount of resources to rethinking and reshaping the heart of the community. Through the efforts and dedication of the charrette, the City of Madeira Beach Master Plan was drafted and amended with the goal to assist Madeira Beach in this quest. In the study key themes were highlighted to guide the City in achieving this end. These include a proposal to designate pedestrian- oriented activity Centers within the City, to clarify the Zoning and Development Codes to promote the vision, and to create a True Civic Center around Madeira Way, among others. A decade has passed, but the City has yet to establish a workable program to implement this vision. Madeira Way Madeira Way, the main street of the Town Center is considered to be the psychological center of Madeira Beach. It intersects with Municipal Drive, Gulf Boulevard and Tom Stuart Causeway (150th Avenue). It encompasses a range of stores and restaurants, and facilitates access to City Hall and adjacent civic facilities. On the other hand, Madeira Way lacks a sense of place. The design and current condition of the street does not allow viable mobility choices for bicyclists, pedestrians as well as outdoor activities. There has been a desire to create a True Civic Center around Madeira Way by revitalizing and upgrading the quality of the public amenities there and the surrounding areas. However, no disposition to come up with an implementation plan to achieve this vision is on the horizon. Below is an outline drawn from the Madeira Beach Master Plan and the Town Center SpecialArea Planthat summarizes the key relevant features of Madeira Way, the issues that need to be addressed, and the proposed recommendations to redevelop and beautify the corridor. Relevance Madeira Way, a short commercial street lined on both sides by on- story retail buildings, is considered by many to be the historic heart of the City of Madeira Beach One of the fundamental incentive for the Madeira Beach Master Plan was the Citys desire to encourage both redevelopment and new development within; community early work, including the visioning workshop; identified two Key areas for such activities Madeira Way/Civic Center area, and the area around Johns Pass Village
  4. 4. Madeira Way intersects with Municipal Drive that leads directly to the Municipal Building and the Beaches Library, as well as to the Winn-Dixie Shopping Center Madeira Way is an essential element within the City; but aesthetically and in real estate terms it is sorely lacking. The area around the intersection of Gulf Boulevard and the Tom Stuart Causeway (150th Avenue) in particular along Madeira Way serves as the civic and possibly the psychic center of the community Madeira Way plays a special functional and psychological role within the City. Only two blocks long Madeira Way contains the Apple Restaurant, a community fixture, a bookstore, a video store, a Subway franchise and the local branch Post Office among others Madeira Way also plays an important functional role within the community. The street connects the two dominant arterials, 150th Avenue and Gulf Boulevard at a 45-degree angle Madeira Way shopping Center from the City Hall and the Citys recreational playing fields sit just behind City Hall. The bulk of the uses found in this sector relate to the needs and activities of the full time and seasonal residents of the City One and a half miles south of Madeira Way lies Johns Pass Village, the heart of Madeira Beach for tourists and non-residents visitors Madeira Way intersects with Municipal Dr. and Links Gulf Boulevard & Tom Stuart Causeway (150th Ave)
  5. 5. Issues Madeira Way is one of the location of the City that attempts to create a desirable pedestrian- friendly environment Lack of pedestrian quality is noticeable between the intersection of Gulf Boulevard and Madeira Way The street has been very poorly laid out for all users: pedestrians , drivers in cars and drivers looking to park along the street Efforts to calm traffic along the Way are somewhat ham-fisted, rendering the street difficult and potentially dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians The speed of traffic along 150th Avenue discourages pedestrians traffic between the residential, commercial and open space use on alternate sides of the avenue Madeira Way is poorly design, there is no uniform management of the uses along the Way, which create haphazard programming of space as well as uncoordinated hours of operation Current layout uses landscaping haphazardly and is not pedestrians friendly, and is ineffective for accommodating parking Small lots size and unusual lot configurations poses challenge to parking and loading for the wide variety of commercial and civic uses in the town center Recommendation The Madeira Way and/Municipal Center district will become increasingly diverse and pedestrian- oriented with an increase sense of place The City should commission a full-pledged urban design and redevelopment study of Madeira Way with the goal of enticing subsequent interest from developers New Streetscapes are recommended along Madeira Way and within the Commercial Core District New structures on Madeira Way should continue the pattern of continuous party-wall structures sitting directly at the edge of the right of way New Structures should be mixed use building rising between two and four stories tall, with pedestrian- oriented commercial uses on the ground floor, and offices or residences above. Ground floor uses could include restaurants, cafes, boutiques and other specialty shops The triangle created by the intersection of Madeira Way, Gulf Boulevard and the Causewayshould be developed as asingleproject. The buildings should include retailuses at grades with office uses on the upper floors facing the Boulevard and the Causeway, and residential uses on the upper floor facing Madeira Way
  6. 6. The redevelopment should include a central parking structure, with two or three levels of above-grade parking; space in the structure should be reserved for the office tenants and residents,withadditional space use forvisitorparking North East side of Madeira Way should be redeveloped possibly, as a two-stories mixed- use building, with retails at- grade and office and residential uses above Dedicated parking for these purpose can be tucked behindthe building or in small carefully locatedsurface lotsadjacenttothe buildings The ground floor of the building on each side of the street (Madeira Way) should include some form of protection from the sun, wind and rain Full structural arcade A fixed one story continuous arcade Or a variety of awning & arcades for a more diverse appearance Given the different orientation of the buildings on each side of the street, the redevelopment on the north- east sideof the Way might incorporate an arcade, while the buildings on the south- west side, across, the street might use a variety of different awnings No matter what the ultimate design, the ground floor faade should include a high percentage of glass Glazingshouldbe clear& shouldextend fromjustabove grade toat leasteightfeet Urban Design Guidelines Apply only to streets designated as primary pedestrian streets Building Placement Along the east and west side of Madeira Way, Front Setback: Zero (0) feet Build-to-line Building Height and Massing No Building shall be less than two stories and no more than six stories, including a grade parking measured from grade at the front entrance of the building to the top of the parapet or roof eave Exceptions: are sites designated as such within their respective community district, where individual and developed height and massive guidelines shall pertain Streetwalls Occupied Spaces: facades of buildings enfronting streets within the pedestrians shed shall be continuously occupied for a minimum of 75% of the faade width of each building, to a depth of at least 20 feet
  7. 7. Entrances: streetwalls shall have pedestrian entrances at minimum intervals of no more than 75 feet. Doors shall be recessed to a minimum of three feet and the area of this setback shall not exceed 100 feet Retail Faade: for retail facades 75% of the facade at the sidewalk level shall be assigned permanently to retail use with a minimum depth of 20 feet Parking Garages: the ground floor of parking garages enfronting pedestrian streets shall include retails or commercial uses to a depth of at least 20 feet Architectural of parking structures above the occupied first level shall be consistent with that of the first floor Note: The interior of a parking garage shall not open to a primary pedestrian street under any circumstances Awnings are recommended & shall be placed as follow They shall be placed to solid wall, no higher than 1 foot above an upper window edge Shall extend at a minimum of 6 feet from the building face and may extend to the three line or to within two feet of the curve Shall have a metal structure cover withcanvasor syntheticcanvas Shall be rectangularinshape withstraightedges Shall not have side panel or a bottom soffit panel and shall not be backlit All awnings on a single shop shall have the same form material and color Other than address number a single side band shall be permitted on each store frontage not to exceed two-feet high by any length. The design shall be integral with the color the design and character of the store front Streetscapes The Way is considered to be the main business ar