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  • 1. INTRODUCTIONSecurity plays a vital role for the safekeeping of lives andproperties. Whether inside or outside the house, in the mall, or almosteverywhere there is a security threat. The researcher wishes to elaborateon the situation happended in a certain school in Cheachnea, Russia in1991. There are some chaechnean rebels who hostage the entire schooland lead all the students to the gymnasium and what happended? Theyburned the entire gymnasium where all the students inside.The point of the researcher is that, security a campus, school,university, and almost every entity needs security or a security system.This is where the poroposal of the researcher comes in. Security system computing a system that enforces boundariesbetween computers networks an electrical device that sets off an alarmwhen someone tries to break in. A professionally installed systemdesigned to detect intrusion or other hazard, including sensors, an alarm-sounding device and communication device that reports conditions to analarm monitoring service.Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology(EARIST) is one among the State College in the Philippines which issituated in the heart of its capital, Manila. It has an estimated studentpopulation of 10,000 students and 600 faculties and employees. As theschool population increases every year, the demand for more security isimperative.1

2. The security level risk in a school such as Eulogio Amang RodriguezInstitute of Science and Technology (EARIST) is very high. Theinstrument used for the protection of the institution is composed of only arecording CCTV camera and security personnels. The institution is stillexposed to other stimulated complication such as outsiders studentsfrom other schools or universities and out of school youth and visitors,fire and intruders. Improving the system should be the number onepriority of the school to protect each persons and properties coming inand out and of the school premises.This research about the Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute ofScience and Technology Security System Project is an improvement ofthe schools existing security system. Whereas it uses a digital securitysystem with voice feature which can monitor room temperature, smoke,motion, windows and doors. This research aim is too developed mainlyto respond to security issues at real time.2 3. BACKGROUND OF STUDYOriginal house, school and office alarms worked by signaling alocal alarm when the system was triggered. This worked well so long aspeople hearing the alarm responded to it. As security systems becamemore common, the number of false alarms increased to such as degreethat many local alarms began to go unnoticed and unreported. Intrudersalso learnt how to disarm the system so could quickly and easily stop thealarm. If you were relying on this for the safety of your property youcould be in trouble. Nowadays, many people use external alarmmonitoring centers to protect their property. Here, not only does a localalarm sound but the alarm is also picked up by staff at the monitoringcenter who will then respond accordingly.When first invented, house, school and office alarms weretriggered by the release of a pressure button fitted into a door or windowframe. This basic alarm was fundamentally flawed as the entire intruderneeded to do to silence the alarm was to close the door or window.Nowadays there are various systems on the market ranging frominexpensive DIY alarms to highly sophisticated systems requiringprofessional installation. All modern alarms are based on the samefoundation, the electric circuit which is completed either when the door isopened or closed depending on the system you choose. The alarm istriggered when the circuit is altered and will not be silenced until a codeis punched into the control panel. The most expensive and complicatedalarm systems might also involve a combination of motion sensors and3 4. pressure pads to ensure even the most cunning intruder doesnt get hishands on your treasures.Unsurprisingly, house, school and office alarms have changed a lot overthe last century and no doubt will continue to improve as technologicalknowledge expands. The market is filled with a wide range of systemsand companies offering a variety of deals. So whatever you want toprotect, and however much you have to spend there will be an alarm outthere to suit your needs.The Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science andTechnology was established after the liberation Manila in 1945. EulogioAmang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST)started as a Vocational High School with only a room at the second floorof the Mapa High School, nine teachers, a clerk and 147 students. OnlyJuly 1, 1946 , Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science andTechnology (EARIST) acquired its present site at Nagtahan Sampaloc,Manila. Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science andTechnology (EARIST) is composed of only recording CCTV camera.This kind of security system only records of what it is happening. But itcannot aid or give solution if there is something wrong in the area.The researcher proposed a newly security system that will improvethe security system Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science andTechnology (EARIST). This is a digital security system with voicefeature which can monitor room temperature, smoke, motion, andwindows and doors. The system is fully digital and also fully customized. 4 5. It incorporated a 16x2 LCD display with a 4x4 keypad. Each sensor canbe enabled and disabled, and alarm frequency and skim can also bechosen by users. It has also equipped a voice playback chip, and it willspeak which sensor has gone.OBJECTIVEThe proponents, based on the initial research, have come up withobjectives to further study the situation.A. General Objectives The general objectives of this research are to develop and construct a security system that will serve as a proposal to improve the old security system of Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST).B. Specific Objectives To provide a much effective security system that wouldhelp them to secure the safetiness of every student andemployee. To be able to determined if there is a hazardous accident. To be able to create a effective security system thatwould help them to monitor if there is a intruders. To be able to protect each persons and properties comingin and out of the school premises.5 6. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK INPUTPROCESS OUTPUT Submit the Analyze and Improve the createdinterpret all security system permission the dataof EULOGIO letterwith gathered andAMANG regards to the answer to RODRIGUEZ projectthe INSTITUTE OF design.questionnaire SCIENCE ABD. TECHNOLOGY Give them a(EARIST). copyof Checkthe Acceptance of questionnaischoolfloorthe design. re tobeplan. answer. Visualize the area of the school.FIGURE1. CONCEPTUAL PARADIGMThe figure presents the conceptual framework of the study. Thisinput will assist the researcher to gather some data regarding the research.6 7. It will lead the researcher in additional knowledge about the proposedresearch. This input will have the basic knowledge regarding the securitysystem.In the process, this were the researcher analyze and interpret thedata and knowledge that the researcher attain.The output of this research will be the acceptance of the designafter formulating the new security system of EULOGIO AMANGRODRIGUEZ INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY(EARIST). The design will be highly recommended to applied andenhance the security level of EULOGIO AMANG RODRIGUEZINSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (EARIST).STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMThis research under taken to analyze and interpret the proposedsecurity system for Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science andTechnology (EARIST). Specifically the aims to answer the followingquestion.1. What is the current assessment of the old EulogioAmang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology(EARIST) security system?2. How will this research help the school to improve theirsecurity system?3. What are he benefits of the newly proposed securitysystem?7 8. 4. Is the newly proposed security is effective to secure theprotection of the school? 5. Is there any significant difference between the oldEulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science andTechnology (EARIST) security system and the newlyproposed security system?SCOPE AND DELIMITATIONThe newly proposed security system is an enhancement of anexisting security system of Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute ofScience and Technology (EARIST).The proposed security system is system for monitoring the wholeschool. It can monitor if there is a movement or an intruder in a room orsomeone is trying to break-in. It can also detect smoke that may causefire that will cause a lot of damage in the school properties and lives ofevery person in the school. This security system cans etec5t if there issudden change in temperature. It extremely simple design andconstruction and adapted to pre-design for use in school, business orhouse. This could be used as basis for similar studies that would beconducted by other researcher.Limitations of the StudyThe proposed research is only focused in Eulogio AmangRodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST) for improvingtheir security system.8 9. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe researcher proposing a security system that will enhance theold security system of Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Scienceand Technology (EARIST); it will give significance particularly to thefollowing:This research will benefit every student and employee in EulogioAmang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST).STUDENTS. They will be assured of their protection from hazardousaccidents, intruders; outsiders that will only cause them harm andtrouble.SCHOOL AND EMPLOYEE. The proposed security system will helpthem to monitor the school easily that will lessen their work andsave time.The proposed security system will assured that theschool will be safe from damage caused by hazardous accidents.RESEARCHER. The researchers have developed their writing, analysisand interpretation skills needed to make a good research aboutsecurity system.FUTURE RESEARCHER. This will benefits other researcher whowish to have similar studies as they can get backgroundinformation from the result of this study which will serve astemplate to modify their research.9 10. HYPOTHESISThe purpose of this research is to develop and create a security systemfor Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology(EARIST) that could help them to monitor the school easily and todetermined whether there is any problem and intruders within the schoolcompound. Using a security system in the school, business, andlaboratory are very much useful to monitor and to aid easily if there is aproblem in the area. And it is also help to save much time and works.Providing an effective security system will help to avoid hazardousaccidents and to protect the school from every person coming in and outof the school.Security system will benefit not only the employee/ employer ofthe Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology(EARIST) but also the student.Finally, the researcher found out that there is no significantdifference between the old security system of Eulogio AmangRodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST) and the newlyproposed security system. 10 11. DEFINITION OF TERMSSensor - is a device that measures a physical quantity and converts it intoa signal which can be read by an observer or by an instrument.Alarm - gives an audible or visual warning about a problem or condition.Alarms have the capability of causing a fight-or-flight response inhumans; a person under this mindset will panic and either flee theperceived danger or attempt to eliminate it, often ignoring rationalthought in either case. We can characterize a person in such a state as"alarmed".Digital - system is a data technology that uses discrete (discontinuous)values. By contrast, non-digital (or analog) systems use a continuousrange of values to represent information. Although digital representationsare discrete, the information represented can be either discrete, such asnumbers, letters or icons, or continuous, such as sounds, images, andother measurements of continuous systems.The word digital comes from the same source as the word digit anddigitus (the Latin word for finger), as fingers are used for discretecounting.The word digital is most commonly used in computing and electronics,especially where real-world information is converted to binary numericform as in digital audio and digital photography.11 12. Motion detector - is a device that contains a physical mechanism orelectronic sensor that quantifies motion that can be either integrated withor connected to other devices that alert the user of the presence of amoving object within the field of view. They form a vital component ofcomprehensive security systems, for both homes and businesses.Smoke detector - is a device that detects smoke, typically as an indicatorof fire. Commercial, industrial, and mass residential devices issue asignal to a fire alarm system, while household detectors, known as smokealarms, generally issue a local audible and/or visual alarm from thedetector itself.Smoke detectors are typically housed in a disk-shaped plastic enclosureabout 150 millimetres (6 in) in diameter and 25 millimetres (1 in) thick,but the shape can vary by manufacturer or product line. Most smokedetectors work either by optical detection (photoelectric) or by physicalprocess (ionization), while others use both detection methods to increasesensitivity to smoke. Smoke detectors in large commercial, industrial,and residential buildings are usually powered by a central fire alarmsystem, which is powered by the building power with a battery backup.However, in many single family detached and smaller multiple familyhousings, a smoke alarm is often powered only by a single disposablebattery.12 13. Magnetic switch - A switching device consisting of three metalliclayers (a paramagnetic layer between two ferromagnetic layers), whoseaction is based on electron spin and is controlled by a small magneticfield. Also known as bipolar spin device; bipolar spin switch; magneticspin transistor; spin transistor; spin valve.Temperature sensor - a thermometer (from the Greek(thermo)meaning "warm" and meter, "to measure") is a device that measurestemperature or temperature gradient using a variety of differentprinciples. A sensor that make it possible to measure temperature.System - is a collection of elements or components that are organized fora common purpose. The word sometimes describes the organization orplan itself (and is similar in meaning to method, as in "I have my ownlittle system") and sometimes describes the parts in the system (as in"computer system").A computer system consists of hardware components that have beencarefully chosen so that they work well together and softwarecomponents or programs that run in the computer.Flame detector - is a detector that uses optical sensors to detect flames.Alarm Monitoring - Central-Station is a common term used to refer to acompany that provides services to monitor burglar, fire and residentialalarm systems. The central-station may also provide watchman andsupervisory services.13 14. Related LiteratureHome security has become one of the top things people look for ina property. Along with lot size, square footage, and location, the kind ofhome security system a house has in place is now truly a deciding factorfor buyers. Due to this trend, having a security alarm is not onlyimportant when living in a house, but when selling one, as well.Security Alarm SystemOverkillThe demand for security alarm systems is increasing, and more and moreoptions are becoming available for residential use. While having moreoptions is certainly good news for homeowners, it can, at times, make itdifficult to find the right setup for your household.When installing a security alarm system that is meant to protect yourfamily and possessions, its easy to go overboard and end up with asystem that is intrusive (and, in turn, might not get used at all). Mostpeople do not require a fingerprint identification lock, but other forms ofkeyless home entry might be a perfect fit. The best option for your homeshould be a system that provides a significant amount of protection, butdoesnt interfere with the day-to-day life of your family. 14 15. TheBasic SecurityAlarmA standard home security alarm is often a good fit for most households.These systems generally include sensors on all the entry doors, somemotion activated outdoor lighting, sensors on windows that areparticularly easy to access, and, most importantly, a direct link to amonitoring service. This type of security alarm system will be anexcellent deterrent for any would be intruders, but, at the same time, isgenerally fairly easy for a family to adapt to.Make sure you feel safe in your home! Use this link toInstall Security SystemSecurity Alarm BenefitsMost would say that the biggest benefit of having a home security alarmis the peace-of-mind that comes with it. When something goes wrong(whether you are home or thousands of miles away on vacation),knowing that a system is already in place and that your house has a directlink to the proper authorities is very reassuring.There may be immediate monetary benefits, as well. Having a securityalarm that is connected to a monitoring service can, in some situations,lower homeowners insurance payments up to 20%. Many monitoringservices will also offer a plan to monitor your home for fire, which someinsurance companies will also take into account when deducing yourpremium. In every case, it will decrease the likelihood of losing moneydue to burglary. 15 16. Increase your Homes Resale ValueAlong with presenting a clean home, there are many improvements thatcan be made to a property that will increase its resale value. Adding on agarage, finishing a basement, and remodeling a kitchen, while all goodideas, can be rather costly endeavors. Landscaping a yard for security,installing a home security alarm, and putting in outdoor lighting are muchless expensive projects. Despite the lower initial cost, prospective buyersstill look upon these kinds of home improvements as important additionsto the property they are viewing.Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems Advantages anddisadvantagesThere is no doubt that wireless home alarm security systems arebecoming the preferred choice when it comes to alarms in the house. Oneof the best advantages of this type of system is that it is very easy for do-it-yourself installer. This is because you do not have the wiring all thedifferent components of the home security system to run. With awireless security system, there are few components, each of theseComponents is very easy to install.But that does not mean that these types of security systems are notwithout flaws. For example, if you carefully plan it out, it is likely thatthere are few places in the house that are not protected by the system tobe. The reason is simple because the signals received by a primarycontrol unit if they are sent to a component that is out of reach, that16 17. component will not be good signals. Therefore, there is a greaterlikelihood that your house will not be as safe as you might like.There will, however, with the proper positioning of wireless sensor athome, your home wireless network security alert system is as safe as if not more as a system disk.Some people think that the next is an advantage or a disadvantage.Wireless systems are running on battery, no electricity. It can be seen asan advantage, because If your electricity is cut you are sure that yoursecurity system will continue to work. But if you forgot the batteries toreplace so your system is virtually useless.The last advantage is wireless, and perhaps the most preferred byconsumers. In general, a wireless security system home alarm system isless expensive than one that is difficult. If you are on a tight budget andwant to install by yourself, then a wireless system is probably the waytoo. E preferable, especially in apartments or rental properties, because itis easy to transport when you move.In any case, it is important to understand both the advantages anddisadvantages of wireless security and home difficult. Use this questionin this article as a starting point for further research to make the rightchoice for your home. 17 18. Foreign StudyHouston Home Security: Make Installing a Home Alarm Your NewYear Resolution!Everyone knows the tradition of making New Year Resolutions.We all make plans for improving ourselves; but no matter how great ourintentions, we more than likely will fall short of our goals. Most of theseplan are for worthy, but perhaps a bit superficial ideals like losing weight,becoming organized or learning a new language. There is one resolution,however, that can make a real difference in the safety of your family:assessing your Houston home security. Installing a home alarm in yourHouston home may mean protecting your property and your loved onesagainst dangerous intruders. A security systems company in Houstonshould be able to help you plan out the following steps towards reachinga goal of a safer home in the new year:1.Do your own safety assessment.It doesnt take a professional to notice aspects of your property that coulduse more attention to security. Do you have bushes that hide your doorsand windows? Are your exterior doors solid? Do all of your windowslock? Is your property well-lighted? Some of these problems can beaddressed on your own, prior to contacting a Houston home alarmcompany. Once the security professionals come to your home, they may 18 19. also have additional suggestions for improving the security of theproperty. 2. Contact a Houston home security firm. Your next New YearResolution should be to develop a business relationship with a Houstonsecurity systems company, preferably a firm that has a solid history ofcustomer satisfaction. Let the staff at that company know that you arelooking to make some real changes to your home security and that youare open to learning about all of the products and services they have tooffer. Do not hesitate to let them know exactly what you are looking forand how much you are willing to spend on your Houston home alarm. Aquality company should provide such benefits as free professionalinstallation and additional alarm keypads.3.Invest in a monitored alarmsystem. Your home alarm is only as good as the quality of themonitoring. It is best to look for a company that provides round the clockmonitoring at a monthly rate, because you dont want to have gaps inyour coverage. Ask your alarm company if they also offer such securityfeatures as fire monitoring, because the convenience of adding that toyour system makes it worthwhile to do so. Finally, do due diligence inyour research as you locate a Houston home security that offers you asmuch value as it does quality. Safeguard Home Security offers ourcustomers excellent customer service by experienced, licensed homealarm professionals.You wish to keep your family safe from accidents, fires, and otherdifficulties, and then ADT security systems will be an outstandingchoice. Real residential security begins with a proper security set-up, 19 20. which is precisely what ADT offers. Protection services that families getthe best home security possible and ADT security up a wide array ofhome security.Perhaps the single most popular service offered by ADT securitysystem is their home preservation service. ADT Security Systems alertshomeowners of intruders using cutting edge technology.Unlike its competitors, ADT security systems services dont utilizeany wires in their alarm systems. The ADT security systems have alsoadded one other cutting-edge feature to their home security system, theseare heat sensors. The security system sensors by ADT are extremelyadvanced, as they have the capability to differentiate between a strayanimal entering the house and a thief.That keeps families completely safe and secure aside from theabove features, ADT security systems also offer additional services.Their fire and carbon monoxide sensors are extremely vital services thatcan be counted upon in case fire-related problems occur. These sensorseasily detect an intruder so the family can escape to safety while the ADTSecurity Systems calls the authorities.ADT security systems do even more. ADT security systems canalso deliver security while on the road besides providing hone security.People at home can easily locate relatives who are running late via theGPS devices. Whether theyre at home or away from it, with ADTsecurity systems, people are assured of safety.20 21. Security SystemProblem:There was a need in the self storage industry to be able tomonitor when a particular unit was open. Since most self storage units donot allow access to the owner/management for installing newwiring/equipment, the system to be developed needed to be able to bedeployed without adding any new wiring to the facility and had to becapable or being installed without entering the individual units.Solution: Group Alpha developed a unique door sensor that wouldsensor the relative position of a particular door and send back that doorsposition via a RF link to a controller that would send out alerts to a PCapplication based on changes in state.The sensors needed to be very lowpowered since they are battery powered and had to be very low costbecause the number of doors within a particular installation could reachseveral thousand. A set of gateway/repeaters were also developed. Theseunits are distributed throughout the storage facility allowing the RFsignals to be relayed via power line communications to the maincontroller. This allows the entire system to be installed within anyproprietary wiring except the single cable that connects the maincontroller to the PC. This system illustrates the diverse communicationstechnologies that Group Alpha can bring to bear to solve a particularengineering problem.When considering different home security systems, it would pay toknow the home security system ratings for different ones and one such21 22. one is Brinks Security which has a number of advantages and also a fewdisadvantages. To begin with, you should learn more about what thecompany is all about if you want to be able to evaluate the home securitysystem ratings for it and after much looking about you may find thatBrinks began operation in 1859 when it began to provide differentsecurity services for various companies and which has since expanded tocater to as many as a million customers in the US thanks to the trust thatit has built into its product name.Various Aspects That Need To Be ConsideredThere are various aspects to the Brinks home security systemsincluding its monitoring capabilities, price, installation and also handlingof problems that you would want to know more about and thus may needto view the home security system ratings for this company in each ofthese regards. The first piece of information that you need to consider iswhat the whole package is going to cost you and this will play animportant part in how you evaluate the home security system ratings forBrinks Security home security systems, which with all the bells andwhistles may total up to three hundred and twenty dollars plus taxes,which according to users home security system ratings amounted to justfair and no more.Another aspect of the Brinks Security home security system thatreaders will want to know about and for which home security systemratings are required includes the monitoring abilities of this system,22 23. which it must be said are good and thus deserve high home securitysystem ratings. You can be sure that the monitoring response in case of abreak in is very good and even though you will need to pay an extrathirty odd dollars for the monitoring service, it is money well spent andthis is reflected in its high home security system ratings given to thisproduct.Next, you will need to find what the home security system ratingsas far as installing the system are and you may be surprised to learn justhow many technicians can be involved in the whole exercise and howlong it can take to complete all the drilling, wiring and cabling of thehome. Despite all these inconveniencies the Brinks Security gets goodhome security system ratings for installation and the staff was friendlyand was able to answer all questions satisfactorily.Once you have got the home security system ratings for thedifferent aspects to using Brinks Security systems, you should be able todecide whether to go ahead and use it or not.Local StudyI have a very special reason for starting this article, its simple Itbecame abundantly clear during my last visit that security is one of themajor considerations when living full time in the Philippines.I have to say in all the visits I have ever made to the Philippines I haveyet to become the victim of a crime, that is not to say that crime doesnt23 24. happen in my home country, wow, it happens everywhere in the world,why some areas of London, I would never drive around with my doorsnot locked, secondly, I have friend who drive around certain districtswith a cost in their car, (Iron bar resembling a steel baton) interestingly,they dont drive around with a hand gun, I will come onto this later.( Handguns represent a mandatory 5 year prison term if caught withthem).I want to share some of my recent experiences with you all, and asusual I am very much interested in your own experiences including yourviews on some of my writings.So here goes, I was under the impression, that it was mainlyforeigners who were very security conscious, hmmm that was a totallywrong assertion, I had the good fortune to visit the son of my wife formeremployer, he lives in a security gated compound within a sub division,the gates are locked at all times, they have 7 foot high barbed wire, orwalls with casual glass pieces stuck into the cement, these it appears areto prevent people scaling the walls to gain entry.I spoke to my friend about security for me in the Philippines, hisreplies kind of shocked me, remembering whilst I might have a house inthe Philippines, and the house does have high walls with security bars, Ihave never had to live in a house with the level of security my friend wassuggesting was required.24 25. He told me firstly, in your home you should have personalprotection, so I butted in and suggested perhaps a mace or chemical spraymaybe an intruder alarm system, such as we have back here in UK,maybe an alarm over the telephone system, connected to Police HQ, thatbrought a few laughs from him.No he said, you need a good weapon in the house, or 2 or 3 if you can,I was a little startled by this, since I was trained in certain weapons buthad not fired a shot since the 80s, I know in certain States in the U.S.A.its quite acceptable to have a gun at home, and in certain states, myexperience of this was when I was in Nevada, its acceptable to shoot anintruder on your property.Sadly, we cannot do that in the UK, in fact if you shot the intruder, youwould be the one most likely charged with armed assault, and if theintruder died, charged with murder, yes the rules for intruders in ourcountry are hard for some to understand, you may be accused of violatinghis civil rights amongst a string of other things, so shooting someone inyour house is not a good idea.Going back to my freind he told me that its acceptable if you have apermit to own a hand gun, or rifle, or automatic rifle in your home,provided its for home protection, he even went on to say that he isallowed to transport the weapons, and that he can fire them undercontrolled conditions, what he didnt tell me, that when we arrived at ourdestination at his Fathers mountain resort, is that he was actually carrying25 26. a loaded weapon in his pocket, I have to say at first sight I was shockedto find that he had a Berreta handgun, with 13 rounds of ammo in amagazine in his pocket.I questioned my freind further, Why do you have this semiautomatic pistol in your pocket I asked well Pete its really for ourprotection, we dont know who we will encounter up here, thePhilippines is very poor, there are some desperate people here, and itsbetter to have protection than not all, I also went on to say that I did notbelieve in having guns in the house, I saw no need for it, my friend said I suggest you obtain one in your wife name, keep it in your house, youcan draw it if required, as long as someone is breaking into your lot orhouse, you have a right to shoot them to prevent them if your life isthreatened.I asked my wife about this, since it had never been discussedbefore, my wife confirmed what my friend had said, although she did notlike the idea of a weapon in the house any more than I did.He also then went on to show me the holes in the side of the housewalls, they were placed there to put the barrel of their guns throughshould armed intruders attack the house, was I in dreamland?? is this thePhilippines, why had I not seen any violence of this type, I see guards allthe time at the banks, they all have 12 bore shotguns, some with M16automatic rifles, on the Ferry to Ilo Ilo, I see guards with weapons,automatic rifles, and yet it hadnt really sunk in.26 27. The 2nd experience was at the Husband of my wifes Doctorfriend, I discussed the level of personal security in the Philippines withhim, his reply astounded me even further, Yes I have a gun, actually Ihave about 20 different guns, would you like to come and see them ?I asked why there was a need for so many guns. he said, that evenfor Filipinos its dangerous in this country, you need lots of protection, hesaid, in my house and lot, I have over 20 dogs in the grounds, naturallyhe had a big lot, but about 20 dogs, i have 3 Akita Japanese guard dogs,and 4 German Shepherds, the rest are a selection of other dogs, why somany I asked?Keep out undesirables he said, at night, I let all the dogs out, theykeep a visible prescience at night, after that, I have 3 boys in the lot,looking after the dogs, and keeping an eye on things, after that, I have 2semi automatic rifles at strategic points, and 2 handguns at others,..isthis the Philippines ?Wake me up somebody because I felt that hearing the 2experiences led me to believe that this is over stretching personal securitya little bit, or is it? remembering I am a foreigner, these people are naturalborn Filipinos living in their own country, who knows the situation betterthan they do, and yet I have not heard any experiences about securityissues involving foreigners, I know that Bob has remarked very often thatDavao City is a very safe city, and he has always said how safe he feels 27 28. there, I have no reason to disbelieve him, or any other reader who saysthey feel safe in their city of occupation.I can only now refer to my final experience, a couple of weeks ago,I accompanied my wife to the downtown plaza area of Bacolod City, shewanted to have some photos developed, in the car I was driving, my wifesaid to me Now empty your pockets honey, give me your wallet, andwhere is your credit cards, give them to me, do you have any money, ohyes, fine give that to me too.Make sure your pockets are empty, when you come with me, youare a target for snatchers, and robbers, when we arrived in the plaza mart,I remarked to the cashier about the security problem in the area, theyoung lady said, Sir its quite safe here for you, my wife over heard theconversation and said in English, dont tell me husband that, you knowits not safe, there are pickpockets, thieves and robbers here, she said Imyself was robbed the last time I was down here, so dont tell him that,he has to know its not safe here, and with that we paid and promptly left.So how about personal security, some of you will tell me you havenever felt unsafe, maybe there are some of you who have had badexperiences, I know all will be different, what about guns ? How do youfeel about owning and keeping one?Recently I was taken to a firing range in Negros and given lightweapons training on the Biretta hand gun, the Browning Automatic andM14 and M16 Semi Automatic Weapons, I had a great day out with some28 29. friends, but it also brought home to me and reminded me just howdangerous guns are.Some of you wont feel comfortable with it, and if you had to drawyour gun to defend yourself, could you do it? What if there was adischarge enquiry by the Police if your discharged your gun in such anincident, how would it go down for you if you are a foreigner?These and many other questions need to be discussed, I hope to hear allyour viewpoints on this, and look forward to reading your replies. 29 30. Research MethodologyA. Research Design What is Descriptive Research?This research is the most commonly used and the basic reason forcarrying out descriptive research is to identify the cause of somethingthat is happening. For instance, this research could be use in order to findout what age group is buying a particular brand of cola, whether acompanys market share differs between geographical regions or todiscover how many competitors a company has in their marketplace.Descriptive research, also known as statistical research, describesdata and characteristic about the population or phenomenon beingstudied. Descriptive research answers the questions who, what, where,when and how.This type of research is also a grouping that includes manyparticular research methodologies and procedures, such as observations,surveys, self-reports, and tests. The four parameters of research will help30 31. us understand how descriptive research in general is similar to, anddifferent from, other types of research.Descriptive research is use to obtain information concerning thecurrent status of the phenomena to describe "what exists" with respect tovariables or conditions in a situation. The methods involved range fromthe survey which describes the status quo, the correlation study whichinvestigates the relationship between variables, to developmental studieswhich seek to determine changes over time.B. Research Locale Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology(EARIST) was established after the liberation of Manila in 1945.EARIST traces back its development from that of a vocational highschool with only a room at the second floor of the Mapa High School,nine teachers, a clerk, and 147 students under Mr. Pantaleon Regala, itsprincipal. Its former name was Eulogio Rodriguez Vocational HighSchool (ERVHS). EARIST growth and development were made possiblevia three Republic Acts and Presidential Decree, to wit: Republic Act4072, jointly sponsored by Congressman Ramon D. Bagatsing and SalihUtutalum in 1964, authorized the establishment of the TechnicalEducation Department without changing the name of the school. It washeaded by a Vocational Director. Republic Act 5088, sponsored byCongressman Sergio Loyola in 1967, authorized the renaming of ERVHS 31 32. to Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Memorial School of Arts and Trades(EARMSAT) and signaled its separation from the Division of CitySchools, Manila. It was headed by a Superintendent Republic Act 6595,sponsored by Congressman Joaquin R. Roces in 1972, convertedEARMSAT to EARIST with a President as its head. This made EARISTinto a full-pledged college and authorized the establishment ofvocational-technical school branches in each congressional district ofManila. Presidential Decree 1524, signed by President Ferdinand E.Marcos on June 11, 1978, converted EARIST into a chartered statecollege with a Board of Trustees as its governing body and Dr. Hilario G.Nudas, as its first College President. Eulogio "Amang" RodriguezInstitute of Science and Technology.C. Samples and Sampling Technique Used EARIST employs almost a thousand of employees including faculties.The researcher have confined the research to 50 sampling sized only tobe distributed with the following colleges and offices: College ofEngineering, College of Business and Public Administration, College ofEducation, College of Arts and Sciences, College of International andHospitality Management, College of Industrial Technology, and Collegeof Architecture and Fine Arts. Administrative Office, Registrars Office,Office of the President and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Officeof the Director for Research and Instruction and Office of the Director forExtension. The reason why the researcher uses the 50 sampling size is32 33. because the researcher will just distribute the survey questionnaires tomember of the faculty and every student in the school. D. Instruments The instrument that the researcher will be using in conducting anddeveloping this research is Survey Questionnaire. As par as thisinstrument is concern, its very easy for the researcher to get the pulse,views, ideals, and reactions of EARIST population.SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRESName________________________________________Course_________________ Department_________________Position_______________________Part 1 ProfileAge:16-20 years oldGender:21-25years oldMale:26-30 years old Female: 31-35 years old 36 and upKnowledge in Security system: Advance Moderate KnowledgeableNewPart 2 Improvement of the old security system of EULOGIOAMANGRODRIGUEZ INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Check the appropriate box, which you believe applicable to the givenvariables.Rate Verbal Interpretation Range5Strongly Agree4.6 5.0 33 34. 4 Agree3.6 4.5 3 Uncertain2.6 3.5 2 Disagree 1.6 2.5 1 Strongly Disagree1.0 1.5A. The current assessment of the EARIST security system. 5 43 2 11. The security system the EARIST has a loop hole2. It only uses CCTV Camera3. The system only records in-coming and out-comingpeople4. Check on all the vehicles going in-out of the institution5. Cannot determine actual incidents inside or outsideschool propertiesB. Improvement of the school security system. 543 2 11. Knowledge in improving the security system2. Appropriate security system is needed3. On the spot monitoring of all activities inside the schoolpremises4. Awareness about the safety guidelines5. Knowledge in terms of possible event if the securitysystem is not effectiveC. The Benefits of newly proposed security system.543 2 11. Digital security system2. Save work and time3. Give convenience in monitoring the whole school4. On the report5. Real time eventsD. Effectiveness in terms of protecting the school. 543 2 11. Monitor accidents/ incidents2. Monitor all the students coming in-out of the school3. Monitor employees and faculty4. Monitor the school designated area5. Valuable things inside the school will be properlymonitoredE. There is no significant difference between the old and new system. 34 35. _______________SignatureE. Statistical Treatment of DataThe information gathered were tabulated and processed manuallyand with the aid of computer to determine the precise interpretation of theresults. Matrix tables were made to organize, summarize, and analyze thedata gathered for easy determination of its difference from each other.Data were collated, tabulated, and analyzed. The followingstatistical tools were used in the analysis of data: 1. Percentage The measure of dominant quantity was utilized to determinethe most probable scenario.The formula of percentage is asfollows:F P = -------NWhere P = Percentage (%)F = Frequency35 36. N = Total Number of Population2. The responses to questions in the given variables were scaled using the five-point-scale or Likert Scale system and given weight as follows:RateVerbal InterpretationRange5 Strongly Agree 4.6 5.04 Agree3.6 4.53 Moderately Agree 2.6 3.52 Disagree 1.6 2.51 Strongly Disagree1.0 1.53. The process of finding the Weighted Mean, which is referred to as the central tendency was used, The formula is given below: (wx) = ------N Where: X = weighted mean w = weighted factor = sum of N = total number of respondentsx = score36 37. To test the level of significance between the assessments of therespondents the Chi-Square were employed to determine the relationshipof factors as given.The formula of chi-square is presented as follows: 2(fo ) - ( fe )X2 = -------------- fe Where: X = Chi Square fo = Observed Frequencyfe = Expected Frequency 4. Degree of FreedomEstimates of statistical parameters can be based upon different amounts of information or data. The number of independent pieces of information that go into the estimate of a parameter is called the degrees of freedom (df). In general, the degrees of freedom of an estimate is equal to the number of independent scores that go into the estimate minus the number of parameters estimated as intermediate steps in the estimation of the parameter itself (which, in sample variance, is one, since the sample mean is the only intermediate step). Df = (r-1) (c-1) Where: df = degrees of freedom37 38. R = row C = coloumnPRESENTATION,ANALYSIS ANDINTERPRETATION OF DATATable 1.1 Frequencies and Percentage Distribution on the Age of theRespondentsOptionsFrequencyPercent Rank16-20 years old 1326% Rank 3rd21-25 years old 2244% Rank 1st26-30 years old 1530% Rank 2nd31-35 years old 0 0%36yrs. and above 00%Total50 100%Table 1.1 presents the frequency and percentage distribution onthe age of the respondents. 13 or 26% of the respondents aged 18-20years old, 22 or 44% of the respondents aged 21-25 years old, 15 or30% of the respondents aged 26-30 years old, 0 of the respondents aged31-35 years old and lastly 0 of the respondent aged 36 years and above.Table 1.2 Frequencies and Percentage Distribution on the Gender of theRespondents.OptionsFrequency PercentRankMale 1938%Rank 2ndFemale 3162%Rank 1stTotal50100%Table 1.2 represents the frequency and percentage distribution onthe gender of the respondents. 19 or 38% respondents are male while 31or 62% are female.38 39. Table 1.3 Frequencies and Percentage Distribution on the familiarity insecurity ststem.OptionsFrequency Percent RankAdvance7 14% Rank 3rdModerate 2244% Rank 1stKnowledgeable 12 24% Rank 2ndNew9 18% Rank 4thTotal50100% Table 1.3 represents the frequency and percentage distribution onthe familiarity in security system. 7 or 14% respondents is advance infamiliarity in security system, 22 or 44% respondents is moderate infamiliarity of security system, 12 or 24% respondents is knowledgeablein familiarity of security system, 9 or 18% respondents is new infamiliarity of security system. Rate Verbal InterpretationRange 5Strongly Agree 4.6 5.0 4Agree3.6 4.5 3Moderately Agree 2.6 3.5 2Disagree 1.6 2.5 1Strongly Disagree1.0 1.5Table 2.1 Frequency and Percentage Distribution the current assessmentof the EARIST security system.39 40. 2.1.1 The security system the EARIST has a loop hole.Options Frequency PercentRank5(strongly agree) 1734%Rank 2nd4(agree)2346%Rank 1st3(uncertain)9 18%Rank 3rd2(disagree) 1 2% Rank 4thTotal50 100% Table 2.1.1 represents the frequency and percentage distribution. 17 or 34% stated that they are strongly agreed that the security system of EARIST has a loop hole. 23 or 46% agree, 9 or 18% stated that they are uncertain, 1 or 2% stated they are disagree and none (0) respondent is strongly disagree. 2.1.2 It only uses CCTV Camera. Options FrequencyPercentRank 5(strongly agree) 15 30%Rank 2nd 4(agree)19 38%Rank 1st 3(uncertain)13 26%Rank 3rd 2(disagree) 24% Rank 4th 1(strongly disagree) 1 2% Rank 5th Total 50 100% Table 2.1.2 represents the frequency and percentage distribution on that the EARIST only uses CCTV camera. 15 or 30% stated that they are strongly agreed. 19 or 38% stated agreeing. 13 or 26% stated that they are uncertain affected, 2 or 4% are disagreeing and 1 or 2% respondent stated that they strongly disagree. 2.1.3. The system only records in-coming and out-coming people. Options FrequencyPercentRank 5(strongly agree) 19 38Rank 2nd 40 41. 4(agree)22 44%Rank 1st3(uncertain)918%Rank 3rdTotal 50 100%Table 2.1.3 represents the frequency and percentage distributionon the system only records in-coming and out-coming people. 19or 38%stated that they are strongly agreed. 22 or 44% stated are agreeing. 9 or18% stated that they are uncertain affected, none respondents statedagree strongly disagree.2.1.4 Check on all the vehicles going in-out of the institution.OptionsFrequencyPercentRank5(strongly agree)25 50%Rank 1st4(agree) 17 34%Rank 2nd3(uncertain) 714%Rank 3rd2(disagree)12% Rank 4thTotal50 100%Table 2.1.4 represents the frequency and percentage distributionon checking on all the vehicles going in-out of the institution .25 or 50%stated that they are strongly agreed. 17 or 34% respondents areagreeing. 7 or 14 stated that they are uncertain affected, 1 or 2% stateddisagree and none (0) respondent stated that they are strongly disagree.2.1.5 Cannot determine actual incidents inside or outside schoolproperties.OptionsFrequency Percent W.MRank5(strongly agree)20 40%4.42 Rank 2nd4(agree) 22 44%4.2Rank 1st3(uncertain) 612%4.4Rank 3rd2(disagree)24% 4.24 Rank 4th1(strongly disagree) 004.34Total50 100%41 42. Table 2.1.5 represents the frequency and percentage distributionon cannot determine actual incidents inside or outside schoolproperties.20 or 40% stated that they are strongly agreed. 22 or 44%are stated agree. 6 or 12% stated that they are uncertain affected and 2or 4% are stated disagree. And none (0) respondents stated in stronglydisagree.Table 2.2 Improvement of the school security system.2.2.1. Knowledge in improving the security systemOptions Frequency Percent Rank5(strongly agree) 1734% Rank 2nd4(agree)2754% Rank 1st3(uncertain)6 12% Rank 3rdTotal 50100%Table 2.2.1 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.17 or 34% stated that they are strongly agreed to trap miceautomatically. 27 or 54% respondents agree, 6 or 12% stated that theyare uncertain, and none respondents stated that they are disagree andstrongly disagree.2.2.2 Appropriate security system is needed.OptionsFrequency PercentRank5(strongly agree) 27 54%Rank 1st4(agree)14 28%Rank 2nd3(uncertain)816%Rank 3rdTotal 50 100%Table 2.2.2 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.27 or 54% stated that they are strongly agreed.14 or 28% agree, 8 or42 43. 16% stated that they are uncertain and none (0) respondent isdisagreeing and strongly disagree.2.2.3 On the spot monitoring of all activities inside the school premises.Options Frequency Percent Rank5(strongly agree) 2856% Rank 1st4(agree)1938% Rank 2nd3(uncertain)3 6%Rank 3rdTotal 50100%Table 2.2.3 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.28 or 56% stated that they are strongly agreed that it can monitor allactivities inside the school premises. 19 or 38% stated agree and 3 or6% sated uncertain and none respondents disagree and stronglydisagree.2.2.4 Awareness about the safety guidelines.OptionsFrequency PercentRank5(strongly agree)3264%Rank 1st4(agree) 1530%Rank 2nd3(uncertain) 3 6% Rank 3rdTotal50100%Table 2.2.4 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.32 or 64% stated that they are strongly agreed that it should be awareabout the safety guidelines. 15 or 30% agree, 3 or 6% stated that theyare uncertain, and none (0) respondent is disagree and strongly agree.2.2.5 Knowledge in terms of possible event if the security system is noteffective.OptionsFrequencyPercentRank5(strongly agree)29 58%Rank 1st4(agree) 14 28%Rank 2nd3(uncertain) 612%Rank 3rd1 (disagree) 12% Rank 4thTotal50 100%43 44. Table 2.2.5 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.29or 58% stated that they are strongly agreed that it is effective interms of possible events if the security system is not effective. 14 or 28%agree, 6 or 12% stated that they are uncertain, 1 or 2% disagree andnone (0) respondent stated strongly disagree.Table 2.3 The Benefits of newly proposed security system.2.3.1 Digital security systemOptions Frequency PercentRank5(strongly agree) 2856%Rank 1st4(agree)1734%Rank 2nd3(uncertain)4 8% Rank 3rd1(strongly agree) 1 2% Rank 4thTotal 50100%Table 2.3.1 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.28 or 56% stated that they are strongly agreed that one of the benefitsof the newly proposed security system is digital security system. 17 or34% stated agree, 4 or 8% stated that they are uncertain and 1 or 2%stated that they are strongly agreed and none (0) stated that they arestrongly disagreeing.2.3.2 Save work and time.Options Frequency PercentRank5(strongly agree) 2040%Rank 2nd4(agree)2142%Rank 1st3(uncertain)8 16%Rank 3rd2(disagree) 1 2% Rank 4thTotal 50100%Table 2.3.2 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.20 or 40% stated that they are strongly agreed that it can save work and44 45. time. 21 or 42% agree, 8 or 16% stated that they are uncertain, 1 or2% stated that they are disagree and none (0) stated that they arestrongly disagree.2.3.3 Give convenience in monitoring the whole schoolOptions Frequency Percent Rank5(strongly agree) 2652% Rank 1st4(agree)1938% Rank 2nd3(uncertain)4 8%Rank 3rd2(disagree) 1 2%Rank 4thTotal 50100%Table 2.3.3 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.26 or 52% stated that they are strongly agreed that it can giveconvenience in monitoring the whole school. 19 or 38% agree, 4 or 8%respondent stated uncertain, 1 or 2% disagree and none (0) stated thatthey are strongly disagreeing.2.3.4 On the report.OptionsFrequency PercentRank5(strongly agree)2448%Rank 1st4(agree) 1734%Rank 2nd3(uncertain) 7 14%Rank 3rd2(disagree)1 2% Rank 4th1(strongly disagree) 1 2% Rank 4thTotal50100%Table 2.3.4 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.24 or 48% stated that they are strongly agreed that it is on the report ofwhat it is happening in the school. 17 or 34% agree, 7 or 14% statedthat they are uncertain, 1 or 2% stated that they are disagree and 1 or2% stated that they are strongly disagree.2.3.5 Real time events.Options FrequencyPercentRank5(strongly agree) 27 54%Rank 1st 45 46. 4(agree) 16 32%Rank 2nd3(uncertain) 510 Rank 3rd2(disagree)12% Rank 4th1(strongly disagree) 12% Rank 4thTotal50 100%Table 2.3.5 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.27 or 54% stated that they are strongly agreed that it is real timemonitoring of events. 16 or 32% agree, 5 or 10% stated that they areuncertain, 1or 2% respondent stated disagree, 1 or 2% respondentsstated that they are strongly disagree.Table 2.4 Effectiveness in terms of protecting the school.2.4.1 Monitor accidents/ incidentsOptions Frequency PercentRank5(strongly agree) 2550%Rank 1st4(agree)1734%Rank 2nd3(uncertain)4 8% Rank 3rd2(disagree) 2 4% Rank 4th1(strongly disagree)2 4% Rank 4thTotal 50100%Table 2.4.1 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.25 or 50% stated that they are strongly agreed that it can monitoraccidents or incidents. 17 or 34% agree, 4 or 8% stated that they areuncertain, 2 or 4% stated that they are disagree and strongly disagree.2.4.2 Monitor all the students coming in-out of the schoolOptions FrequencyPercent Rank5(strongly agree) 26 52% Rank 1st4(agree)15 30% Rank 2nd3(uncertain)816% Rank 3rd2(disagree) 12%Rank 4thTotal 50 100% 46 47. Table 2.4.2 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.26 or 52% stated that they are strongly agreed that it can monitor all thestudents coming in-out of the school. 15 or 30% agree, 8 or 16% statedthat they are uncertain, 1 or 2% stated that they are disagree and none(0) stated that they are strongly disagree.2.4.3 Monitor employees and faculty.OptionsFrequency PercentRank5(strongly agree)2656%Rank 1st4(agree) 1938%Rank 2nd3(uncertain) 2 4% Rank 3rd2(disagree)1 2% Rank 4thTotal50100%Table 2.4.3 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.26 or 56% stated that they are strongly agreed that it can monitoremployees and faculty. 19 or 38% agree, 2 or 4% stated that they areuncertain, 1 or 2% respondent stated disagree and none (0) statedstrongly disagree.2.4.4 Monitor the school designated area.OptionsFrequency PercentRank5(strongly agree) 23 46%Rank 1st4(agree) 1938%Rank 2nd3(uncertain) 8 16%Rank 3rdTotal50100%Table 2.4.4 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.23 or 46% stated that they are strongly agreed that it can monitordesignated area. 19 or 38% agree, 8 or 16% stated that they areuncertain and none (0) stated that they are either disagreeing orstrongly disagree.2.4.5 Valuable things inside the school will be properly monitored47 48. Options FrequencyPercentRank5(strongly agree) 28 56%Rank 1st4(agree)14 28%Rank 2nd3(uncertain)714%Rank 3rd2( disagree)12% Rank 4thTotal 50 100%Table 2.4.5 represents the frequency and percentage distribution.28 or 56% stated that they are strongly agreed that it properlymonitored the entire valuable thing inside the school. 14 or 28% agree, 7or 6% stated that they are uncertain, 1 or 2% respondent stateddisagree and none (0) respondent stated strongly disagree. 48 49. Table 3.1 Univariate Matrix on the Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology Security System.OPTIONS5 4 321XDescriptive Interpretation2.1.1 The security system the EARIST has a loop hole17 23 9104.12 Agree2.1.2 It only uses CCTV Camera15 19 13 213.88 Agree2.1.3 The system only records in-coming and out-coming people 19 22 9004.2Agree2.1.4 Check on all the vehicles going in-out of the institution 25 17 7104.32 Agree2.1.5 Cannot determine actual incidents inside or outside school properties 20 22 6204.2Agree2.2.1 Knowledge in improving the security system17 27 6004.22 Agree2.2.2 Appropriate security system is needed 27 15 8014.38 Agree2.2.3 On the spot monitoring of all activities inside the school premises 28 19 3004.5Agree2.2.4 Awareness about the safety guidelines 32 15 3004.58 Strongly Agree2.2.5 Knowledge in terms of possible event if the security system is not 29 14601 Agreeeffective4.382.3.1 Digital security system 28 17 4014.42 Agree2.3.2 Save work and time20 21 8104.16 Agree2.3.3 Give convenience in monitoring the whole school 26 19 4104.36 Agree2.3.4 On the report 24 17 7114.2Agree2.3.5 Real time events 27 16 5114.3Agree2.4.1 Monitor accidents/ incidents25 17 4224.22 Agree2.4.2 Monitor all the students coming in-out of the school26 15 8104.32 Agree2.4.3 Monitor employees and faculty 28 19 2104.48 Agree2.4.4 Monitor the school designated area23 19 8004.3Agree2.4.5 Valuable things inside the school will be properly monitored28 14 7104.38 AgreeTOTAL 484 367 12715 685.95 Based on the foregoing results, as showed in table 3.1, the automated mouse / mice trap range only to strongly agree with a mean of 85.95.49 50. Table of Chi-square StatisticsDf= (r-1) (c-1) = (5-1) (5-1) = 16F- Statistics with other values; p= 0.05p= 0.01 p=0.001df P= 0.05 P= 0.01 P= 0.00113.846.6410.8325.999.2113.8237.8211.35 16.2749.4913.28 18.47511.07 15.09 20.52612.59 16.81 22.46714.07 18.48 24.32815.51 20.09 26.13916.92 21.67 27.8810 18.31 23.21 29.5911 19.68 24.73 31.2612 21.03 26.22 32.9113 22.36 27.69 34.5314 23.69 29.40 36.1215 25.00 30.58 37.7016 26.30 32.00 39.2517 27.59 33.41 40.7918 28.87 34.81 42.3119 30.14 36.19 43.8220 31.41 37.57 45.3221 32.67 38.93 46.8022 33.92 40.29 48.8723 35.17 41.64 49.7324 36.42 42.98 51.1825 37.65 44.31 37.6526 38.89 45.64 54.0527 40.11 46.96 55.4828 41.34 48.28 56.8929 42.56 49.59 58.3030 43.77 50.89 59.70 50 51. 31 44.99 52.19 61.1032 46.19 53.99 62.4933 47.40 54.78 63.8734 48.60 56.06 64.2535 49.80 57.34 66.6236 51.00 61.16 70.7137 52.19 58.89 69.3538 53.38 61.16 70.7139 54.57 62.43 72.0640 55.76 63.69 73.4141 56.94 64.95 74.7542 58.12 66.21 76.0943 59.30 67.46 77.4244 60.48 68.71 78.7545 61.66 69.96 80.0846 62.83 71.20 81.4047 64.00 72.44 82.7248 65.17 73.68 84.0349 66.34 74.92 85.3550 67.51 76.15 86.6651 68.67 77.39 87.9752 69.83 78.62 89.2753 70.99 79.84 90.5754 72.15 81.07 91.8855 73.31 82.29 93.1756 74.47 83.73 95.7557 75.62 84.73 95.7558 76.78 85.95 97.0359 77.93 87.17 98.3460 79.08 88.38 99.6261 80.23 89.59 100.8862 81.38 90.18 102.1563 82.53 92.01 103.4664 83.68 93.22 104.7265 84.82 94.42 105.9766 85.97 95.63 107.2667 87.11 96.83 108.5468 88.25 98.03 109.7969 89.39 99.23 111.0651 52. 7090.53 104.42 112.317191.67 101.62 113.567292.81 102.82 114.847393.95 104.01 116.087495.08 105.20 117.357596.22 106.39 118.607697.35 107.58 119.857798.49 108.77 121.117899.62 109.96 112.3679100.75111.15 123.6080101.88112.33 124.8481103.01113.51 126.0982104.14114.70 127.3383105.27115.88 128.2784106.40117.06 129.8085107.52118.24 131.0486108.65119.41 132.2887109.77120.59 133.5188110.90121.77 134.7489112.02122.94 135.9690113.15124.12 137.1991114.27125.29 138.4592115.39136.46 139.6693116.51127.63 140.9094117.63128.80 142.1295118.75129.97 143.3296119.87131.14 144.5597120.99132.31 145.7898122.11133.47 146.9999123..23 134.64 148.21100 124.34135.81 149.88 52 53. Rate Verbal InterpretationRange5Strongly Agree 4.6 5.04Agree3.6 4.53Moderately Agree 2.6 3.52Disagree 1.6 2.51Strongly Disagree1.0 1.5Table1.11Responses to Socialization Skills SurveyA. The current assessmentStronglyAgreeModerately Disagree Strongly W.M Chiof the EARIST securityAgree AgreeDisagreesystem. 5 4321 X21. The security system ofthe EARIST has a loop hole 17(19.2)23(20.6) 9(8.8) 1(1.2) 0(0.2) 4.12 0.572. It only uses CCTVCamera 15(19.2)19(20.6) 13(8.8)2(1.2) 1(0.2) 3.88 3.583. The system only recordsin-coming and out-comingpeople 19(19.2)22(20.6) 9(8.8) 0(1.2) 0(0.2) 4.21.304. Check on all the vehiclesgoingin-outoftheinstitution25(19.2)17(20.6) 7(8.8) 1(1.2) 0(0.2) 4.32 2.785.Cannot determine actualincidents inside or outsideschool properties 20(19.2)22(20.6) 6(8.8) 2(1.2) 0(0.2) 4.21.55TOTAL Chi-Square: 9.79The Security system of EARIST has a loop hole with a mean of4.12 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; it only uses CCTV camerawith a mean of 3.88 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; the system onlyrecords in-coming and out-coming people with a mean of 4.2 and averbal interpretation of Agree; check on all the vehicle going in-out ofthe institution with a mean of 4.32 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; 53 54. and cannot determine actual incidents inside or outside school propertieswith a mean of 4.2 and a verbal interpretation of Agree.The overall computed weighted mean has a verbal interpretation ofAgree.It is clearly evidence that the chi-square value from the chi-squarevalue of Table 1.1 is 9.79 which is less than the value from the chi-squaretable which is 26.30, the null hypothesis is accepted. Table 2B. Improvement of theStrongly AgreeModerately Disagree Strongly W.M Chischool security system Agree Agree Disagree 54321X21. Knowledge in improvingthe security system8.29 17(26.6) 27(18) 6(5.2) 0(0.2) 0(0) 4.222. Appropriate securitysystem is needed 2.21 27(26.6) 15(18) 8(5.2) 0(0.2) 0(0) 4.383. On the spot monitoring ofall activities inside the school 1.26premises 28(26.6) 19(18) 3(5.2) 0(0.2) 0(0) 4.54. Awareness aboutthesafety guidelines2.73 32(26.6) 15(18) 3(5.2) 0(0.2) 0(0) 4.585. Knowledge in terms ofpossible event if the security 4.43system is not effective 29(26.6) 14(18) 6(5.2) 1(0.2) 0(0) 4.38TOTAL Chi- square: 18.92 Knowledge in improving the security system with a mean of 4.22and a verbal interpretation of Agree; appropriate security system isneeded with a mean of 4.38 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; on thespot monitoring of all activities inside the school premises with a mean of4.5 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; awareness about the safety54 55. guidelines with a mean of 4.58 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; andknowledge in terms of possible event if the security system is not effectivewith a mean of 4.38 and a verbal interpretation of Agree. The overall computed weighted mean has a verbal interpretation ofAgree. It is clearly evidence that the chi-square value from the chi-squarevalue of Table 1.2 is 18.92 which is less than the value from the chi-square table which is 26.30, the null hypothesis is accepted. Table 3 Strongly Agree ModeratelyStrongly W.M Chi DISAGREEC The Benefits of newlyproposed security system. Agree AgreeDisagree 54 321 X21. Digital security system1.94 28(25) 17(18) 4(5.6)0(0.8) 1(0.6) 4.422. Save work and time 20(25)21(18) 18(5.6) 1(0.8) 0(0.6) 4.16 3.183 Give convenience in 1.20monitoring the wholeschool 26(25) 19(18) 4(5.6)1(0.8) 0(0.6) 4.364. On the report 24(25) 17(18) 7(5.6)1(0.8) 1(0.6) 4.20.765 Real time events27(25) 16(18) 5(5.6)1(0.8) 1(0.6) 4.30.76TOTAL: Chi-Square 7.85Digital security system with a mean of 4.42 and a verbal interpretation ofAgree; save work and time with a mean of 4.16 and a verbalinterpretation of Agree; Give convenience in monitoring the wholeschool with a mean of 4.36 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; on thereport with a mean of 4.2 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; real timeevents with a mean of 4.3 and a verbal interpretation of Agree.55 56. The overall computed weighted mean has a verbal interpretation of Agree.It is clearly evidence that the chi-square value from the chi-square value of Table 1.3 is 7.85 which is less than the value from the chi-square table which is 26.30, the null hypothesis is accepted.Table 4D. Effectiveness in terms of Strongly AgreeModerately Disagree Strongly W.M Chiprotecting the schoolAgree Agree Disagree 54321 X21. Monitor accidents/ incidents 25(26) 17(16.8) 4(5.8) 2(1) 2(0.4) 4.22 82. Monitor all the studentscoming in-out of the school1.43 26(26) 15(16.8) 8(5.8) 1(1) 0(0.4) 4.323. Monitor employees and faculty 28(26) 19(16.8) 2(5.8) 1(1) 0(0.4) 4.48 3.334. Monitor the school designated 2.87area23(26)19(16.8) 8(5.8) 0(1) 0(0.4) 4.35. Valuable things inside theschool will be properly monitored1.27 28(26) 14(16.8) 7(5.8) 1(1) 0(0.4) 4.38 TOTAL: Chi-Square 16.90Monitor accidents/ incidents with a mean of 4.22 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; monitor all the students coming in-out of the school with a mean of 4.32 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; monitor employees and faculty with a mean of 4.48 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; monitor the school designated area with a mean of 4.3 and a verbal interpretation of Agree; valuable things inside the school will be properly monitored with a mean of 4.38 and a verbal interpretation of Agree.56 57. The overall computed weighted mean has a verbal interpretation ofAgree.It is clearly evidence that the chi-square value from the chi-squarevalue of Table 1.4 is 16.90 which is less than the value from the chi-square table which is 26.30, the null hypothesis is accepted.Summary57 58. The research EULOGIO A MANG RODRIGUEZ INSTITUTEOF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (EARIST) security system wasproposed to the EULOGIO A MANG RODRIGUEZ INSTITUTE OFSCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (EARIST) and the other school whowants to improve their security system. This research was conducted forthe purpose of determining the problems encountered in the protection ofthe school. And based from such problems the following objectives areformulated: 1) To provide a much effective security system that wouldhelp them to secure the safetiness of every student and employee; 2) Tobe able to determined if there is a hazardous accident; 3) To be able tocreate a effective security system that would help them to monitor if thereis a intruders; 4) To be able to protect each persons and propertiescoming in and out of the school premises.Furthermore, to achieve the objectives, the proponents, used theDescriptive Method to develop the proposed system. The researcher alsoconducted an evaluation to the respondents in order to gather all theinformation needed to complete the study with the use of the LikertsScale; the respondent evaluated the digital project to determine theperformance of the system.SUMMARY OF FINDINGS58 59. Based in the proponents objectives in data gatherings weredetermined.1. Based on the proposed security system was interpreted VERY GOOD in the criteria of Efficiency because it provides convenience to the school and to the employees.2. . Based on the proposed security system was interpreted VERY GOOD in the criteria of Accuracy because its digitalized is 100 percent in protecting the school.3. . Based on the proposed security system was interpreted VERY GOOD in the criteria of Reliability it can use anytime.4. . Based on the proposed security system was interpreted EXCELLENT in the criteria of User-friendly because it is easy to use, understand and operate.5. Based on the proposed security system was interpreted EXCELLENT in the criteria of Simplicity because of the projects clearness of design.CONCLUSION 59 60. Based on the proponent objective and data gathered and have some findings determined by the proponent. The proposed design helps to protect the student, employee and school properties. The proposed project is very good in terms of detecting intruders and hazardous accidents. Since the proposed research is digitalized; it helps the security guard and employee to monitor the whole school.RECOMMENDATIONTherefore, the proponents would like to recommend the proposedresearch to be initiated and give enough attention by the administration ofEulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technologyregarding on the benefits of the research specifically on health, securityand environment and environmental aspects of life so that it will beinitiated for the school and other universities on a long term plan projectthat could benefits all of us.Bibliography60 61. Capacitive Position/Displacement Sensor Theory/Tutorial Capacitive Position/Displacement Overview Comparing Capacitive and Eddy-Current Sensors M. Kretschmar and S. Welsby (2005), Capacitive and Inductive Displacement Sensors, in Sensor Technology Handbook, J. Wilson editor, Newnes: Burlington, MA. C. A. Grimes, E. C. Dickey, and M. V. 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U.S. Patent No. 6,297,844, IssuedOct. 2, 2001.O Atss, R.Nandakumar.O Aii, N.Clifton. "Broadband CSV, XML Alarm data Standards" Auckland NZ,( - CachedRead more: Home Security Blog | Entries (RSS) | Comments (RSS)Dictionary. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, FourthEdition Copyright 2007, 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009.Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. Read moreWord Tutor. Copyright 2004-present by eSpindle Learning, a 501(c) nonprofitorganization.Allrightsreserved.eSpindle provides personalized spelling and vocabulary tutoring online; sign up free.Read moreWordNet. WordNet 1.7.1 Copyright 2001 by Princeton University. All rightsreserved. Read moreNia Christea P. OrillaAddress: #705 T. Anzures St. Sampaloc ManilaMobile #: 09091029270 62 63. 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Fabrication process of hard diskPCOS Training Center Astron bldg.Skills Computer skills (MS Word, Excel, Power Point) Willing to work on graveyard shifts Computer troubleshooting Knowledgeable in electronics Knowledgeable in pneumaticsPersonal BackgroundDate of Birth: November 19, 1989Place: Isok Boac MarinduqueCivil Status : SingleCitizenship: FilipinoAge: 20Height : 53Religion : Roman CatholicCharacter ReferencesEngr. Percival MacapagalProfessor 0915117457263 64. This document was made and personally filled, in full honesty to the best of myknowledge. Nia Christea P. Orilla Applicants Signature64