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Seneca OEM Vertical Solution Offerings

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  • 1. DIGITAL SIGNAGE DIGITAL SECURITY YDIGITAL HEALTHVERTICAL SOLUTIONS Overview Seneca provides the needed exibility in engineering and production services to deliver reliable vertical solutions to customers worldwide. All products are designed in-house or co-engineered with partners at our highly secure Engineering Resource Solutions Center, located in our Syracuse, New York headquarters. Digital Signage Senecas family of media players cover the spectrum from low cost, single display to high denition, multiple display systems that are capable of supporting video wall deployments. Digital Security Seneca offers a complete line up of optimized digital security and surveillance solutions. The xVault product line specializes in certied network video XNVR recorders (NVRs), viewing stations, and mobile platforms. 4U 24 BAY RACKMOUNT Featuring Digital Health Intel Xeon Processor Our years of working with healthcare customers have helped us become experts Genuine Windows Server 2008 R2 in point of care solutions, from All-In-One systems, to Small Form Factors, and Genuine Windows Embedded Enterprise Tablet PCs. Hotswappable HDD Tray HIGHLIGHTS EMBEDDED OS DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT DEMO PROGRAM Optimize performance with custom embeddedTimely management of EOL components andNo charge demo programs allow you to test t software designtransition options and function PREINSTALLATION OF CUSTOM IMAGES FLEXIBLE WARRANTY OPTIONSPRIORITY TECH SUPPORT Simplify installation by preinstalling and testing Backed by Seneca, we offer extensive exible Access to U.S. based technicians through image at the factory warranty options dedicated support line THERMAL TESTINGFINANCIAL SERVICES CUSTOM ASSET TAGS Test performance in extreme temperatures and Available services include terms, leasing, oorCustom asset tagging and database tracking at simulated environments planning and online bill pay the factory PRIVATE LABELING NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITYREFERENCE DESIGNS Strengthen your brand with custom labels Build to order in our ISO certied facility with One Size Does Not Fit All. Wide selection of and packagingindustry leading turnaround timesplatforms to evaluate | 800.227.343229

2. DIGITAL SIGNAGE Seneca leads the market with partnered technologies and exclusive products for digital signage. Our family of systems cover the spectrum from low prole, low cost media players to high denition, multi-display media players. Our turn- key products are certied by the leading signage software companies and are available to ProAV and IT integrators nationwide. Seneca offers a combination of industry leading products, advanced technical support, and exible business terms for the digital signage marketplace. Our Value Eliminate Point of Failure Through Software and Hardware Platform Integration Purpose Built Systems Optimized for Performance Certied Platforms for Leading Digital Signage Software Solutions Full Component, Evaluation, and Validation Testing Factors to ConsiderThThermals: What environment will it live in? C Content: HD video, audio, multi-region messaging? Connectivity: ConneWireless?Output:Video O Single, dual, or quad display? Size:Does the space require a specic footprint or form factor?Mounting:MoVESA, wall, or custom mounting requirements?SENECA EXCLUSIVE!ONLY 1.3 INCHES TALL HD1. HD1.3The HD1.3 is an exclusive offering from Seneca and was designed tostand only 1.3" tall. This ultra small form factor media player supportsdual independent displays. It is ideal for solutions that require highSMALL FORM FACTOR performance capabilities. MEDIA tuned heatsinks for Features custom PLAYER Dual Independent Display Capability Reliable Performance with Options for SSD or mSATA Intel Pentium Processor, Intel Core Slim External Power Adapter i3 Processor, or Intel Core i5 Processor Wall or VESA Mountable for Easy InstallationCustom Media PlayersDesigned by SenecaSeneca digital signage engineers design custom media players based on project requirements. Exclusive and Custom Solutions Designed for Project and Industry Requirements Testing in Simulated Environments to Validate Systems and Performance World Class Engineering Lab Resources Available to all Projects, Regardless of SizeIntel, the Intel logo, Intel Core Inside are trademarks of the Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries 30 3. Simple Reliable ScalableHD2.2 Customizable Small Form FactorExclusive from Seneca, the HD2.2 is highly customizableand engineered to support different processors based ondesired performance. 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 Processor Highly Customizable Configurable I/O Supports up to 4 displays VESA and Wall mount Intel HD GraphicsHD2.8 Expansion in Small Form FactorThis media player provides a small form factor with expansioncapabilities that have been engineered to meet the demandsof a solution that can feature discrete graphic cards. 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Processor Highly Expandable Optional VESA Mount and TV Tuner Supports up to 6 Independent Displays Deliver Rich Multimedia Content with Intel vPro PlatformX4-525 Small Form Factor Media PlayerExclusive from Seneca, this small form factor media playerprovides the form, fit, and function to meet the requirementsof most digital signage deployments. Intel Atom Processor D525 Enhanced NVIDIA HD Graphics Wireless and Bluetooth Capabilities Features a Kensington Lock HoleAOpen Media PlayersSeneca has partnered with industry leader AOpen toprovide industrialized, ultra small form factor media players. Flexible Processor Options with Robust Graphics Customized Platforms Optional Wireless and TV Tuner Card Consumer and Commercial Grade Chassis Popular Models: DE7000, DE67, MP67 | 800.227.343231 4. DIGITAL SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE Senecas IP expertise and solution partnerships combine to form xVault certied NVRs, viewing stations, and mobile solutions. Optimized to deliver maximum performance, xVault digital security and surveillance platforms are custom congured and certied with leading Video Management Software (VMS) packages. Digital Security and Surveillance Testing and Certication Our Digital Security and Surveillance engineers monitor and record key metrics, using different cameras and simulators, to establish maximum throughput calculations. This allows our engineering lab to optimize xVault products and certify them against leading VMS packages to guarantee system performance. The xVault Value Certied Solutions Designed for Leading Video Management Software Purpose Built and Tuned Appliances Designed for Specic Usage Models Maximum Throughput Calculated Using a Combination of Camera Streams forSimulators to Validate Performance Appliance Specic Throughput Calculations Used to Congure Systems Based onIntended Use Custom Appliances Designed Using the Latest TechnologiesxVaxVaultMOMOBILE NVR xVAULT xNVR300 xVAULT xNVR300 4U 24 BAY RACKMOUNT 4U 24 BAY RACKMOUNTThe xVault line of mobile NVRs for the transportationxVmarkemarket provides a complete, purpose-built Features the Intel Xeon Processor Fe tures Features the Intel Xeon Processo ntel eo Processor ssosurveisurveillance solution for buses, taxis, and emergencyresponresponse vehicles. Intel Core i7 Processor In Conguration Options for Non-POE, 4 Port POE, C o or 8 Port POEFEATURING THE Designed to Withstand Extreme Environments D INTEL CORE FAMILYW While Maintaining Performance In In-House Environmental Testing IncludingPROCESSORS T Thermal, Vibration, and Shock Wireless Communication for Remote Access to W L Live and Archived Video O Optional Anti-Vibration Kit and AC/DC Power ConversionIntel, the Intel logo, Intel Core Inside are trademarks of the Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries 32 5. Optimized Certified Guaranteed xVault xNVR100 Series Small form factor NVRs designed to deliver exceptional performance for entry level, low camera count security projects. Platforms Featuring the 2nd Generation Intel Core i3-2120 Processor Integrated Graphics Processor Designed for Real Time, HD Video Decoding Up to 750GB of Max Raw Storage in USFF Platform Additional Storage up to 3TB in SFF Platform Ideal for Deployments that Require VESA or Wall Mounting Custom Configured for VMS Packages xVault xNVR200-400 Series NVRs designed for increased storage capacity and exceptional throughput for mid range to high performance security deployments. Platforms Featuring the Intel Xeon Processor Certified or Validated Solutions for Leading VMS Appliance Specific Throughput Calculations Used to Configure Systems Options of Pedestal Through 4U 24 Bay Rackmount Chassis Up to 72TB of Maximum Raw Storage xVault Modular NVR This specialty NVR was designed for surveillance solutions that require video management applications to run on multiple servers. Supports up to 6 Server Compute Modules with up to Two Intel Xeon Processors Remote Management for Multiple CPUs, Network Bandwidth, and Storage from One Server Ability to Meet Requirements for Multiple Environments in a Single Chassis Increase Capacity on Demand with Hotswappable Drives Certified Against Leading VMS for Guaranteed Performance xVault xView 100-300 Series xVault series of servers to run mid-range and high performance viewing station for security and surveillance. xView 100 Series Supports 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 Processors xView 200 series Supports the 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Processor xView 300 Series Supports Intel Xeon Processors Multiple Graphic Card Options Supporting up to 8 Video Displays Options of Desktop, Pedestal, or | 800.227.3432 33 6. DIGITAL HEALTH Point of Care Solutions Seneca partners with leading workstation on wheels (WOWs)s and medical and non-medical grade computer manufacturers,nufacturers, along with digital healthcare resellers to provide carefullyrefully crafted mobile and wall-mounted Point of Care (POC) solutions. OC) These solut