Carlos de Jesus - Amorim @wbis2014

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Carlos de Jesus, marketing director of Amorim, talked us through the importance of cork in the marketing of wine at WBIS in Munich

Transcript of Carlos de Jesus - Amorim @wbis2014


2. AMORIM KEY FIGURES 35% of world cork manufacturing;534 M revenues from 22k customers; 95% exports to more than 100 countries; 6 M annual R&D investment; 21 patents submitted in the past five years; 36 units with FSC certification; 3 350 associates. Euronext-listed stockAMORIM IS REGISTERING RECORD-BREAKING RESULTS THREE YEARS IN A ROW! 3. CORK: 800 MILLION CELLS IN A SINGLE CORK STOPPER 4. CORK IS A 100% NATURAL, RECYCLABLE AND RENEWABLE MATERIAL... Sound insulator Thermal effective Impermeable to liquids and gases Elastic and compressible Resilient Very light High temperature resistant Fire retardant Hypoallergenic Shock absorbent Soft touch Warm feeling 5. ONLY AFTER THE 3RD HARVESTING 43 YEARS DOES CORK ACHIEVE THE STANDARDS OF QUALITY REQUIRED FOR A NATURAL CORK STOPPER 6. 2.1 MILLION HECTARESArgelia 4.9%Tunisia 3.5%Morocco 5.8% France 2.6% Italy 3.1% Portugal 49.6%Spain 30.5% 7. CORK OAK FOREST IS ONE OF THE35 GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY HOTSPOTS IN EVERY 1.000 M2, On par with natural wonders, as Amazonia, Africa or Borneo Habitat for 37 species of mammals, 160 species of birds, and 24 species of reptiles and amphibians, including highly endangered speciesTHERE ARE ABOUT135 SPECIES 8. ...AND A BARRIER AGAINST DESERIFICATION Cork forests improve soils organic matter, contribute to regulate the hydrological cycle, while acting as a deterrent against social desertification Cork harvesting is the best paid agricultural work in the world, due to the expertise and care It requiresACCORDING TO WWF, OVER100,000 DEPEND DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY ON THIS ECONOMY 9. CO2 EMISSIONS (G/1000 STOPPERS)EACH CORK37172,5 14833,440000 20000 0 -20000CorkAluminiumPlastic-40000 -60000 -80000 -100000 -120000-112014,9LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS OF CORK STOPPERS VS ALTERNATIVE CLOSURES, BY PWC/ ECOBILANSTOPPER RETAINS 112 GRAMS OF CO2, IN STARK CONTRAST WITH THE CARBON EMISSIONS CAUSED BY ARTIFICIAL CLOSURES 10. OIV NEW ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS HIGHLIGHT THE BENEFITS OF CORK In the GHGAP, OIV recognizes the supremacy and positive impact of cork stoppers in the calculation of CO2 emissions According to OIV, Cork stoppers are a specific feature of the winegrowing sector, and their use has an important impact on sustainable forest conservationGREEN HOUSE GAS ACCOUNTING PROTOCOL, ORGANISATION INTERNATIONALE DE LA VIGNE ET DU VIN 11. AND WHAT DOES WINE HAVE TO DO WITH ALL THIS? 12. CORK AND WINE The stopper creates 70% of the value-added created for cork.EVERY TIME A BOTTLE OF WINE UNDER CORK IS2%OPENED, A CRUCIAL CONTRIBUTION TO6%22%Cork stoppers Building materials70%Raw material OthersMAIN EXPORTED PRODUCTS, 2011, SOURCE: INEALL THIS IS MADE. 13. GREAT, BUT IS THERE ANY MARKET RECOGNITION? CORK STOPPERS PREMIUM PERCEPTION200-YEAR OLD CHAMPAGNE, BALTIC SEA 14. MARKET RECOGNITIONCORKEVOLUTION OF CLOSURES MARKETSTOPPER: GAINING MARKET14.000SHARE SINCE201012.000 10.000 Cortia Plstico6.000SHARE SINCEScrewcap8.000PLASTIC: LOOSING MARKET 20074.000SCREWCAP: SLOWER LINE OF2.000GROWTH02004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012* 15. MARKET RECOGNITION CONSUMERS PREFER CORK94%92% of Spanish consumers prefer cork stoppers and forof the US wine consumers86% it preserves theprefer natural cork and 93% consider that this solution means quality wineproperties of the wine better90% of Italian wine lovers consider that the ritual of opening a wine bottle and smelling cork makes the wine more pleasant to drink89,3% of French wine lovers prefer the cork stopper and 89.8% state that cork stoppers preserve the full aromas 16. MARKET RECOGNITION IN THE WORLDS LARGEST WINE MARKETConsecutive studies show the unequivocal preference of consumers for cork, thus impacting directly on wine sales volume and value:US consumers are willing to spend US$1.10 more for a wine sealed with corkTop US 100 wine brands priced at 6$ or more per 750ml bottle, Nielsen TS data 17. MARKET RECOGNITION IN THE WORLDS LARGEST WINE MARKETLeadership on all price segments assessed, with particular focus on the fastest growing price pointsTop US 100 wine brands priced at 6$ or more per 750ml bottle, Nielsen TS data 18. MARKET RECOGNITION NEW WORLD WINE PRODUCERS RETURN TO NATURAL CORK STOPPERS It became clear that cork is best for our wines. Christian Canute Rusden Wines OenologistBy bottling our wine under screwcaps, we were lowering the wines quality. Adam Mason, Klein Constantias Oenologist Cork is the only closure which enables me to market my wine as premium product in this market (China). Ryan Kinghorn, CEO of HaselgroveYou will notice one significant change; after considerable thought we have returned to using cork closures for Special Selection wines. Tony Bish, Oenologist at Sacred Hill 19. MARKET RECOGNITION OPINION LEADERS Cork quality is on the rise. James Laube Wine critic, Wine SpectatorThe quality of cork has clearly improved and positive developments have been registered in the cork industry. Robert Parker Wine critic at Wine AdvocateNatural cork remains the highest rated closure among US wineries in terms of overall perceptions. Wine Business Monthly 2009 Closure ReportPerhaps the best news is that we had pratically no bottles contaminated by TCA, which means that the cork industry took the TCA problem seriously. Jancis Robinson 20. WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE? 21. AMORIM WILL CONTINUE FOCUSED IN REASSERTING NATURAL CORK AS THE BEST WINE CLOSUREAND REGAINING MARKET SHARE FROM ALTERNATIVE CORKS BY LEVERAGING THE CLEAR CONSUMER PREFERENCE FOR NATURALCORK AND THE EXCELLENT TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE CORK OFFERS 22. THANK YOU! WWW.AMORIMCORK.COM