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Transcript of Bodies by amorim

Meet The Team


Bodies By Amorim is a professional gym that focuses on personal training and competition preparation.

Personal trainers who are passionate about helping others reach their fitness goalsWho They AreWho They HelpClients who want personal training to improve their fitness and healthWhat They WantTo become a larger and stronger presence in the community by connecting and engaging with audiences through social media

StrengthsSWOT analysis of Content

Relevant Content

Consistent Hash-Tags

Timed Posts

Tied content theme with current events

Travis supported usWeaknessesLengthy Posts

Embedding Video

Watermarked Video

Tagging relevant figures or Icons

Content theme posted multiple times a dayTrended on current events

Hash-tagged relevancies

Photos from clients and famous MMA fighter

Able to film clients and trainers

Use of unoriginal content can lead to copyright issues

Clients refused to be featured photos and videos

Personal content should be separated from business content


The Plan of Action

The relevancy of Themes

- Our client is @BodiesbyAmorim. Its a #gym with great, passionate #personaltrainers. So we wanted to choose themes that pertain to of course #fitness and #healthyliving. Healthy living as well because it is a huge plus in what the customers strive for better fitness goals-

- The themes that we choose all somehow share that same interest of being fit or healthy. #musclemonday #tastytuesday #workoutwednesday 3thirstythursday #flexfriday #sweatysaturday #spiritualsunday

- We also took in consideration themes that would make it easy for us to create content.

- We wanted it to be trendy, catchy and easy so the first letter of the theme is the same as the first later of the day.

- & of course something our client likes.

Content That needs improvement


Embed video vs. link

Too much text

Location unnecessary

Theme hashtag not visible

Content That needs improvement


Photo irrelevant to text

Hash-tag theme does not apply

Overlapping themes

Not Visually Appealing

No Message

No Call to Action

Not professional

Not correct dimensions

Best Performing content


Relevant content

Great Workout Video


Video had high engagement

Best Performing content


Short and catchy

Relevant to theme

Embedded photo

Correct Format

Esthetically appealing to the eye

Our Results