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  • 1. CANNESLIONSWORLDWIDE PERFORMERSROwork hard, be nice and amazing things will happent oshoo phot am l sionayour te rofeswith papplication form based on testimonials from successful alumni9 winning yearsGOLD in YL DESIGNover 100 REPORTS of thefice f@ sour o yEXQUISITE CLASSROOMmeeting roomsbefore...HAVE A TASTEseminars from YOUNG DELEGATES in social mediaCANNES SEMESTERENTRIES ARE NOW OPENy red b d e empowr bran youduring...Cannes for mavericks: The Alternative School for Creative Thinking

2. CANNESLIONSROoted prom and r br AS SUPPORTER youPROMOTIONAL EVENTS events... FOR THEINDUSTRYOpening MindsSHOWCASING ROMANIAS ENTRIESbefore... HAVE A TASTE& after Cannes Lions 3. 1. IN CLASS recruitment opportuniti esedia al m ge oci era s v coFREE TFOR YOUITIONUR EMnity: u d pportbran t yo esen pr ker o r spea uSTEP BY STEPking on r dents wo stu briefyourPLOYEES 4. 2. SELECTION the t in cess emenn pro volvctio in le seprofess with y ional pho our spo toshoo + medi nsored t t a cove eam rageSTEP BY STEPMEALCHEMY.COM experience 5. 3. IN CANNES tes a pda edi ly ual m our oci h s on empowered byed t andirts shbryour brandred c photo arpet shoot networkingSTEP BY STEPprofessional visual content,sharedTIONS TIVABD AC RAN 6. 4. BACK HOME d,hout the year branyouvrents throug e inSIVE inings XCLU ra E s& t partner vents your vip e ou & for y STEP BY STEP 7. CANNESLIONSROPUBLIC SPEAKINGrelated to CANNESLIONS case studies & associated trendsROMANIA to the WORLDfromYOUR CASE STUDIES PRESENTED WORLDWIDEparis. barcelona. caiscais.TEAMBUILDING, LEARNING & EVENTS FOR YOUR PARTNERS in Romania or abroad+ case studies + workshops on briefs + feedback + Cannes style award ceremonytrainings customised for your industrytrend awareness... HAVE A TASTEtalent & trainingresearch + brainstorming coordination on specific briefs& evolution 8. TRAININGS & PUBLIC SPEAKING topics & relevant case studies: - BRAND COHERENCE / BRAND DISRUPTION / BRAND MANAGEMENT - CREATIVE EFFECTIVENESS - CONTEMPORARY CSR - CUSTOMER CENTRICITY - CREATIVE PR AND FUSION COMMUNICATION - CHROMATIC TRENDS IN PRINT AND ON LINE - CREATIVE THINKING PATTERNS IN MOBILE COMMUNICATION - CREATIVE TIMING IN COMMUNICATION - EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE STEP BY STEP- FUSION COMMUNICATION - FUNCTIONALITY IN DESIGN - INNOVATION (PRODUCT INNOVATION, COMMUNICATION THROUGH THE PRODUCT) - LOW BUDGET & INTELLIGENT APPROACH - MARKETING - PERSONAL BRANDING - SURPRISING MEDIA - STRATEGY - VISUAL THINKING & VISUAL TRENDS IN SOCIAL MEDIA - VALUE FOR MONEY IDEAS THAT PAY OFF GREATLYindustries: Automotive Products & Services Business Products & Services Banking Cosmetics, Beauty & Toiletries Clothing, Footwear & Accessories Commercial Public Services Charities Corporate communication Call Center CRM DESIGN Foods & Drink Fast moving consumer goods Financial Services Health communications Other Consumer Products (Incl. Durable Goods) Travel, Entertainment & Leisure Retail and E-Commerce, Incl. Restaurants Product innovation Publications & Media Public health & safety Public Awareness Messages 9. 3500E 1 person / Academyx x x5000E 7000E 10000E2 people @ YL DESIGN / YL CYBER / YL PRx x x x x x x2 people @ YL DESIGN / YL CYBER / YL PRx x x x x x x4 people @ YL DESIGN / YL CYBER / YL PRSPONSORSHIP PACKAGESx x x x x x x* * * * * * *free participation for 2 of your employees & discounts for 2 others 10 - 14 teams of students working on your brief > you get the results speaker opportunity > come & present your brand social media coverage of your speech people visiting your company & reviews on social media / blogs exposure in press releases IN recruitment opportunities CLASSx x x xx x xx x x* involvement in the selection process SELECTION * professional photoshoot with your sponsored students * experience for 2 people from your companyx x x x xx x x x xx x x x x* * * * *2 daysxx x x4 daysmonthlyx x* private VIP event (training) for your team & clients / partners with hot new trends from Cannes * 2 days teambuilding and learning French Riviera stylex xx xx x* our website ( branded with your logo & messages * you are promoted as a sponsor at any auxiliary events EXTRAxxxWHATS IN IT FOR MEhourly updates from cannes on social media > sponsored content branded t-shirts red carpet photoshoot professional visual content shared in press & social media IN brand activation (distribution of promotional materials) CANNESBACK HOME1. 2.3. 4. 10. WHY SPONSOR US we start the program & we need your support - CANNES LIONS PROGRAMS IN ROMANIA ARE A STAR FACTORY - OVER 200 OF OUR ALTERNATIVE ALUMNI WERE TRAINED AT CANNES LIONS, EUROBEST, DUBAI LYNX OR SPIKES; THE BEST OF THEM NOW WORK FOR NOTORIOUS ORGANIZATIONS WORLDWIDE (WITHIN OR IN CONNECTED INDUSTRIES) - OUR ALUMNI WIN BIG ON THE WORLDS STAGE (MOST RECENT: GRAND PRIX AT EUROBEST IN PR) - OUR PROGRAMS FOR JUNIORS AND SENIORS HELP THE MARKET EVOLVE IN A SPECTACULAR MANNER - WE ARE THE EPICENTER OF VISIONARY LEARNING PROGRAMS WITHIN THE INDUSTRY - WE PUT PEOPLE IN CONTACT WITH THEIR BETTER SELF - WE CONNECT PEOPLE WITHIN THE INDUSTRY TO THE FUTURE OF OUR PROFESSION - WE HAVE A HISTORY OF PARAMOUNT PERFORMANCES IN VARIOUS CATEGORIES - WE ARE THE PIONEERS OF A FORWARD THINKING, EDUCATED, VISIONARY INDUSTRYSTEP BY STEPBE PART OF OUR SUCCESS STORY