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Transcript of Buying behaviour[1]

  • 1. Consumer Buying Behavior
  • 2. What Influences Consumer Behavior? Cultural Factors Social Factors Personal Factors
  • 3. Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior Cultural Culture Subculture Social Class Social Reference Groups Family Roles & Status Personal Age & Life-Cycle Stage Occupation Economic Situation Lifestyle Personality & Self-Concept
  • 4.
    • Culture is the fundamental determinant of a persons wants and behaviors acquired through socialization processes with family and other key institutions.
  • 5.
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  • 6. Characteristics of Social Classes
    • Within a class, people tend to behave alike
    • Social class conveys perceptions of inferior or superior position
    • Class may be indicated by a cluster of variables (occupation, income, wealth)
  • 7. Social Factors Reference groups Social roles Statuses Family
  • 8.
  • 9. Personal Factors Age Values Life cycle stage Occupation Personality Self- concept Wealth Lifestyle
  • 10. Brand Personality Sincerity Excitement Competence Sophistication Ruggedness
  • 11. Lifestyle Influences Multi-tasking Time-starved Money-constrained
  • 12. Model of Consumer Behavior
  • 13. Key Psychological Processes Motivation Memory Learning Perception
  • 14. Motivation Freuds Theory Behavior is guided by subconscious motivations Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Behavior is driven by the lowest, unmet need Herzbergs Two-Factor Theory Behavior is guided by motivating and hygiene factors
  • 15. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs
  • 16. Herzbergs Two-Factor Theory
  • 17. Perception Selective Attention Selective Retention Selective Distortion
  • 18. Consumer Buying Process Problem Recognition Information Search Evaluation Purchase Decision Postpurchase Behavior
  • 19. Successive Sets Involved in Consumer Decision Making