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  • 8/2/2019 Buletin Mutiara Mix #2Mac



    Competency Accountability Transparenc


    March 2012: Issue 2/03 Edisi Bahasa Inggeris, Tamil dan Ci

    As a people-centric government, PR

    Penang has consistently held on toour fundamental principle of NOTallowing any land that has been allocatedor marked for schools, places of religiousworship, mosques, suraus, churches,

    Chinese, Hindu or Buddhist temples todisappear.

    Penangites have been misled with liespublished by certain newspapers and TVchannels which have caused much confu-

    sion. Concerned Penangites have writ-ten, called and asked about some of thecurrent issues they read in the newspa-pers. Some of the previous issues werethe purportedly spat with CAP (Con-

    sumer Association of Penang) with Pen-ang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. The

    other issue was about the so-calleddanger posed by Bosch factory in BatuKawan. (Statement by InvestPenang on

    Page 7)The most recent lie is regarding the

    land in Bayan Mutiara. CM Lim has is-sued a press statement which gives strongwarning to the parties who spin these lies

    or conveniently ignore facts and publishonly lies.

    Press Statement By Penang Chief

    Minister Lim Guan Eng At Komtar,

    George Town On 4.4.2012.

    The Penang PR State Government shall

    expose UMNO Penang as a racist partythat clearly does not want non-Muslim

    votes in the next General Elections, for itis only questioning why mosque land hasdisappeared but does not bothered non-Muslim land in the Bayan Mutiara project.UMNO Penang has stoked a re of reli-

    gious hatred against me as a non-Muslimleader by spreading dangerous lies that Ihave sold or caused mosque and schoolland to disappear when 102.6 acres ofBayan Mutiara land was sold by opencompetitive tender to Ivory Property

    Group Bhd (Ivory).

    When the 102.6 acres of Bayan Muti-ara land was sold by open tender, therewas no sub-division of title but the entirepiece of land was to be sold. BN had notmade any sub-division of title on the land

    when they were in power. Ivory will onlydo sub-division of title after submittingnew plans to MPPP and the Land Ofce

    for approval. The new plans and sub-division of title have not even been

    submitted by Ivory to the relevant au-thorities, how can UMNO claim that the

    mosque or school land had been sold ordisappeared?

    UMNO should be ashamed if its mem-bers are indeed ignorant of Local Council

    requirements that any development pro-ject requires land to be allocated for pub-lic purpose such as mosques, roads, parks,low medium cost housing, schools andnon-Muslim places of religious worship.

    These requirements are standard for allLocal Councils throughout Malaysia. Us-ing UMNOs perverse logic that mosque

    land had disappeared just because thewas sold to Ivory and Ivory has not submitted plans to MPPP. If mosquehad disappeared then land for non-Mu

    places of religious worship would have disappeared.

    Why then is UMNO not highlighthat non-Muslim land for religious ship had disappeared. Is it because

    Muslims are of no value to UMNO

    Reverend Brother Anthony Rogers of the De La Salle Brothers Malaysia with CM Lim at the 160th Anniversary of the

    rival of the De La Salle Brothers and Establishment of St. Xaviers Institution Penang.

    Pakatan Rakyat Penangprotects


  • 8/2/2019 Buletin Mutiara Mix #2Mac


    16 - 31 March 20122

    CHIEF Minister Lim Guan Eng who attended (BIM)Balai Ikthisas Malaysia (Malaysian Professional Fo-rum) remarked to a group of professionals that Pen-

    angs strong internal control system has preventedcorruption. He was glad to hear from MACC that al-though 57 people were arrested in Penang in 2011 forcorruption, only one person was from the State Gov-ernment while 37 other people were from the Federal

    Government agencies.He also attributed Penangs dynamic growth to the

    fact that only professionals with technical or sciencebackgrounds were engaged by the State Government.Since Pakatan Rakyat took over Penang State admin-

    istration, there has been budget surpluses. Expenditure

    was controlled,however these re-duced costs hadnot caused ser-

    vices to suffer.This depar-

    ture from pastpractice was theresult of Penang

    Municipal Coun-cil (MPPP) beingheaded rst by Sr

    Tan Cheng Chui,a registered valu-er before he re-

    tired. MPPP isnow headed by

    Ar Hajjah Patahi-yah Ismail and Ir

    Ang Aing Thye is the secretary. Meanwhile, SeberangPerai Council (MPSP) is led by Maimunah Shariff, atown planner while surveyor Rozali Mohamud is thesecretary, CM Lim told the members of BIM who

    attended the forum on March 28, 2012.Getting the right person for the right job is impor-

    tant. So is rules-based system, clean administration

    with intergrity and good governance that ensures ef-fective delivery. At the same time, a strong internal

    control system will ensure a clean Government becpeople will not dare try any hanky-panky businCM Lim continued.

    BIMs President Sr John Loh said BIM was for

    in 1973 and has 23 institutions as members repreing 4 types of surveyors of property and real esall categories of doctors, architects, lawyers and e

    neers. The BIM forum was held for the rst timPenang.

    Strong internal control

    prevents corruption

    MPSP Chief Maimunah Shariff.MPPP Chief Patahiyah Ismail .

    Tan Cheng Chui, former MPPPChief.

    LYDIA Ong Kok Fooi and YB Chong Eng, two wom-

    en leaders in Penang had been relentless in pushingfor the establishment of a state institution specically

    on womens development and empowerment. PenangWomens Development Corporation (PWDC) which isa state-run body is the fruit of their labour.

    The State Government established PWDC to further

    advance the position of women and men in Penang,with the aim to mainstream gender into the policies andprogrammes of the public and private sector and towork towards gender and social justice. PWDC will

    function to advice the State Government in formulatingpolicies to realise gender and social equality, as wellas to undertake advocacy to promote substantive equal-ity and good governance. It will monitor laws andpolicies, which are gender discriminatory. It will also

    conduct programmes to empower women in the varioussectors in society as well as commit itself to raising theconsciousness of women and men in Penang on genderequality/justice, human rights and good governance.

    At a press conference at Komtar on 7th March, 2012Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng announced thatRM1,500,000 has been allocated for PWDCs pro-grammes and operation in 2012. This shows the StateGovernments serious pledge to the development and

    empowerment of women in Penang, and this amountis on top of the RM800,000 allocation channelled

    through the State Committee for Women, Family andCommunity Development (Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Wanita, Keluarga dan Pembagunan Komunit i), CM

    Lim said.CM Lim added, Dr. Cecilia Ng, an eminent expert

    on gender, works hard hand in hand with both Lydiaand Chong Eng in developing the concept and frame-work for the proposed institution. Women leaders and

    committed men who sit on PWDCs Board of Direc-tors played instrumental role in convincing me that itis timely for Penang to establish this state body. I hopeyou will continue to walk with the State Governmenton this journey.

    Empowering Penangs women

    Dr. Cecelia Ng, PWDCs Director andAdviso r

  • 8/2/2019 Buletin Mutiara Mix #2Mac


  • 8/2/2019 Buletin Mutiara Mix #2Mac


    416 - 31 March 2012

    Some Malay contractors from the Malay ContractorsAssociation, Malaysia (PKMM) have voiced theirtheir support for the Penang Pakatan Rakyat StateGovernment for the proposed undersea tunnel project

    and three other infrastructure projects.Dato Izham Bin Dato Omar Merican, the Vice-

    President of PKMM was in Komtar with severalmembers of PKMM on 15 March 2012. We wel-come the four infrastructure projects which are in-

    tended to reduce traffic congestion in Penang. Theseprojects will also spearhead economic developmentof Penang, especially in SPU (North Seberang Per-ai), Dato Izham said.

    The four infrasture projects are :

    1. Undersea tunnel measuring 6.5 KM from

    Gurney Drive to Bagan Ajam.2. 15 KM road connecting Tanjung Bungah withTelok Bahang.

    3. 5 KM bypass from Gurney Drive to Lebuhraya

    Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu.4. 5 KM bypass from Bandar Baru Air Itam to

    Lebuhraya Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu.Dato Izham added, This undersea tunnel will

    ensure that Malays in SPU get to enjoy the develop-

    ment like the rest of Penang. Moreover, we do not

    feel that this undersea tunnel will cause any adverse

    effect to the residents living in the surrounding ar-

    eas. In fact, we feel it will bring development


    Malay contractors

    support tunnel project

    Dato Izham Bin Dato Omar Merican, the Vice-President of PKMM (with tie) together with members ofPKMM at Komtar meeting the Chief Minister.

    HE owner o the illegal treetop stall Doremi, Johar BinIsmail 36 years old issued an apology or dragging thePenang Pakatan State Government into an inamousdemolition fasco. Te structure was illegal and the saleo ood and drinks made the residents in the neighbour-hood to complain.

    On 22nd March, 2012 Johar apologised. He said, Iregret my action had caused much negative publicity

    which was then taken advantage o by individuals and

    certain organisations. oday, I am thankulto the Chie Minister and Deputy ChieMinister I or their contribution o RM20,000. I alsothank Exco Member Abdul Malik Kassim