Building Bridges Across The Generational Divide


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Building Bridges Across The Generational Divide: Our increasingly diverse society is reflected in our growing workforce. For the first time in our lifetime we have the potential of working with four different generations in the same workplace. Each generation communicates, interacts with others and is motivated by a different set of values. As this dramatic shift continues, organizations large and small must continue to strive to help all employees embrace and capitalize on their differences. In this presentation led by Brian Smith - a leading authority on soft-skills training and leadership development - you will explore ideas and innovations to help address those differences, and create healthy and productive interactions in the workplace. This presentation provides valuable insights into how to build collaborative teams, reduce conflict, problem solve, communicate and listen more effectively and deal with difficult people and challenging situations better.

Transcript of Building Bridges Across The Generational Divide

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Brian Smith 1How to Develop a Collaborative and Cohesive Multi-Generational Team Building Bridges Across The Generational Divide

The events and conditions each of us experience during our formative years help define who we are and how we view the World and our place in it Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com2Sit Down if You Remember Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com3

Sit Down if You Remember How to save a file on a floppy discHaving an 8 track player How to send a hard copy fax When Napster was cutting edge Walkmans How to record on a VHS tape

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com4Sit Down if You Remember Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com5

Generational Gap

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com6Why Bother?Better understand the Generational impact in the workplace

Communicate and interact more effectively across all Generations

Promote teamwork and build collaborative teams Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com7Different Strokes Baby Boomers - 1946 to 1966 (Age 2011 from 45 - 65)

Generation X 1966 to 1976 (Age in 2011 from 35 to 45) Generation Y 1977 to 1994 (Age in 2011 from 17 to 35) Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com8Boomers Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com9

Boomers The Baby Boom Generation

Leadership Style: Consensual / Collegial

Interaction: Team Player / Love Meetings

Communication: In person

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com10Also Take Note Love titles recognition Money is power Buy now pay later Education is a birth right Traditional family model breaks downNeed to know they are valued Known as the Me Generation Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com11

Boomer Values Optimism

Team Orientation

Personal Gratification


Personal Growth Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com12

Generation X

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com13

Generation XThe Forgotten Generation

Leadership: Everyone equal / challenge status quoInteraction: Entrepreneurial

Communication: Direct / immediate

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com14Also Take NoteFreedom best reward Latch Key Kid GenerationMoney cautious save save save Education is a way to get thereSorry to interrupt But how am I doing?Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com15

Generation X Values Diversity Techno literacy Fun and informality Self-reliant Autonomy Pragmatism Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com16

Generation Y

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com17

Generation YThe Millennial's / Nexters

Leadership Style: To be determined Interaction: Participative Communication: Facebook, Twitter, smart phone Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com18Also Take NoteMeaningful work Instant gratification Work with other bright creative people Work where they want to work Earn to spend Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com19

Generation Y Values Optimistic Civic Duty Confident Achievement Oriented Respect for diversity Socialpreneurs

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com20

Generation Z

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com21

Generation ZThe Connected Generation

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com22

Gen Z Generation NextThe Googleized Generation Multi-tasking is a way of life Wants instant gratification Good at processing information First generation to grow up totally digital Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com23

Are You Ready?

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com24The Biggest Workforce Shift in 100 Years Team Building Worth Remembering

You dont have to socialize with them you just need to learn how to work with them

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com25Build RelationshipsRapport:


Respect Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com26

Managing MillennialsProvide structure Provide leadership & guidance Listen more than you talk Embrace their can-do attitude Challenge them to learn more do more and be more Provide life-work balance Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com27

Influence of Social Media Individual action and social media will be drivers of social changeBrian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com28

ttp:// Majority? Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com29

Cisco Results Online communication overtaking face-to-face as primary method of interpersonal communication Expectation of the next workforce is increasingly emphasizing work flexibility, mobility & non-traditional work styles Attitudes towards information access , mobile devices and SM will influence the future of work from lifestyles to corporate cultures. Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com30

Social Goes Global Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com3150% of the Worlds population is under 3096% of Millennials have joined a social network like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic Gen Y and Z consider email pass Its Not a Fad Fasting growing segment using FB is females 55 to 65 years old Youtube is second largest search engine There are now over 200,000,000 Blogs Schools stopped issuing email accounts issue i-pads, laptops & e-readers instead Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com32

Fundamental Shift Wikipedia has over 15 million articles 78% are not in English Kindle e-books out sold paper back Traditional newspapers are a dying breed60 million status updates daily on FBBrian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com33Changing Your World

Brian Smith - PLD briansmithpld@gmail.com34

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