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Playground build for Easter Seals of Southeastern Pennsylvania Bucks County Division. This build was made possible through the support of KaBOOM!, Century 21 Alliance and hundreds of volunteers and donors

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  • 1. Easter Seals BucksCounty Playground Build#playinoneday

2. On August 20th, this was theplayground for the Easter Seals ofSEPA Bucks County DivisionDonate here 3. This is Will and Paige, theyare two of the children whouse the playgroundDonate here 4. The playground simply couldnt meet the needs of thechildren we serve.On August 23rd, in partnership KaBOOM! and Century 21Alliance, we welcomed 200 volunteers who had come tomake a dream playground a reality.We dubbed them Dream MakersDonate here 5. Despite the rain, team captainsled with enthusiasm!Donate here 6. Volunteers stretched, cheered andmarched their way into action!Donate here 7. There was much to be doneDonate here 8. There was 160 cubic yards ofmulch to be movedDonate here 9. Structures to be builtDonate here 10. So everyone got to workDonate here 11. The rain posed somechallengesDonate here 12. But smiles were easy tofindDonate here 13. Even on the crew moving ALLthe mulchDonate here 14. Soon things were taking shapeDonate here 15. Which made us smile moreDonate here 16. Donate here 17. Donate here 18. Donate here 19. Still smilingDonate here 20. Donate here 21. It was hard work!Donate here 22. And seriously, a lot ofmulchDonate here 23. It was a dream teamDonate here 24. Playgrounds help smilescome easilyDonate here 25. Donate here 26. Donate here 27. Team work made thisplayground possibleDonate here 28. Donate here 29. Donate here 30. Every detail wasconsideredDonate here 31. Donate here 32. Including having enoughmulchDonate here 33. Donate here 34. Donate here 35. Donate here 36. Did we mention the mulch?Donate here 37. Donate here 38. And then everyonecheered!Donate here 39. Because we had built this!Donate here 40. (and also because themulch was done)Donate here 41. Thanks to KaBOOM!,Century 21 Alliance and the200 volunteers that built thedream playground!Donate here 42. There are still a few details tobe wrapped up, includingmeeting our fundraising goal.You can be a part of thisplayground build by supportingus at: Indiegogo