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  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County


    League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania and Bucks County

    Citizen Education Fund

    NONPARTISAN VOTERS GUIDE2015 Municipal Election November 3, 2015

    (C) Copyright 2015 LWVPA  –  CEF

    Polls open 7 A.M. to 8 P.M.This Voters Guide may be taken into the voting booth.


    Contact your county Board of Elections. The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania CitizenInformation Center also provides election information. CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-692-7281

    ABOUT THIS GUIDEThe material in this Guide was compiled by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania-CitizenEducation Fund. This material may not be altered or reprinted without the permission of theLeague. Each candidate's reply has been printed as submitted, except to use standard abbreviations and by editing from the bottom when a candidate's reply exceeded the word limit. The candidates listed arethose whose names appear on the ballot as of September 14, 2015. They are listed according to their ballot order. Additional information about judicial candidates and voter information including “PollingPlace Lookup”  can be found by going to www.vote411.org and typing in your address and zip code.Also at www.lwvbucks.org


    The purpose of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania-Citizen Education Fund is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government. The Leagueis nonpartisan: it neither supports nor opposes any political parties or candidates. Nothing in this guideshould be construed as an endorsement of any candidate by the League of Women Voters ofPennsylvania-Citizen Education Fund.


    Registered voters who are ill, disabled, or will be absent from the municipality on Election Day mayvote by absentee ballot. Completed applications for civilian absentee ballots must be received by thecounty Board of Elections by 5 P.M., Tuesday, October 27, 2015. Completed civilian absentee ballotsmust be received back at the Board of Elections by 5 P.M. on Friday, October 30, 2015. If an emergencyarises (unexpected illness or business trip) after the Tuesday application deadline, call your countyBoard of Elections for information on emergency absentee voting. Proof of emergency may be required.An emergency application and ballot can be obtained and voted by 5 P.M. on Friday, October 30,2015. Any disabled voter having questions regarding the accessibility of a polling place should consultthe county Board of Elections.

    WRITE-IN VOTINGInformation for write-in voting will be available at the polling place.


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County


    ELECTION DAY PROBLEMSIf your right to vote is challenged at the polls on Election Day and the problem cannot be resolved at the polling place, the judge of elections at the polling place should telephone the county Board of Elections.The problem could be resolved by phone if your name appears on the county records. If it does not andyou want to try to resolve the problem, then you can go in person to the county Board of Electionswhere a judge from the Court of Common Pleas will be on duty to resolve election problems.Alternatively, you can ask for and vote by provisional ballot. If it is later determined that you wereeligible to vote, your ballot will be counted. You will be given instructions on how to determine if yourvote was counted.

    IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR NEW VOTERS If you are a new voter or if you are voting at a polling place for the first time then you must bring yourvoter ID card or a photo ID such as a driver's license, student ID or some other form of Federal or Stategovernment issued ID. Some forms of non-photo ID are also acceptable such as a firearm permit,current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government check. If you do not have any acceptableID then you must be allowed to vote by provisional ballot.


    The Voters Guide and other useful information for voters can be found on the League of Women Votersof Pennsylvania homepage: www.palwv.org.  It is also posted on the League of Women Voters of BucksCounty website, www.lwvbucks.org (go to the Voters Guide Page)

    Judicial elections occur in odd-numbered years. Justices and judges may serve an unlimited number of termsuntil they reach the mandatory retirement age of 70. At the end of a term, a Judge can be retained (or not) by thevoters. Vacancies that exist before an election may be filed by gubernatorial appointment until an election is held.These selections are subject to Senate confirmation.

    10-Year TermAppellate Court juristsCourts of Common Pleas judges

    6-Year TermMagisterial District judgesPhiladelphia Municipal Court judges



    What is the most pressing reform needed in the Judicial System? How will you work to achieve

    these reforms?


    What are your top three priorities if elected?


     As of the publication date of this guide, the slate of candidates listed below is accurate based upon the

     Pennsylvania Department of State’  s Bureau of Elections unofficial ballot.


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County



    JUDGE OF THE SUPREME COURTJOB DESCRIPTIONThe Supreme Court is the highest court in the Commonwealth and the oldest appellate court in the nation. TheSupreme Court’s administrative powers and jurisdictional responsibilities are vested with the seven-member court by the Pennsylvania State Constitution and a collection of statutes known as the Judicial Code. Administratively,the courts within the Unified Judicial System are largely responsible for organizing their own staff and dockets;however, the Supreme Court has several committees and boards responsible for writing and enforcing rules for judges, attorneys, and litigants to ensure an efficient and fair judicial review. Annually, the seven justices receiveover 3,000 requests for appellate review.

    Term: 10 years — Salary $203,409 — Vote for not more than 3


    David Wecht — Pittsburgh, PA Indiana TownshipWeb Address: http://www.wecht2015.com 

    D.O.B.: 5/20/1962.Education: 1984, Yale University, B.A., summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa;1987 Yale Law School, J.D.Occupation: Judge, Pennsylvania Superior Court (elected January 2011)Qualifications: Judge, Allegheny Common Pleas (2003-2011) Family DivisionAdministrator; Allegheny Register of Wills (1998-2003); Vice Chair,Pennsylvania Democratic Party (1998-2001); “Highly Recommended,”


    Pennsylvania Bar AssociationAnswers to Questions: Question 1 I am the only candidate for the Supreme Court of

    PA who has proposed a comprehensive ethics and transparency, recommending: 1) an endto all judicial gifts –  It is high time that all such gifts (from trinkets to golf outings) be banned to promote confidence in our judiciary. 2) An end to judicial nepotism –   Not withstanding recent actions by our Supreme Court, my proposal would endnepotism in this generation, not future ones. 3) Requiring judges to respond to all recusal requests. Judges should act with anabundance of caution. To that end, I recommend that all PA judges be required to state their reasons on the record forgranting or denying such requests. 4) Place cameras in all PA Courtrooms: such monitoring would permit citizens to see what judges are doing in their name and on their dime. 5) Mandatory ethics training for judicial candidates: There is a need toinstruct prospective judges in the ethical requirements that they must uphold. Question 2  If elected to the PA SupremeCourt, my top priorities are 1) Working diligently and daily to safeguard the rights of Pennsylvanians guaranteed by theConstitution. I am dedicated to ensuring that the privileges and protection of our society are made equally available to all ofour Commonwealth citizens.

    Christine Donohue, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co.Web Address: http://donohueforjustice.com 

    D.O.B.: 12.24.1952Education: 1974, East Stroudsburg University, B.A.; 1980, Duquesne UniversitySchool of Law, J.D.Occupation: Superior Court JudgeQualifications: 27 years practicing law; Superior Court Judge, 2008-present;Highly recommended, Pennsylvania Bar Association. Served Pennsylvania Court

    of Judicial Discipline, Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania, LawyerDisciplinary Board of Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Pennsylvania Board of Law

    Examiners.Answers to Questions: Question 1 Improve the quality of representation for indigent

    defendants in the criminal justice system. There are too few public defenders and conflict counsel to meet the needs ofindigent citizens accused of crimes. Too often a defendant first meets his attorney right before trial or hearing, which is thesame time the attorney first sees the defendant’s case files. Justice cannot be served under these circumstances. Courtadministrators should be required to transmit the case file to appointed counsel in a timely way and note this on the docket. Inthose cases where the file has not been transmitted in time for a meaningful consultation with the client, continuance of the proceedings should be granted as a matter of right. Public defenders and conflict counsel should be required to take at leastsix credits of continuing legal education credits in courses designed by the Supreme Court for the defense bar.


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County



    Question 2 A. Restore integrity and dignity to the Supreme Court. B. Write opinions that are clear and concise in theiranalysis and holdings so that lawyers, judges and the public can readily understand the impact of the decision and the rules tofollow in future cases. C.. With the goal of depoliticizing the internal workings of the Court, collaborate with other Justicesand develop and publish operating procedures on the administrative functions of the Supreme Court. For example, developand publish guidelines for the Supreme Court appointments of administrative judges in Allegheny and Philadelphia counties.Currently there are no such published guidelines.

    Kevin M. Dougherty, Newtown, Philadelphia, PA

    Web Address: http://www.doughertyforpa.com D.O.B.: 5/19/1963Education: 1985, Temple University, B.A.;1987, Antioch School of Law, J.D.Occupation: Administrative Judge of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas TrialDiv.

    Qualifications: Assistant District Attorney, Philadelphia (6 years); Partner, Marino& Dougherty LLP (6 years); Judge, Philadelphia Court of Common Please (13years)

    Reply to Questions not received.

    RepublicanAnne Covey, New Hope, PA — Upper MakefieldWeb Address: http://www.coveyforjustice.com 

    D.O.B. 11/04/1959Education: 1984, Widener University School of Law, J.D.; 1981, University ofDelaware, B.A.Occupation: Judge of the Commonwealth CourtQualifications: Judge of the Commonwealth Court, 3 years; Board Member,Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (first woman to serve on the board), 9 years;Attorney in private practice, 27 years.Answers to Questions:  Question 1 I see the greatest challenge as restoring public

    confidence in the Law and our Courts, and ensuring equal access to the Courts. I believe theentire legal profession, judges and lawyers, needs to rededicate itself to acting with integrity,

    ethics and professionalism. I believe lawyers and judges need to more faithfully follow the laws we have and forcefully punish those who violate the law. When judges and lawyers see they are not above the law, they will take care to actethically. I believe we need to review access to our Courts and ensure equal access for all individuals. Question 2. A. Protectour fundamental Constitutional rights guaranteed to all Americans. B. Work to restore integrity and a high standard of ethicsin our entire legal system. C. Promote access to and transparency in the Courts.

    Michael George, Gettysburg, PA — Cumberland Township

    Web Address: http://www.judgemikegeorge.com D.O.B.: 2/25/1959Education: 1981, Washington & Jefferson, B.A.; 1985, Dickinson School of Law,J.D.Occupation: President Judge, 51st Judicial District Court of Common Pleas (Adams

    Co.)Qualifications: 10 years general practice; 6 years District Attorney; 15+ years as trial judge; Recognized by the PA Conference of State Trial Judges for significantcontribution to the legal system.

    Reply to Questions not received. 

    Judith Olson, Wexford, PA — Franklin Park  Web Address: http://electjudgejudy.com D.O.B.: 10/1957


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County



    Education: 1979, St. Francis University, B.A. Magna Cum Laude; 1982, Duquesne University School of Law,J.D. (Class Rank-2/91)Occupation: Judge, Superior Court of PennsylvaniaQualifications: Judge of Superior Court, 5 years; Judge of Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, 1 year;Practicing Attorney, 26 years; Highly Recommended by Pennsylvania Bar Association .Answer to Questions: Question 1 The most important task for our judicial system is to restore faith in the judiciary. Our judiciary has been rocked by scandal in the past few years, and members of the bench must make sure that our Courts areopen, transparent and above reproach. Judges must always act with respect – respect for the rule of law, the lawyers who

    appear before them and other members of the judiciary. As a sitting judge, I am personally accountable for my own behaviorand I strive to serve with honesty and integrity. I also believe that common sense reforms must be enacted including a ban ongifts, strong anti-nepotism policies openness as to how the judicial discipline system functions and transparency as to themanner in which people are appointed to Supreme Court committees. As a justice on the Supreme Court, I will work to enactsuch reforms and do all that I can to bring our judiciary back to high esteem. Question 2  If elected my top three prioritieswill be 1) to serve with honesty to decide each case solely on the law and facts and to interpret the law and not legislate fromthe bench. 2) to promote transparency in our Court and enact reforms that will restore our citizens faith in the Courts and 3)to implement procedures that our citizens have equal access to justice.

    IndependentPaul P. Panepinto — Philadelphia, PAWeb Address: http://www.judgepanepinto.com/ 

    D.O.B.: 6/25/1949.Education: 1971, Villanova University, B.A.; 1979 Villanova University, M.A.inPolitical Science; 1976, Widener University Law School of DelawareOccupation: Judge, Court of Common PleasQualifications: I spent 10 years in Family Court with 5 years of Administrativeexperience as the Administrative Judge of Family Court. 10 years in the Trial Divisionas a team leader in Motions Court, Complex litigation and Mass Torts Program, andtrial judge for numerous jury and non-jury trials. I also spent overall 5 years doing

    Criminal case trials for juvenile delinquency and adult criminal felony waiver trials where I now preside.

    I have worked in Family Court to promote transparency and offer solutions to problems in the system — attacking

    truancy, promoting permanent placement for kids and uniting families.

    In the Civil area I resolved thousands of cases, settling disputes and eliminating frivolous lawsuits.For Criminal court I am tough on crime — commit the crime — do the time! — But I am fair and understanding

    when it comes to allowing defendants a chance to rehabilitate their lives from minor convictions.Answers to Questions:

    Question 1

      We need the Supreme Court to decide cases in a more timely matter

      Publish how each Justice votes for all voting issues

      More involvement by Supreme Court in working for a more unified judicial system

      Supreme Court Justices should be more responsive and work to listen to the people, as well be more accessible to promote solutions to problems that the court system can resolve throughout the Commonwealth. 

    As I did in a leadership capacity I will work to come up with solutions to the problems and to fight for reform andtransparency amicably with my fellow Justices. Costs can be reduced by assessing the work product of every department andchange those practices and re-negotiate contracts in which costs are too high. I did this in one area specifically. Kidslanguished in foster care and had no permanents home. The city/state was spending money for foster care when I knew wehad plenty of prospective adoptive parents who would adopt these children and cut the entire costs for foster care becauseafter adoption these children were being taken care of by their new parents. We developed a process to move adoptionsthrough the system quickly as a court. Adoptions increased by 43%. Savings were huge. As a justice of PA I’m sure we canrevisit the whole court system throughout PA and can reduce costs for every county.Question 2 

      Ethics training for new judges

      Working for problem solving courts and to increase productivity

      Increase access to justice and more transparency in the court system


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County



    JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT JOB DESCRIPTIONThe Superior Court is one of Pennsylvania's two statewide intermediate appellate courts. This court, which wasestablished in 1895, reviews most of the civil and criminal cases that are appealed from the Courts of CommonPleas in the Commonwealth's 67 counties. The Superior Court consists of 15 judges who serve 10-year terms. The president judge of Superior Court is elected to a five-year term by his or her colleagues. A huge volume ofappeals flow to Superior Court from the trial courts. Generally, appeals are heard by panels of three judges sittingin Philadelphia, Harrisburg or Pittsburgh. The court often is the final arbiter of legal disputes. Although theSupreme Court may grant a petition for review of a Superior Court decision, most such petitions are denied andthe ruling of the Superior Court stands.

    Term: 10 years — Salary: $191,926-(Vote for 1)


    Alice Beck Dubow, Philadelphia, PA — PhiladelphiaWeb Address: http://www.judgealicedubow.com 

    D.O.B.: 3/25/1959Education: University of Pennsylvania, B.S.1981; University of PennsylvaniaSchool of Law, J.D. 1984Occupation: Judge, Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia CountyQualifications: Trial Court Judge, 8 years; Lawyer, 2 yearsAnswer to Questions: Question 1 The most pressing reform needed in the judicialsystem are (1) instituting mandatory education for judges on ethics and addressing implicit bias in the Court. (2) ensuring that litigants receive equal access to justice through CivilGideon, a movement to ensure that every citizen has access to an attorney for critical legal

    matters (3) increasing resources for judges handling cases of abused and neglected childrenas well as custody cases. I would implement these reforms by creating a task force to devise specific recommendations preparing a report for the PA Supreme Court. Question 2 Please see my answer above.


    Emil Giordano, Bethlehem, PA — Hanover TownshipWeb Address: http://www.emilgiordanoforjudge.com 

    D.O.B.: 11/08/1959Education: 1982 Moravian College, B.A.; 1985, Villanova University School ofLaw, J.D.Occupation: Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Northampton CountyQualifications: Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, 2003-present

    Reply to Questions not received. 


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County



    JUDGE OF THE COMMONWEALTH COURTJOB DESCRIPTIONThe Commonwealth Court is one of Pennsylvania's two statewide intermediate appellate courts. This court, whichwas established in 1968, is unlike any other state court in the nation. Its jurisdiction generally is limited to legalmatters involving state and local government and regulatory agencies. Litigation typically focuses on suchsubjects as banking, insurance and utility regulation and laws affecting taxation, land use, elections, labor practices and workers compensation. Commonwealth Court also acts as a court of original jurisdiction, or a trialcourt, when lawsuits are filed by or against the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Court is made up of nine judges who serve 10-year terms. The president judge is chosen by his or her colleagues for a five-year term. Thecourt generally decides cases in three-judge panels and sits in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.Term: 10 years — Salary $191,926-(Vote for 1)


    Michael Wojcik, Pittsburgh, PA — Fox Chapel Borough

    Web Address: www.wojcikforjudge.com D.O.B.: 9/24/1964Education: 1986, Juniata College; 1989, Pitt Law School, cum laudeOccupation: Senior Counsel, Clark Hill PLCQualifications: Municipal practice; Member, University of Pittsburgh Law Review,Vols. 49 and 50; Solicitorships: Allegheny County Controller (2000-2003);Allegheny County Airport Authority ( 2012-present); Bar Ratings:“Recommended”


    (PBA); “Highly Recommended” 

    (ACBA).Answers to Questions: Question 1 The most pressing reform needed in the PA judicialsystem is in the area of judicial ethics. The Courts in our Commonwealth suffer fromregular periodic breakdowns where jurist at all levels from the Supreme Court to the

    Magisterial District Court commit very serious ethical lapses. The result is a lack ofconfidence in the Court. Citizens deserve better and they are entitled to know that all who come

     before the Court will receive a fair and impartial hearing regardless of their status. The facts and the law are the only thingsthat should matter to a justice or a judge when deciding a case. Because the ethical rules are set by the Supreme Court, aCommonwealth Court judge would have very little ability to effect change. For my part I will lead by example and holdmyself to the highest ethical standards. I will work within the system to improve standards and to ensure compliance withthem. Question 2  1) Resolve case in the most efficient and expeditious manner possible. 2) Develop collegial relationshipswith other judges and staff of the Commonwealth Court. 3) Reduce the number of non-precedential opinions issued by the

    Commonwealth Court.


    Paul Lalley, Pittsburgh, PA — Upper St. Clair Twp.Campaign Website: http://www.lalley4judge.com 

    D.O.B.: 9/22/1970Education: 1993; B.A. University of Pennsylvania; 1996 Dickinson School ofLaw of the PA State University, J.D.Occupation: Senior Associate Attorney-Campbell Durrant Beatty Palombo &Miller, P.C. Pittsburgh, PAQualifications: District Attorney, 8 years; awarded for leadership by PA BarAssociation — Recommended rating; Allegheny County Bar Association — 

    Highly Recommended Rating.Answers to Questions:  Question 1 I believe that the important reform neededin the judicial system is mandatory ethics training for all judges, including

     judges of the minor judicial with a required number of hours of course workevery year. This training would review the Code of Judicial Conduct and would

    include lectures ad presentations by leading legal ethicists that address specificsituations involving the Code. If elected to the Commonwealth Court, I would advocate for mandatory annual judicial ethics training to my colleagues and to the Justices of the PA Supreme Court. Question 2 My top policy priority if elected would be to support the AOPC’s efforts towards expanding the electronic filings ofCommonwealth Court documents so that the public can have better access to the record, and therefore hopefully


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County



    have a better understanding of the parties arguments and issues. My top personal priority, if elected, is to serve the public with fairness, impartiality, intellectual honesty and diligence as a Commonwealth Court judge so that the parties receive the careful attention they deserve.


    th Judicial District (Bucks County)

    JOB DESCRIPTION: Common Pleas Court hears civil and criminal cases in the county. Divisionsalso include Orphans Court, Juvenile Court, Family Court and Dependency Court.

    Term: 10 years –  Salary $178,111

    (Vote for two)


    RAYMOND F. MCHUGH, Southampton, PA - Upper Southampton Township

    BRIAN T. MCGUFFIN, Langhorne, PA - Middletown Township


    COUNTY COMMISSIONERJOB DESCRIPTION: Three County Commissioners (no more than two elected from the same political party) supervise: voter registration and elections; assessment of real estate property; humanservices; veterans affairs/juvenile detention facilities and prisons; and land use planning. The canestablish housing and redevelopment authorities and conduct community development programs. Theymaintain homes for the aged, and may support libraries and community colleges. They set county taxrates and adopt budgets for county offices and local Courts of Common Pleas.

    Term: 4 years –  Salary: $89,072.72

    (Vote for two)

    QUESTION:  One of the principal jobs of the county commissioner is managing the county’s budgetand finances. How would you ensure we are able to pay for all the county’s programs and services?


    Diane Ellis-Marseglia (Levittown)WEBSITE: www.bucksvictory.comD.O.B.: 12/1960EDUCATION: University Delaware: B.A. Sociology and Criminal JusticeUniversity Pennsylvania: MSW Master Social Work

    OCCUPATION: Bucks County CommissionerQUALIFICATIONS: 31-year career in human servicesFormer member Neshaminy School Board and Middletown SupervisorVolunteer /Board member (past/present): CONTACT, Youth Aid Panel, and Neshaminy Suicide TaskForceANSWER TO QUESTION: As County Commissioner for 8 years, I have fought to preventunnecessary projects. I advocate there be a cost-benefit analysis and outcome measurement of allcounty actions. Brian Galloway, my running mate, and I must make sure that all programs run on budget, as well as efficiently. Any bureaucracy leads to inflated budgets. It is critical that


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County



    Commissioners advocate to the State and Federal government to maintain their financial support for programs they have mandated.

    Brian Galloway (Fairless Hills)WEBSITE: www.bucksvictory.comD.O.B.: 10/1961EDUCATION: Bucks County Community College; Temple University B.A.; Temple University M.Ed.

    OCCUPATION: EducatorQUALIFICATIONS: Falls Township Supervisor; Administrator, Bristol Township School DistrictANSWER TO QUESTION: I have worked diligently with my fellow Falls Township Supervisors toensure the tax burden for our residents is among the lowest in the county. In addition, I am constantlygauging the cost effectiveness of every department and the services they deliver. I will replicate, at thecounty level, these systematic procedures that have made Falls Township a model of responsiblemunicipal government and sound fiscal practices.


    Robert G. Loughery (Perkasie)

    WEBSITE:  www.friendsofrobloughery.comD.O.B.: 11/1969EDUCATION: Dickinson College, B.A.OCCUPATION: County Commissioner, Real Estate InvestorQUALIFICATIONS: Small business experience economic development expertise; 5 year service asCounty Commissioner, 4 years Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. ANSWER TO QUESTION: We have worked hard to maintain and improve the quality services and programs that Bucks County provides its residents. To ensure the core services of county governmentcontinue to be delivered effectively, working collaboratively with my colleagues, we would continue tokeep the size of county government from growing, work to maintain our two AAA bond ratings and thecounty’s 99% funded pension and adopt balanced budgets that produce surpluses like the past 3 budgets.

    Charles H. Martin (Southampton) D.O.B.: 4/1942 EDUCATION: BA, Lebanon Valley CollegeOCCUPATION: 30-year utility industry career; 20 years as County CommissionerQUALIFICATIONS: Serving community for 32 consecutive years: 12 years as Upper SouthamptonSupervisor then County Commissioner. Currently serve on SEPTA Board of Directors (Since 2001) andState Transportation Commission (Governor’s appointment). Past Delaware Valley Regional PlanningCommission Chairman.ANSWER TO QUESTION: We will continue to scrutinize expenditures to ensure we are within budge and simultaneously review program outcomes to evaluate if they are meeting or exceeding

    expectations. This approach has resulted in no tax increases in 8 of the last 9 years, while maintainingquality services. We will protect our AAA bond rating by balancing budgets, funding our pension planand creating a lean workforce. It is also important to maintain an adequate fund balance.


    JOB DESCRIPTION:  The Register of Wills probates the wills of county residents, collects stateinheritance taxes, and maintains records related to will and fiduciary accounts.

    Term: 4 years –  Salary: $89,251.54


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    (Vote for one)

    QUESTION:  What qualifications or experience do you bring to this office?


    Robyn Trunell (Bristol)

    D.O.B.: 7/1947EDUCATION: High School. Currently attending BCCCOCCUPATION: RealtorQUALIFICATIONS: I have been a licensed Real Estate Agent for 31 years and during that time, as aself starter and highly motivated woman in business I have built a very successful Real Estate Practice,Acquired a Broker’s License and have an ABR accreditation through hard work and determination.ANSWER TO QUESTION: I have 6 children which taught me great managerial skills. But, as awoman in business and an independent contractor, my success is a result of customer service and clientsatisfaction. I personally handle every aspect of every transaction and Like the Register of Wills office Iam dealing with people at a most vulnerable time in their lives. I have acquired great empathy forindividuals dealing with government agencies. I believe I can make a difference in streamlining the

     process with client needs always first.


    Donald Petrille, Jr.

    HOMETOWN: Perkasie DOB: 08/1972EDUCATION: B.S.-Chemistry, William & Mary; Villanova Law SchoolOCCUPATION: Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans' CourtQUALIFICATIONS: Licensed Attorney, 2nd Vice President Register of Wills Association ofPennsylvania, Secretary of PA Association of Elected County Officials, Trained incoming Registers andOrphans' Court Clerks statewide

    ANSWER TO QUESTION: Over the past four years, we expanded service, while reducing costs.Like many households, we have done more with less. Achievements include:1. Establishing a full time office in Lower Bucks County2. Creating online access to marriage license applications and office files3. Enforcing mandatory reporting for guardians of incapacitated persons4. Celebrating and promoting adoptionI ask for your vote, so our team can continue offering professional service in a financially prudentmanner. 


    JOB DESCRIPTION:  The Treasurer receives all tax and other monies owed to the county andmaintain monthly and annual records for audit. As an agent of the state, the Treasurer issues dog,fishing and hunting licenses.Term: 4 years –  Salary: $82,250.09

    (Vote for one)

    QUESTION:  What qualifications or experience do you bring to this office?

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County





    Missy Kitzmiller (Levittown) (No Response Received)


    Tom Panzer

    HOMETOWN: Warminster  

    DOB: 07/1964EDUCATION: B.S. Tulane University; J.D. Widener University School of LawOCCUPATION: Attorney, Managing Partner of McNamara, Bolla & Panzer, PCQUALIFICATIONS: Elected Township Supervisor, Warminster Township (1998-2003; 2010-2015.Chairman, Treasurer; Board Member, Warminster Municipal Authority (2004-2009. Chairman,Treasurer); Volunteer Boards and Committees, public and private sector.ANSWER TO QUESTION: I have experience as a local elected official and owner and manager of aBucks County small business. While serving my community, I have managed a successful law practice,and have balanced my public service and career with a rewarding home life. I have a track record as aneffective manager and public official. I ask for the opportunity to bring my experience to the office ofCounty Treasurer. Thank you.


    JOB DESCRIPTION: The Clerk of Courts is the chief clerk and record keeper for the criminal

    proceedings of the Court of Common Pleas.

    Term: 4 years –  Salary: $82,250.09

    (Vote for one)

    QUESTION: What qualifications or experience do you bring to this office?


    Chris Gallagher (Warminster) D.O.B.: 4/1978EDUCATION: B.A. University of Scranton –  2000, J.D. Quinnipiac University School of Law, 2005OCCUPATION: AttorneyQUALIFICATIONS: From 2005-2009, I was an associate at a general practice firm where I practicedlaw in the areas of civil litigation and family law. From 2009-2013, I was an associate at a civillitigation law firm specializing in civil and insurance litigation.ANSWER TO QUESTION: If elected, I will seek to aggressively increase the collections efforts ofthe Office. Specifically, I will zealously pursue the collection of monies owed to crime victims anddelinquent court costs. The increased collection efforts will provide substantial savings for the workingfamilies of Bucks County. I will serve as a strong representative for the middle class families of Bucks

    County and ensure that the Clerk’s Office is responsive and accountable to its constituency.


    Mary K. Smithson (Upper Makefield Township)Web Site: www.buckscountygop.orgD.O.B.: 6/1950EDUCATION: Saint Joseph’s University Professional Liberal Studies ProgramsOCCUPATION/ QUALIFICATIONS:  Currently serve as Clerk of Courts, Criminal Division –  Bucks County, reelected four times to position. Thoroughly versed in establishing protocols for


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    collection of court fees, leader in integrating computer technology into collection process, instituted progressive tools for better communication between court officials, citizens.ANSWER TO QUESTION: Established technology communications, facilitating fees collection,transfer information, data from District Courts, Court of common Pleas, State Police. Goals achievedwith Case Management Systems. Demonstrated fiscal responsibility by implementing systems for feescollection, assessment, disbursement of court costs, restitution fees. Disbursed $5.3 million to Bucks,$2.6 million to Revenue Department, collected $2.7 million to crime victims for restitution. Collected

    $453,000 from delinquent accounts, representing 28% increase. Instituted practicum program forcollege student interns, now model for other institutions.


    JOB DESCRIPTION: The Coroner investigates deaths of a suspicious or violent nature, and

    when necessary, orders autopsies and subpoenas witnesses for inquests. The Coroner is required

    to issue a certificate if death occurs without medical attendance.

    Term: 4 years –  Salary: $ 66,497.80

    (Vote for one)

    QUESTION:  What qualifications or experience do you bring to this office?


    Rocky Doto (Levittown)WEBSITE:  www.bucksvictory.comD.O.B.: 7/1959EDUCATION: Maple Point High School, Langhorne 1977; Mercer County College, Trenton, NJ1980; Coroners Education Course, Hershey, PA 1996OCCUPATION: Pennsylvania State Licensed Funeral DirectorQUALIFICATIONS: Actively served as Bucks County Deputy Coroner from 1993-2007. Educationcontinues annual for Coroner. Member of Pennsylvania Coroners Association. Member of Bucks-Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and National Funeral Directors Associations.

    ANSWER TO QUESTION: As Bucks County Coroner, I bring many years of actively serving ourcommunity, including serving our county as deputy coroner for more than twenty years. I have personally been on scenes for many situations in our county, dealing with police, emergency, andhospital personnel. My experience in dealing with the deceased individuals and their families isextensive. It would be my honor and privilege to continue serving the residents of Bucks County.


    Dr. Joseph P. Campbell  (Ottsville)WEBSITE:  www.bucksgop.orgD.O.B.: 7/1963 EDUCATION: Temple University, School of Podiatric Medicine, 1989; Juniata College, 1985; Central

    Bucks East High School, 1981OCCUPATION: Coroner; Regional VP, Pennsylvania State Coroners Association; Podiatric Surgery,St. Luke’s Quakertown & Grand View Hospital Staff’s; St. Luke’s University Health Network,Teaching Staff Foot & Ankle Surgical Residency, and Wound Management ProgramsQUALIFICATIONS: Coroner/Medical Knowledge, Training, 15yrs experienceANSWER TO QUESTION: Extensive Medical/Surgical training with 15 years of experience as theCoroner of Bucks County. I’ve responsibly managed the Coroners Office, and have successfullymodernized the overall operation of the office, repeatedly coming in under budget. I have facilitated thedevelopment of a coroner database system which is now shared with other counties. We continually


  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    educated the Corner Staff with the best forensic training courses available providing the best services possible for Bucks County. 


    JOB DESCRIPTION:  In counties other than Philadelphia, Magisterial District Justices represent thefirst level of the court system. Bucks County has 20 magisterial district courts located throughout Bucks

    County inclusive of the 20 judges and approximately 113 judicial clerks. Magisterial district courts areresponsible for adjudicating all traffic and non-traffic citations as well as processing criminal and privatecriminal complaints inclusive of arraignments and preliminary hearings, the handling of civil andlandlord tenant complaints up to a jurisdictional limit of $12,000 as well as parking violations. 

    Term: 6 years –  Salary: $88,290

    (Vote for one) 

    QUESTION:  What specific suggestions do you have for improving the administration of justice inyour jurisdiction?

    MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT 07-1-01 Magisterial District Judge


    HOMETOWN: BensalemD.O.B.: 1/1956EDUCATION: Professional Development Coursework; Neshaminy High School, 1975OCCUPATION: State Constable, Bensalem TownshipQUALIFICATIONS: Certified by the Magisterial District Judge Training Board. 20 years ofexperience as Constable, serving the district courts and people of the community.ANSWER TO QUESTION: Allowing first time offenders eligible for the Community AccountabilityProgram, new to Bucks County, an opportunity to make restitution and take responsibility withoutestablishing a permanent criminal record is one way to improve the administration of justice. An open

    dialogue with our young people about the perils of bad decision-making, a strong partnership with locallaw enforcement and accessible treatment for any and all defendants who need it, are also keycomponents.

    MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT 07-1-11 Magisterial District Judge


    Mike Burns (No response received)


    Mark D. Douple


    D.O.B.: 8/1960EDUCATION/OCCUPATION/QUALIFICATIONS: As a Judge, I have presided over thousands ofcases. As an attorney, I have argued thousands of criminal and civil cases in our courtrooms, includingseven homicide cases. I am a graduate of both Mansfield State College and the University of ToledoCollege of Law.

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    ANSWER TO QUESTION: Justice must be swift to prevent backlogs, and fair to ensure integrity inthe system. Therefore we must have Judges who understand criminal law and have experience tryingcases in both civil and criminal courts. Judges should also be an integral part of our local community,knowing our values and understanding the difference between children who make mistakes andcriminals who need to be punished –  experience I bring to your Doylestown Court.

    MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT 07-2-07 Magisterial District Judge

    DEMOCRATICJerry Schenkman

    HOMETOWN:  NewtownD.O.B.: 7/1949EDUCATION: JD (Juris Doctor) OCCUPATION: AttorneyQUALIFICATIONS: Lawyer for 39 years; Newtown Township Supervisor (2006-2011); ConflictResolution Training as President of The Peace Center, Langhorne, Pa.ANSWER TO QUESTION: Take advantage of all training opportunities for the court staff to be sureeveryone operates at highest efficiency. Seek and secure grant to establish qualified mediation panel,trained in law and conflict resolution, to assist the court in resolving civil matters. Plan and facilitate a

     public forum to review the strengths and weaknesses of the current District Court, discuss potential shortand long term fixes, working to implement the best ideas coming out of that effort.


    Mick Petrucci

    HOMETOWN:  NewtownD.O.B.: 8/1973EDUCATION: PA Act 49 Constable Certification, Temple University Law Enforcement Academy;Council Rock H.SOCCUPATION: PA State Constable; Newtown Business Association; PresidentQUALIFICATIONS: Involved daily in District Court and in thousands of cases over my career;

    annually trained in civil and criminal law by Temple University; mentored by District Judge Nasshorn;deep community involvement; will serve full time as Judge.ANSWER TO QUESTION: The public must be better educated as to the role of the District Court intheir community. District Court is truly “the  people’s court” where citizens can have disputes settledwith common sense, fairness, and without need for lawyers. I will come down from the bench tointeract with residents and increase awareness of the Court; by doing so we can improve theadministration of justice.

    MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT 07-2-08 Magisterial District Judge


    Meredith J. BuckHOMETOWN:  ChalfontD.O.B.:  10/1959EDUCATION:  Juris Doctorate, Widener University School of LawOCCUPATION:  Nurse/AttorneyQUALIFICATIONS:  Having practiced law for 15+ years and nursing for 25+ years makes me acompassionate and objective adjudicator. Extensive training in disaster relief earned me the Florence Nightingale Medal for “exceptional courage and devotion to caring for victims….” 

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    ANSWER TO QUESTION:  The cornerstone in the effective and efficient administration of justice isa fair and impartial judicial system. With over 15 years of legal experience, representing both plaintiffsand defendants, I approach the law in a fair, rigorously honest and even-handed manner. Free of political influence and compassion for all who come before the court, I am committed to doing the rightthing through diligence, integrity, and impartiality.


    Regina ArmitageHOMETOWN: Chalfont D.O.B.: 12/1963EDUCATION: PA Minor Judiciary Education Board Certification; Delaware Valley College, BusinessAdministration (Summa Cum Laude); Main Line Paralegal InstituteOCCUPATION: District JudgeQUALIFICATIONS: Handled over 3,000 cases and hundreds of trials as the current Judge; oversee alloperations of the district court; 24 years experience in the legal profession.ANSWER TO QUESTION: Educating young adults and students on the law. People are inherentlyresponsible for their actions and our community would be better served if they were informed as to howtheir actions could have an effect on their lives and society. This is especially true when a mistake could

    ruin future chances for success. Education before not after the fact, would benefit our community as awhole.

    MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT 07-3-02 Magisterial District Judge


    Jean L. Seaman

    (No response received)Unopposed


    JOB DESCRIPTION: The School Directors shall equip and maintain the public schools in the district.Principal duties include appointing and/or dismissing superintendents, principals and teachers; levyingschool taxes; purchasing land; locating new buildings; adopting textbooks and courses of study; fixingsalaries of teachers and other appointees of the Board.

    Term: 4 years 

    QUESTION:  What concerns or issues prompted you to run for School Board? How would youaddress your issues and/or concerns?


    2-year term (Vote for 1)


    Wayne Lewis

    HOMETOWN: Bensalem DOB: 10/44EDUCATION:  Assoc. Degree Administrative Accounting, from Center for Degree StudiesOCCUPATION: Retired Accountant

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    QUALIFICATIONS: I have lived in the township for over 50 years and attended Bensalem Schools.Having a background in accounting and general construction.ANSWER TO QUESTION: I feel that it is important to provide a clean and safe environment for thestudents. As Chairman of the facility committee I am seeking the two-year term to continue to overseethe high school renovation project through completion. Over the ten years on the school board I haveworked to improve all of the facilities in the district, and worked on installation of a preventivemaintenance program. 


    4-year term (Vote for 5)


    Anand Patel

    HOMETOWN: BensalemDOB: 07/1977EDUCATION:  A.A. Liberal Arts: Humanities; B.A. History; B.A. General Theater; working on M.S.Health & Nutrition EducationOCCUPATION: Nutrition Store Manager

    QUALIFICATIONS: I have always sought the learning experience, whether this being stage acting myearly adult years, and/or currently with college studies; it is a continuation I am most proud!ANSWER TO QUESTION: The cost of the current high school renovation at a staggering $78million. This is a major issue since costs could have been minimized. Other concerns such as turnoverof superintendents and administrators has become drastic! Many of the current school board membershave missed many meetings. And also the turnover from previous school board members has becomean issue. The taxpayer should not need to provide into renovations a staggered amount of $78 million.What has caused turnovers?

    Kerry Lubin

    HOMETOWN: Bensalem 

    DOB: 12/1955EDUCATION:  B.S. –  Temple University; M.Ed. –  Temple University; Principal Certification –  Gwynedd Mercy CollegeOCCUPATION: QUALIFICATIONS: 33+ years as an educator & coach in School District of Philadelphia. Residentof Bensalem for 24 years, both children went through the school district.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  The Bensalem school board needs more accountability, stability, andaccountability. There is a $78 million dollar high school renovation. We could have built a brand newschool for a fraction of the cost. There is a constant turnover of superintendents, administrators, whichcreates an unstable learning environment and the lack of continuity brings fiscal mismanagement. Iwould like to put the children and community first, with a focus on the success of all students.

    Harris Martin

    (No response received)

    Kevin Brutschea

    HOMETOWN: Bensalem DOB: 01/55EDUCATION: Associates of Science in Business Administration

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    OCCUPATION: Customer Service for Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Formerly worked in the RealEstate Mortgage Industry 2001 to 2014QUALIFICATIONS: Me and my family have lived, and paid taxes, in Bensalem for over sixty years. Ihave four children who all graduated from Philadelphia public schools, and I have many friends whosechildren have attended our local schools.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  I am running for School Director to bring back accountability andtransparency, and to create a more stable environment for our kids, as well as our educators. From the

    over spending on the High School Improvement Project, to the 10 year long theft ring, to what seems to be a constant parade of superintendents and school directors, I think the Citizens of Bensalem deserve aBoard that is more focused on education, and the children, and what helps prepare them for the future.

    Mehwish Tirmizi(No response received)


    Heather Nicholas(No response received)

    Pam StrangeHOMETOWN: Bensalem DOB: 09/1962EDUCATION: Bucks County Community College - 18 creditsOCCUPATION: Probate Clerk/Marriage ClerkQUALIFICATIONS: Current School Board member since 2011. Business/banking/legal experienceANSWER TO QUESTION: I saw a need for community involvement in the school district. I want to be part of finding answers to the funding and new revenue possibilities for the district.We need to be mindful of our spending, and at the same time, educate our children as best as we areable. Our homeowners need a break, and we need to come up with a better way of funding our schools.

    Kathleen Lesnevec

    HOMETOWN: Bensalem DOB: 09/59EDUCATION:  Bucks County Technical School, graduate; Neshaminy Maple Point High School,graduateOCCUPATION: Software systems engineer, Wells Fargo BankQUALIFICATIONS: Current Bensalem s school board director, member of the Drug and AlcoholAdvisory Board and a volunteer for the Just for the Kids Education Foundation.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  My reason for running for school board is to work toward ensuring ourchildren get the best education possible. Bensalem school district is seeing positive changes within our

    schools and my goal is to keep the momentum going. We need to keep the tax burden low for ourresidents by carefully monitoring expenses.

    Marc Cohen

    HOMETOWN: Bensalem DOB: 06/60EDUCATION:  Temple University, Business degree, accounting 1983OCCUPATION: Real Estate investor in the Philadelphia area

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    QUALIFICATIONS: I have been volunteering in the Bensalem school district the last three years. Afew years ago I was asked by the Bensalem Rotary club to open an Interact club at our high school,ANSWER TO QUESTION:  The club is a community service club we volunteer and raise money forcharities. I also am the Bensalem Education Foundation treasurer. We raise money for the district. Thereason I am running I know my business experience and community service can help our district. I havegood budgeting skills that can offer help in that area. I care about are kids and want to help make theirexperience at our district a rewarding one.

    Ankit Parikh

    (No response received)


    4-year term (Vote for 5)


    Jeffrey J. Paleafico(No response received)

    Mary Jane Pot Paglione(No response received)

    Joseph Caro(No response received)


    Steven Cullen

    (No response received)

    Joseph T. Adamson

    (No response received)


    John Doyle

    HOMETOWN: Bristol DOB: 05/73EDUCATION:  Bristol High/ BCTHS Graduate 1991OCCUPATION: Auto Technician/Express Service Foreman, Hamilton HondaQUALIFICATIONS: Current Bristol Borough School Board Member; Prior President of BCTHSSchool BoardANSWER TO QUESTION:  The significant concern that brings myself attention is the School District

    has the ability to exceed on standardized testing giving Bristol Borough the recognition that it has. Weas parents, teachers and the community need to step forward and support our students so they canaccomplish any educational aspirations to the best of their abilities to make Bristol Borough one of theleading educational facilities in Bucks County. Support, positivity and motivation can change anyone’s abilities.

    Bethanne M. Olczak

    (No response received)

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County





    2-year term (Vote for 1)


    Gerald Bachman(No response received)


    4-year term (Vote for 5)


    Shane Bowen

    HOMETOWN: NewportvilleDOB: 08/89EDUCATION: I’m a proud graduate of Bucks County Community College with an associate’s degreein fine artsOCCUPATION: Welder at Falls manufacturing U-Haul technical. I build assemble and repair U-Haul

    trailers and trucks.QUALIFICATIONS: I bring with me young intuition, personal financial skills, and a fresh recollectionof academics.ANSWER TO QUESTION: Alongside my father councilman Craig Bowen, I’ve has seen firsthandthe burden that Bristol township taxpayers have endured. I’ve met seniors who had to choose betweenmedication paying taxes. Many of my friends and family have moved away from Bristol town ship because of the rising school taxes.


    Helen M. Cini

    HOMETOWN: Levittown 

    DOB:  N/AEDUCATION: West Philadelphia Catholic High and other courses after high schoolOCCUPATION: RetiredQUALIFICATIONS: Mother of 5 kids, active in school for several years, room mother, PTA/PTO,served as Pres. & V.P., member of PSBA, Federal Relations Network, attended several courses oneducation, Budget Committee, PSBA legislative council & member, several years of service as a schooldirector & I am running to advance the education system of my township.ANSWER TO QUESTION: The way things are being addressed in Harrisburg and at the Federallevel. Putting our children & district at risk. Unable to buy what we need to advocate. Try to keepspending at a reasonable level so we have money on hand when we need it to keep our buildings in goodcondition. Also to help keep our taxes down for the taxpaying residents.

    Stacy B. Gerlach

    HOMETOWN: Levittown DOB: 03/1969EDUCATION: Harry S. Truman High School; Bucks County Technical School Nursing ProgramOCCUPATION:  Nursing Supports Coordinator at TLC Nursing Services

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    QUALIFICATIONS: On the Board for 8 years. Attending PSBA's School Leadership Conference;annually helped outreach to school board members across the state and realize we all were in the same boat on a lot of things.ANSWER TO QUESTION: Being a resident who not only graduated from BTSD but LOVE theLevittown area community. Our children of Bristol Township deserve the best education we can possibly give them. With the restraints set against the boards across the Commonwealth, and continualfunding cuts from the state along with non-stop State mandated testing. BTSD has stellar students who

    can participate in so many activities that coincide with their academics. I am currently on the board tomake sure EVERY student reaches their highest potential possible.

    Constance Moore(No response received)

    Amanda Geist

    HOMETOWN: CroydonDOB: 09/85EDUCATION:  Temple University: Secondary Education/ English and Political Science. My Master’s

    degree is in Urban Education with a focus on school policy.OCCUPATION: Classroom teacher, School District of PhiladelphiaQUALIFICATIONS: My academic and profession backgrounds give me an understanding ofeducation.ANSWER TO QUESTION: I was prompted to run for school board because I see on a regular basisthe problems public education faces today. As a parent, I am concerned about the direction education ismoving in our country and wanted the opportunity to effect change for my own children and all thechildren of Bristol Township. I felt that my academic training and professional experience would allowme to bring a new perspective to the board. The major issues I hope to tackle include testing, fundingand community building around education.

    REPUBLICANWilliam Keenan

    (No response received)

    John Riotto

    HOMETOWN: CroydonDOB: 01/41EDUCATION:  BBA, Temple UniversityOCCUPATION: Retired from Lockheed Martin, Sr. Systems EngineerQUALIFICATIONS: 41-year resident of Bristol Township, Community Orientated, Impeccable LegalRecord, Youth Aid Panel Member, 25 years director youth football organization

    ANSWER TO QUESTION: We have the highest school tax rate of any district in Bucks County with avery low rated school system. There is a lack of transparency and straight answers by the now sitting board. This has caused wasted tax dollars and mismanagement. We will provide clear and conciseguidance; give straight answers to the public and will not hide our duties. We will ensure that the schooladmin do their assigned duties as their overseers.

    Kelly Larkin

    HOMETOWN: LevittownDOB: 9/79

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    EDUCATION: McCorristen Catholic High School 9-10; Hamilton High West graduateOCCUPATION: Sales manager, Airgas in Levittown, 7 years.QUALIFICATIONS: Since making the decision to run for school board I have shadowed school boardmembers in other districts as well as attend meetings with them. I have been having meetings severaltimes a week with my team to familiarize ourselves as well as doing research on my own.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  I have 3 children in 3 different schools in Bristol Twp., and if theconditions aren’t good enough for my kids, they aren’t good enough for yours. I will make sure that

    more of our hard earned tax dollars make it to our classrooms, where it belongs. I will find all of thewasteful spending and expunge it.

    Angela Dearing(No response received)


    4-year term (Vote for 2)


    Mark B. Miller

    (No response received)

    David Shafter

    HOMETOWN: Southampton DOB: 03/50EDUCATION:  Penn State University MS AccountingOCCUPATION: State Monitor in the Lakewood School DistrictQUALIFICATIONS: I have 39 years of experience working in business offices of various schooldistricts of which 28 years was at the level of school business administrator or fiscal compliance. I am a

    CPA and a certified school business administrator.ANSWER TO QUESTION: I want to continue the work I started 4 years ago. This includesimproving the educational environment for all learners, creating incentives to attract and keep a superiorfaculty and administration, and to maintain our community involvement. The way to do this is to provide adequate resources while at the same time considering the ability of community to pay for thoseresources.


    4-year term (Vote for 2)


    Steven A. Adams

    HOMETOWN: Warminster  DOB: 05/61EDUCATION:  E.D. Bachelors of Business Administration, Temple UniversityOCCUPATION: Loan Officer, Bank of America

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    QUALIFICATIONS: Three decades of community involvement with various boards and committees.Four years on the Centennial School Boar Operations Committee and Finance Committee Chairman.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  I am a 54-year resident with deep roots in the Warminster Community. Iwill continue to address the financial and education concerns of the district with the same honest andstraightforward approach that I have come to be known for.

    Andrew M. Pollock

    HOMETOWN: Warminster  DOB: 11/42EDUCATION: B.S. and M.Ed., The Pennsylvania State University; Ed.D., Southeast Nova UniversityOCCUPATION: Retired Educator: Social Studies Teacher, High School Principal, Superintendent ofSchoolsQUALIFICATIONS: 8 years on the School Board (4 years as President)ANSWER TO QUESTION: I ran for the Board the first time because I wanted the School Board to bemore responsive to the needs of the community. I believe I have accomplished this by listening to parents, students, teachers, and the school administrators. I will continue to try and provide the best possible education for the students within the financial constraints of the Centennial School District.


    4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Charles Kleinschmidt

    HOMETOWN: Warminster  DOB: 09/53EDUCATION: BS Personnel and Human Resource Administration, Arcadia University

    OCCUPATION: Retired Executive, Part-time Realtor®QUALIFICATIONS: Three years as School Director, Twenty years as a Senior Executive at a Fortune100 CorporationANSWER TO QUESTION:  I would like to serve a second term on the School Board to continue the positive reorganization that has occurred during the past three years. In my opinion, the most significantsuccess to date is item 5.2 on the April 7th agenda that clarified the access a Board Member may have toAdministrators, Employees and Buildings. (Approved 6 –  3 –  0) Complimented by the new OrganizationChart that is currently being considered.


    4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Karen M. Smith

    HOMETOWN: ChalfontDOB: 08/70EDUCATION:  Bachelor’s Degree, Syracuse University

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    OCCUPATION: Communications ConsultantQUALIFICATIONS: accredited in Public Relations by PRSA. Pennsylvania Education Policy FellowANSWER TO QUESTION:  A school district is a public trust, and I have been concerned at the lackof transparency in CB. I will use my experience to facilitate a dialogue with our community, definingwhat an outstanding 21st century education means to us. I also understand how recent budget surplusesoffer us the opportunity to provide such an educational program while keeping taxes low. My experiencein education means I can quickly get to work representing you. 


    4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Dennis Weldon

    HOMETOWN: DoylestownDOB: 08/71EDUCATION: J.D.

    OCCUPATION: AttorneyQUALIFICATIONS: Twenty-five years of management experience, including corporate governanceand compliance matters. Advised public agencies similar to the School Board for more than 13 years.Understand the challenges the Directors face in terms of balancing budgets, maintaining good employeerelations and providing high quality schools for our children and taxpayers.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  I want to help make certain that our schools continue to prepare ourchildren for the real world. Our educational process and curriculum must anticipate the active role of parents and guardians. The development of new polices must be transparent, responsive to public inputand subject to change if found lacking. If elected, I will value the input of our educators and our parentsand manage the district as the public trust that it is.


    4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Phyllis Melendez(No response received)


    Glenn Schloeffel

    HOMETOWN: Buckingham 

    DOB: 05/62EDUCATION: B.S Indiana University of PennsylvaniaOCCUPATION: Small Business Owner, Consultant in the Pharmaceutical IndustryQUALIFICATIONS: 25-year resident of Buckingham Township. Attended Buckingham Elementary,Holicong, C.B. East. Both children attend C. B. schools. Retired U.S. Navy Reserves. Career:Medical/Pharma field, small/medium-sized companies: Sales and Operations. Led teams, negotiatedcontracts, responsible for multi-million dollar budgets, built alliances/consensus.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  C.B. has an exceptional school district and we need to continue toimprove. Curriculum must be in-line with the changing demands. Increased

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    Communications/Transparency: Proactively inform our community of issues the CBSD is consideringand seek input. The community needs to know how their voices can most effectively be heard. FiscalResponsibility: We do not need to increase taxes/spending to better serve our students and community.Dollars not directly attributed to academics must be closely evaluated.


    4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Sharon Collopy

    HOMETOWN: Doylestown

    DOB: 01/17EDUCATION:  BS, Science, Penn StateOCCUPATION: BookkeeperQUALIFICATIONS: 20 year CBSD parent and volunteer: State Board testimony on curriculum,

    District Strategic Planning, Kutz H&S Co-President, Fundraising, Activities Committee Chair,Superintendent Advisory Council, Treasurer- West Field Hockey and Wrestling, Girl Scout Leader,Kids' Castle original building, Coach and Volunteer DAA, CB Gym Club.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  I am disappointed by decisions our administrators and board membershave made. Middle school schedule changes cut students' electives, computer classes, and decreasedcredits earned. The department’s ban eliminated a successful practice used at elementary schools. Thereport cards eliminated grades. When community members object, our voices are tolerated, and thenignored. We've had our taxes raised with excess money in the budget. We need open, transparentdecision making, to consider stakeholders input, and honest budgets.

    CENTRAL BUCKS REGION 8 SCHOOL DIRECTOR4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Beth Darcy

    HOMETOWN: DoylestownDOB: 12/68EDUCATION: BS Finance, Villanova UniversityOCCUPATION: Homemaker

    QUALIFICATIONS: Leader and volunteer for over a decade: Co-Founder of CB Engage, Doyle HSACo-President, CBSD Tax Study Commission Member, CBSD Strategic Plan Member, CBAA LacrosseDirector, Soccer Coach and CCD Teacher. Have attended most CBSD Board and Committee meetingsfor three years ANSWER TO QUESTION: The leadership of CBSD has shut out thoughtful input from parents,students, teachers and taxpayers on issues including: tax increases, maintaining undisclosed surpluses,the middle school schedule change, the ban on departments, new report cards and personnel issues. Byelecting me, voters can expect a commitment to communication, collaboration and transparency. I willseek opinions, focus on students first and work to ensure your tax dollars are spent with due diligence.

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County





    4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Cross Filed

    Bill Foster

    HOMETOWN: NewtownDOB: 10/62EDUCATION: Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Carnegie-Mellon Chemical EngineeringOCCUPATION: Drug discovery researcher.QUALIFICATIONS: Highly educated, value education, experienced with large, complex, governmentregulated processes, prior experience as a science teacher (USA Peace Corps). School Board experiencein finance, capital projects, career and technical education, family and community focused.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  I am seeking this office to work for the long-term sustainability ofCouncil Rock. Continuously improving educational programs at Council Rock while thoughtfully

    managing renewal of aging facilities, declining enrollment, escalating pension and health costs andunfunded mandates requires planning ahead, getting broad input, building consensus, and makingdifficult choices. I have the experience to help make this marathon effort of steady attention, communityinput, fiscal forethought, and educational vision for the future succeed


    4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Cross Filed

    Edward F. Tate

    HOMETOWN: Newtown DOB: 12/55EDUCATION:  B.A., English, IUP; M.S. Marketing Communications, WVUOCCUPATION: Director of Communications, Research and Economic Development, RutgersUniversityQUALIFICATIONS: Most of my professional career has been in education: the University of Illinois,Educational Testing Service and Rutgers University. My work has involved communicating research on basic education as well as higher education.ANSWER TO QUESTION: Council Rock serves its residents and students well. I want to ensure that

    the district continues to excel and even improve. Education is part of my family heritage and I believewe need strong leadership to guarantee value for our tax dollars while delivering the best education possible. Most of my professional career has been in education. I will use my experience and knowledgeto help the district make smart decisions going forward.


    4-year term (Vote for 1)

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County





    Richard Wilkinson

    HOMETOWN: Richboro DOB: 07/69EDUCATION: B.A. in communications, Fordham UniversityOCCUPATION: 24 years’ experience working and running construction projects.QUALIFICATIONS: Spending is an issue for old buildings and possible new schools. I bring a

    viewpoint which the Board currently lacks.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  Construction at your home can be nerve-wracking. No one likes a project to go over budget or past due dates. As a Churchville Elementary parent, I saw first-hand howdisruptive a renovation can be to the learning experience. I want to help make sure that theinfrastructure plan is comprehensive, well planned and realistically budgeted. My experience will helpto ensure that projects are well managed, completed in a timely fashion and are on budget.


    Wendi ThomasHOMETOWN: RichboroDOB: 08/1961

    EDUCATION: B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Accounting, Gettysburg CollegeOCCUPATION: Senior Vice President, Account Management for Health Advocate. I oversee a teamof people who work with large employers on employee benefits.QUALIFICATIONS: I have significant experience as a current school board director. I have served asPresident, Vice President, Academic Committee Chair, and on the Finance and Facilities committees.Additionally, I have been extremely active in the school in the PTOs, Parent committees, and thecommunity for over 15 years.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  I seek re-election because an excellent school district benefits all CouncilRock residents. My record shows that I have been a fiscal watchdog. I bring expertise in managementthat has brought considerable savings to taxpayers. During my tenure, CR has been recognized at thehighest levels, not only locally and statewide, but nationally. I will continue to advocate for improving

    student outcomes, while always being respectful of the taxpayers who fund our schools.


    4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Leslie Rothberg

    HOMETOWN: Holland DOB: 08/64EDUCATION:  Masters of Social Work

    OCCUPATION: School Social Worker with Bristol Township School DistrictQUALIFICATIONS: Former Hills of Northampton Association Board Member for ten years;Employed by a public school district for 8 years; and Volunteer as an Advisor for a local youth group.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  The issues that prompted me to run for Council Rock School Board werethe increase in taxes despite the decline in enrollment, ageing of district buildings, and obsolescence ofsome of our district’s technology. Therefore, by providing new and insightful leadership, I hope to beable to ensure that district building upgrades are cost effective, and updating of technology is doneefficiently, minimizing unnecessary waste.

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County





    Jerald S. Grupp

    HOMETOWN: Holland DOB: 04/58EDUCATION: BS Economics (Penn State)OCCUPATION: VP Quality and Regulatory-Clinical ResearchQUALIFICATIONS: 16 years of service on Council Rock Board. 2 prior years of service on School

    District committees (Safety and Class Size) — Present Finance Chair, past facilities, policy, andAcademic committees. Professional manager responsible for budgeting, policy with hiring andoversight responsibilities for my department.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  The new CRSD board will have 5 members with 2 years or lessexperience. As the senior member with 16 years, I am the institutional memory for the Board andAdministration. With 2 major middle school projects getting under way; I have overseen previousconstruction projects as a School Director. With a new Superintendent, the district needs my experienceto continue the tradition of excellence, quality and responsibility for which the district is known.


    4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Michelle Held

    HOMETOWN: HollandDOB: 09/68EDUCATION:  BS Chemical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteOCCUPATION: Entrepreneur and 18-year business owner in business development, internettechnologies, marketing strategist and authorQUALIFICATIONS: Director and Treasurer, Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority,Director, CTO and founder, KindQuilts, a 501(c)(3) charity, Director, Manalapan Soccer Club. Lower

    Bucks Swim League Referee, Community ActivistANSWER TO QUESTION:  I am running for School Director because, as a parent and taxpayer, I amconcerned about Council Rock’s fiscal health as well as the classroom-learning environment. Ourdistrict faces budgetary and capital planning challenges with its aging buildings and rising pensioncontributions. My priorities are to minimize infrastructure improvement costs and decrease the cost perstudent by implementing technology in affordable, right-sized facilities. I will use my experience toadvocate for students of all abilities.


    Michael Thorwart

    HOMETOWN: Holland 

    DOB: 02/66EDUCATION:  PhD Chemical Engineering Penn StateOCCUPATION: Senior Research ScientistQUALIFICATIONS: I have over 20 years of experience as project manager, data analyst, engineerand scientist. I am active in CR Board meetings, Academic Standards, Facilities and Finance committeemeetings. A am active in the community and served on the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee.ANSWER TO QUESTION:  CR is confronting: a new superintendent, two large middle school projects, new teacher and support staff contracts, and ongoing budgetary constraints caused by the state

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




     pension system. I will seek to ensure CR maintains its educational excellence while respecting thetaxpayers who finance the district. I believe in providing a quality education at a reasonable cost.

    Morrisville Borough School District School Director

    4-year term (Vote for 5)


    Wanda Kartal

    HOMETOWN: MorrisvilleDOB: 12/64EDUCATION: Studied at BCCC/Earned HR certification from VillanovaOCCUPATION: recruiter/HR ManagerQUALIFICATIONS: I am a current School Board Director and Chair of the Joint Board/CouncilCommittee, the Board Rep to the BCIU#22 and serve on the HR and PR Committee. I also served asRep to the BCTHS.

    ANSWER TO QUESTION: I am seeking reelection to the board for several reasons but my priority ismy son currently in 10th grade. It is a great honor to serve our community and I would like to continuethe work of this board that has shown great respect for the institution and the children. Morrisville kidsdeserve a board that believes in them and fights for them daily and one that will make decisions basedon facts.

    David Stoneburner(No response received)

    Damon Miller

    (No response received)

    Donna Getty

    HOMETOWN: Morrisville DOB: 09/1966EDUCATION: M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Seton Hall University OCCUPATION: Environmental Statistician for 25 yearsQUALIFICATIONS: I am a focused, determined mother of 4, with strong time-critical projectmanagement skills. I am skilled in personnel/budgetary oversight and allocation, and QA/QC focusingon improvement of policies/procedures.ANSWER TO QUESTION: I am running for School Director to ensure not just the maintenance of aquality education for my children but also for future students. We are experiencing financially

    challenging times in our school district. I want to be a part of the process that evaluates options and possibilities for the students of the District and investigates new ways to improve our approach toeducation without allowing the education of our current students to decline.


    Carolyn Grau

    HOMETOWN: Morrisville DOB: 09/1962

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    EDUCATION: Largo High School, Largo, FLOCCUPATION: Accounting Clerk/Office ManagerQUALIFICATIONS: Accounting experience with some Government Budgeting experience. As amother of a Gifted but LD/ADHD daughter, I have been an advocate for her from Day 1. My years ofadvocating have given me insight into the inner workings of the education department.ANSWER TO QUESTION: I feel there needs to be more accountability and consistent discipline. Ifeel the core curriculum is behind neighboring districts. The children deserve a better education. I

    realize the district is cash strapped, but I believe we can find a way to make improvements. Until I amelected and privy to all information, I can't be sure how to address my concerns. However, I will doeverything possible to make changes that are necessary.

    Neshaminy School District - Region 1 School Director

    4-year term (Vote for 2)


    Cross Filed

    Tina HollenbachHOMETOWN: TrevoseDOB: 8/1970EDUCATION: Penn State UniversityOCCUPATION: Bank Branch Manager, VPQUALIFICATIONS: With 20 years of experience, I have balanced multiple people's interests whilestaying within budget. I make difficult decisions that have the most impact for all. I work on task forcesand focus groups in a collaborative effort to foster positive results.ANSWER TO QUESTION: I decided to run for school board to help ensure all children of the districthave the best education possible. This is done by fiscal responsibility, and forward thinking. If as adistrict we are prudent with our limited dollars, and provide innovative programs we can make this a

    district that parents will want to have their children educated in. We can be a top rated district in theState, while keeping taxes in check.


    Karen Lowry

    (No response received)


    Stephen Steve Pirritano

    HOMETOWN: FeastervilleDOB: 8/1964

    EDUCATION: Jules E. Mastbaum Vocational Technical High SchoolOCCUPATION: President, C & G Auto Repair Inc.QUALIFICATIONS: Current School Board member. Neshaminy Citizen Contract AdvisoryCommittee 2011 thru June 2013. Citizen Advisory for Superintendent Selection 2012Citizen Advisor for NESPA Cost Containment Committee, 2013. Chairman of the Ad Hoc FacilitiesCommittee. Chairman Administrators Contract CommitteeANSWER TO QUESTION: Teachers impasse lit my fire originally. As a Board member, I want tooffer our children more opportunities, a 21st century education and environment is crucial. I want to provide the best for the next generation as the generation before did for me. Revenue is key. We must

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    consolidated and operate efficiently before we ask taxpayers for more. I believe the Roadmap is the bridge to the future. No need to raise taxes.

    Neshaminy School District - Region 2 School Director

    4-year term (Vote for 2)


    Cross Filed

    Bob Feather

    HOMETOWN: LevittownDOB: 11/1962EDUCATION: High school graduate.OCCUPATION: Self Employed Home InspectorQUALIFICATIONS: Being self-employed provides responsibilities regarding communication with people through customer service, bookkeeping, budgeting and time management. I am a former BoardMember for Bucks County Habitat for Humanity as well as the Tri-State chapter of the AmericanSociety for Home Inspectors.

    ANSWER TO QUESTION: The Neshaminy "Road Map" is an irresponsible game being played out inour schools, with our children, will close 3 schools, cause students to be jockeyed from one end of thedistrict to the other, extend the current bond 10 years costing us “up to” $116 Million. Improve opendialog with residents and implement a plan that has the least impact on our students, schools,community, and taxpayers while addressing our future infrastructure needs.


    Robert J. Sanna, Jr.

    HOMETOWN: LevittownDOB: 5/1975


    OCCUPATION: QUALIFICATIONS: I’m a High School graduate and I have been a Financial Management Analyst for20 years. I’m also a parent with children who will attend schools in Neshaminy. It’s an advantage forme because it allows me to see, firsthand, how decisions made by the board and the administration affectstudents.ANSWER TO QUESTION: I hope to shift gears and to be a part of the resolution to bring 5th graders back to Elementary School and to invest in our current assets thus protecting our neighborhoods and property value. Also my plan will include bringing superior customer service, to you, the taxpayer. Iwill seek your opinion and input on decisions that I have to make and include you in the process.


    Robert “Bob” TullHOMETOWN: LevittownDOB: 9/52EDUCATION: Neshaminy High school diploma, and some collegeOCCUPATION: Independent consultant to governments, asset managers, stock exchanges and trust banksQUALIFICATIONS: Served on the Neshaminy School Board from 1990 to 1999ANSWER TO QUESTION:  In 1990s the Board was making poor decisions about a second highschool causing future harm to taxpayers and students. I see the current Board repeating this mistake

  • 8/20/2019 2015 Municipal Election Bucks County League of Women Voters of Bucks County




    under similar conditions. I would reverse the current plan to move 5th graders to the middle schools,suspend new construction, increase renovations and resolve the excess student capacity at the middleschools where it is occurring. I wouldn’t resolve complex middle school problems with poor elementaryschool decisions.

    Neshaminy School District - Region 3 School Director

    4-year term (Vote for 1)


    Staci J. O’Brien 

    HOMETOWN: Langhorne DOB: 03/1977EDUCATION: Graduate-Neshaminy High School, class of 1995; Graduate-Pennsylvania StateUniversity, class of 1999OCCUPATION: Self-employed insurance sales associateQUALIFICATIONS: There is no specific training relevant to being voted in for the NeshaminySchool Board.

    ANSWER TO QUESTION: My top priority is the students of Neshaminy. I want to make sure thatthey receive the education they deserve. As a district I want us to work together--students, teachers andtaxpayers, to enhance the education that our children receive. I want to implement a more soundAcademic Enrichment program back into our elementary schools. I want to return our 5th graders backto elementary school where I feel they belong. I want our children to feel safe with the people theyencounter on a daily basis and be confident that they too have their best interests at heart.The current situation we are in did not happen overnight, and we will not get out of it overnight either. Iwould like the opportunity to guide us through the beginning of our upcoming changes and stay for aslong as our community sees fit.

    REPUBLICANMarty Sullivan

    HOMETOWN: Langhorne DOB: 09/1958EDUCATION: B.S. in Business Administration from LaSalle UniversityOCCUPATION: Certified Public AccountantQUALIFICATIONS: My experience running my certified public accounting practice has afforded methe experience to assist in the balancing of budgets, managing personnel and working with private sectorand union leaders.ANSWER TO QUESTION: I was prompted to run due to the school consolidation process in thedistrict, the 5 to 8 transition and the talks regarding school closures and the ongoing contention within

    the district surrounding these issues. I will use my experience as a Certified Public Accountant andfather of three school-aged children to assist in making fiscally responsible decisions that protect ourchildren and taxpayers and restore pride in the Neshaminy School District.