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Collection of Scientific papers by Bruce DePalma who mysteriously "died" after creating a working free energy device as so many other inventors who rediscover such but do not know the real unseen political powers that are so afraid of humanity becoming free from their power over. Onward towards the coming Golden Age!

Transcript of Bruce DePalma Scientific Papers

ON THE NATURE OF THE PRIMORDIAL FIELDTo err is to be humanby Bruce DePalma The description of the Primordial Field is imaginary but that is precisely why it is correct. The best instrument for the exploration of this question is the human mind. The representation of reality within our conscious persona is constructed out of the myriad chemical reactions to the sensory stimuli of "external reality". On this basis the sensory image is living and we could speculate the external reality was non-living unless we knew the self-evident proposition that all reality was alive. Nothing could exist unless the organizing force were more powerful than destructive & dissipative effects. Consequentially we can view the organizing force as transcendent and that destruction and dissipation are facets of the constructive energy.

The most profound manifestation of the creative force in material form are the thoughts and ideas. Thoughts and ideas are modifiers in the direction and application of Force. We arrive at the idea that the primordial field is a field of pure Force. The detection of an isotropic field consists of distorting it and noting the force isotropys. On the highest level of abstraction Force is Intelligence; consequently the primordial field is intelligent. Within the limits imposed by the capability of my human mind reality exists as it is. Its architecture is beyond the scope of my discovery. Nevertheless that architecture forms a basis for the positing and asking of questions. A dialogue of questions and answers, the field of a design for Physics. As long as we remain rational, 'it' remains rational. The primordial field has all known properties. We understand its force nature through experiments with charged capacitors, magnets, and gravity. In every case, a distortion of the primordial field results in an unbalanced force. Apparently the primordial field has certain mechanical characterizations which allow for the propagation of 'waves'. Mechanical characteristics mandate the possibilities of discrete 'particles'. Both characteristics exist simultaneously. The measuring instrument asks the question, the Universe provides the answer. Consequently, in the Universe of the primordial field the Nature or origin of the field is unknown being beyond the conception of the minds which are examining it. The human mind or body is a materialization of an implied tendency in the body of space. Consequently man can never know his source because only in the downstream of time is the material manifestation formed. Can the material manifestation form more subtle connections than itself? Can you have more subtle thoughts than you can think? The plenum of existence is formed within the limitations of the human mind.

The existence of the primordial field can be proved by the manifestation of unbalanced forces through distortion of its normally isotropic condition, i.e. by electricity, magnetism or gravity. That the primordial field has certain mechanical characteristics can be shown by the apparent propagation of waves and the existence of discrete particles. Mathematics is a facet of the Nature of the intelligent primordial field. The mathematics we presently use is derived from the counting of integers. This is OK when counting marbles or money. What is the Nature of the integer? Is an integer exactly the result of a number or are properties of counting being ignored like the higher order precessional modes of rotation, i.e. nutation, ..., ..., etc. Every experiment which is done qualifies and quantifies the primordial field in some aspect. If you want chaos you get chaos. For those of us who govern our thoughts with logic we get logic. Actually logic and chaos are the extrema of what we know as thought. For those of us who consider ourselves sophisticated we amuse ourselves with a pastime called Science. This the application of logic (the self-defining reasoning process in Nature), to Nature. This selfexamination in itself has the limitation of the manifest in attempting to describe the un-manifest. A final thought. The primordial field is responsible for the inertia of material objects. Without rotation the manifested inertial mass is isotropic, as is the primordial field. With rotation anisotropy is established firstly in the existence of directions for the inertia experiment, i.e. axial motion or motion in the plane of rotation. Apparently there is a connection, (through time), between the manifest material object and the primordial field. Consequently, rotation of a material object introduces spatial anisotropy of inertial mass measurements into the spatial region surrounding the rotating object. It is suggestive that magnetism, a phenomena of spatial anisotropy, could be introduced into a normally non-magnetic material, i.e.

brass, through the influence of a field of spatial inertia anisotropy. Certain recent experiments of Monstein have borne this out. Although as a field it is no more primary than electricity, magnetism, or gravity, the spatial inertial anisotropy created by a rotating object is called the OD field. Bruce DePalma

The Experiment of Existenceby Bruce DePalma6 August 1996 Is God an a priori condition for the existence of reality? What is prior before prior? The cosmic primordial field exists because it exists. I am because I am is the first statement of God. "The T.V. screen is the retina of the mind's eye." God is exploring the inner anatomy of himself. Dive deep into the sea of mind and find the gem of love. By approaching that which we seek we lose the sense of reason and bewitch our minds. The circle is closing and we are no further ahead. God is power and with power you have no choice. The endless bargain of infinity turns us round again. For the sake of argument we must assume that consciousness in Nature is the essence of the mind of God. The why of the why, the sine qua non. This reminds me of the Platonic dialogue where, Socrates demonstrates the existence of geometric forms, a priori, i.e. square, circle, triangle in the mind of the student, - without the necessity for the existence of written diagrams. Socrates shows certain geometric forms are innate in the mind, preordaining the written diagrams. So we must accept the natural elements which are given to us as the building blocks of our world. I would rather serve in Heaven than rule in Hell. I accept the concepts given to me as the elementary constructions of the mind. God is trapped in his own existence as no mere mortal can imagine. Why is this true? I have no answer to this existence. This presupposes I am God; but I am God. There is no separation from God for God and his existence go together. If God were separate from his existence a new interpretation would be possible and offers interesting possibilities. Something from nothing is only a creative concept, it tells us nothing about the existence of reality. The best the creative thinkers of this world have been able to come up with, and I include myself in that category, is that the cosmic primordial field cannot be deduced since

the logical elements of deduction, i.e. words, are in themselves inferred natural elementary symbolisms. Since the basis of which we are arguing is in itself a logical interpretation we are on shifting sands and our thoughts become indeterminate, undefined. Logic is a self-justifying system, circularities and tautologies are it's only result. Consequently nothing can be proved by logic alone. The Universe we exist in exists because it exists. The same can be said for the cosmic primordial field. The question is not whether we have to posit or deduce because it is not in the province of logic to be able to arrive at the truth. Truth can only be determined by experiment. The experiment of existence is something even God cannot try. Because God is the subject of his own experiment. The fact that this conversation is going on at all is because God is not the only concept which fills the Universe. There is the imperfection of God which makes man question his own desires.

Bruce DePalma

The Absurdity of Knowledgea collection of papers by Bruce DePalma 17 July 1996

I have always been interested in physics. When I went to school in the 60's I was fed the "standard interpretation" of physical phenomena. I came to believe or accept the ideas presented in the University and the interpretations thereof. My mind was blown out after my initial student induced 'pot' experience. I discovered as a direct perception that the flow of time was not Universal. From this it was but a short time before I began to doubt the axioms and truisms of science. I sensed that if the Universality of time was an incorrect doctrine, all other scientific reasonings dependent on it were also flawed. Of course one always searches for a "critical experiment" to prove or disprove a scientific thought. For those of us who interest ourselves in altering Reality there has to be a critical experiment which changes everything. Does the photon divide itself before the double slit experiment -- so that one half goes through one slit and the remainder through the other? If in the performance of an experiment we create a contradiction, does Reality come crashing down? Maybe only in our heads since the map is not the territory and we can dream-up anything we want. For those of us interested in The Pure System, this is a waste of time since it does not address the problem of survival. If we are trapped within a system of logic there is no way out unless we recognize

certain things cannot be done, i.e. Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, Space Travel, etc., are implicitly excluded. How do you break the spell, the fixation of humanity on conservation, the dividing up of the limited into the more limited. This book is not for everybody since nobody knows what is true. We must break the cycle of kindness and face reality. Loosely returning to the