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Decorate your wall, door, funiture with our wall graphics. Great designs, printed ink and no die cut needed, freedom of design.

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  • 1. InstructionWall Graphic TransferWipe the wall or intended surface with a clean damp clothto assure that it is clean and free of grease. When the wallis clean use a sponge with plenty of water and make thewall wet. The wetter the wall is the easier the Wall GraphicTransfer will release.Face the colored side of the Wall Graphic Transfer sheet to-wards the wall. You can use the black outline printed on theback of the sheet to help you position the transfer correctly.If the Wall Graphic Transfer touches the wall, you can gentlyremove and reposition it, as long as no pressure has beenapplied and there is enough water on the wall.Once you determine the desired placement, press the WallGraphic Transfer sheet firmly against the wall using a rubberor foam roller. Use a sponge with plenty of water and makethe back of the Wall Graphic Transfer wet untill the paperchanges color.Now use a rubber or foam roller to the outside of the transferso you get rid of the water that is under the paper. Wait 1minute. Now gently peel back one corner of the paper fromthe wall. Make sure to check that Wall Graphic Transfer isset. If not, use the sponge one more time to wet the back ofthe Wall Graphic. After one hour, use a wet sponge on theedges to attach the Wall Graphic firmly to the wall. Technichal specifications: Product size: 16x35 cm

2. Measurements Endcap: 1x2.20 meter Package size: 150x200 cm 3. 1635017 4. 1635017 16350011635002 1635003 16350041635005 Product size: 16x35 cm 5. 1635028 6. 1635028 16350061635007 1635008 16350091635010 Product size: 16x35 cm 7. 1635024 8. 1635024 16350121635013 1635014 16350151635016 Product size: 16x35 cm 9. 1635027 10. 1635027 16350181635019 1635021 16350221635023 Product size: 16x35 cm 11. Article TLG-541777 12. 1635027 16350181635019 1635021 16350221635023 Product size: 16x35 cm 13. 1635032 Article TLG-541777Click here 14. 1635032 Product size: 16x35 cm