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  • 1. An Opportunity to Cash in India is waking up to aGLOBAL SPORTING PHENOMENA.Parents and Adults alike are taking to Sports both in Recreational and Professional FormatsGreater need is felt for becoming a Fitter nation.

2. Why should you Invest with Indias leading Sports and Fitness Nutrition BrandEndorsed by Olympian Sushil Kumar and World Record Holder Dinaz Vervatwala Over a short period of time,BODYFUELZ has become aname associated with WINNING. You tube and Facebook have loyal followers that you can observe to judge for yourself. 3. How Easy is it to start a BODYFUELZ dealershipUnlike most businesses Space and High Capital investments are not required. A small starting investment as low as Rs 10,000-15,000 will get you going.Your biggest investment will be the time to learn aboutthe product and how to approach the audience thatrequires to use BODYFUELZ. The company will provide you with Adequate Promotional and sampling requirements in the initial stages to builda consumer loyalty to get you started. 4. How do I get Started? It is very easy to start with BODYFUELZ dealership Send a E -Mail to or send a Letter to TheMarketing Manger, BIO BOBDYFUELZ LTD, 72 Marshalls Road,Egmore, Chennai, 600008. In this letter please state your name, name of your firm( if youhave a TIN registration),your address, contact no/Mobile, yourbankers details and a little background to your desire to invest inthis field. However it is not mandatory that you have registrations You can also call us directly on 9900009080 between 10 am and5 pm and speak to Mr Ryan to know directly about BODYFUELZand how to start. 5. How do we respond back to your Interest? We are happy to receive your Interest and will revertback immediately We will dispatch to you a series of all our products andleaflets and other materials for Promotions along withour current price list. We will also indicate our terms and conditions alongwith all details necessary for you to follow to start thebusiness. 6. Once I start what Support can I expect fromBODYFUELZ ? BODYFUELZ is a young and dynamic company. We support you through our dietary and Ergogenic Nutrition Services through our TOLLFREE no 1800 200 4500. A team of Experts will guide you or any of your customer s on howto use and benefit from these products Our Website is equipped to handle all queries YOU tube and the internet is having all videos relating to the business. Your customers canview it live and thereby be convinced that you are selling a world class product Our Posters/Leaflets and other Promotional items will be given to you to create awareness. We will organize Scientific seminars to your Coaches/Trainers as the need arises. Thiseducation will directly convince Consumers of the superior results that BODYFUELZ is ableto deliver. Our team of managers will visit your Region when required to support you in your training,your staff training and customer interactions if required. 7. The range of our Sports and Fitness Nutrition Products 8. BODYFUELZ GLUCOSAMINE 9. WE are the No 1 business in Sports and Fitness NutritionJoin us on our journey to Make People Fitter.