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One of the most prominent infrastructure expansion and modernization projects in recent times. Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) took over IGI Airport in May 2006. The expansion project is being executed by infrastructure major GMR under a public private partnership initiative of the Government of India. Terminal 3 was opened in November 2010, making IGI, 5th largest airport.

Worlds second largest airport terminal . Handle 100% of international and 50% of domestic traffic. Designed by HOK working in consultation with Mott MacDonald, it is a two-tier building, with the bottom floor being the arrivals area, and the top being a departures area. This terminal has 168 check in counters, 78 aerobridges at 48 contact stands, 30 parking bays, 72 immigration counters.


AOCC etc.



PAVA(Public Address and Voice Alarm) Systems

FIDS(Flight Information Display System) Baggage Reconciliation System

ACS(Access Control System) CUSS(Common Use Self Service) and Information Kiosks

Building Management System AOCC(Airport Operations Control Centre)

PAVA (Public Address and Voice Alarm) System Traditionally used for staff announcements, background music and providing time signals. Have evolved to provide warnings for fire, chemical and bomb alerts.

These systems are commonly known as Voice Alarm systems or Voice Evacuation systems

PAVA System ( cont.)The Block Schematic opposite shows a simple public address system. The system has three inputs: a radio for playing background music a microphone for staff announcements an input from a time control system for shift time signals

Security Check Real Time System, improving customer exp Highly Scalable with use of WAN

Rapid identification of passengers that have not yet boarded to prevent boarding of their luggage onto the aircraft

Baggage Reconciliation (bag matching) Elimination of misdirected baggage Minimal short shipped baggage occurrences

Baggage Tracking: check-in, loading, transfer through to reclaimPro-active transfer baggage, handling utilities Graphical statistical analysis tools Automated re-flight (re-routing)

Combined with CCTV cameras When an alarm is triggered on the access control system, an administrator can simply view both live and recorded video footage. Allows an option of Portable Access Control, handheld units are designed for ID card validation at remote sites or temporary entrances which have no power Allows an option to capture fingerprint biometrics for validating entry

Shared kiosk offering check-in facilities without the need for ground staff

Passengers can enjoy easier and faster passage through the airport, due to shorter queues. Kiosks can be placed all over the airport, ranging from car parks to transit areas, thus cutting down airport crowds.

Touch screen interface creates user friendly experience for people of all ages and education levels . Retail information kiosks assist users in making smarter buying decision, creating more loyal customers .

Kiosks in any environment increase public awareness and save labor overhead Printing-on-demand option preprinted forms costs. for information kiosks saves

Targeted loyalty offers or special promotions improve customer service as well as increase sales.

BMS systems are a critical component to managing energy demand.

BMS systems are sometimes linked to access control (turnstiles and access doors controlling who is allowed access and egress to the building) or other security systems such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) and motion detectors.Fire alarm systems and elevators are also sometimes linked to a BMS

BMSs are usually delivered as fully integrated systems and services through companies such as Siemens, Honeywell ,Johnson Controls, TAC and others.

Maximizes Efficiency Monitors and co-ordinates operations within the terminal, cargo, air-side and other support functions of the airport.


T3-AOCC one of the largest Airport Operation Control Center in Asia. It integrates 19 IT systems to manage and monitor the terminal real time.

3200 cameras across the terminal and monitor over 50000+ sensor points for real time inputs and collaborative viewing.

Ergonomically designed space management system along with solid state integrated system and infrastructure to function 24X7 .

Control center for all air side, terminal, security & landside operations for Indira Gandhi International Airport. The framework integrates a full range of video surveillance backed by tamper proof video data analysis and active archiving capabilities linked to multiple alarm and access control systems.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Televisions) MATV(Master Antenna Television)

HED(Help Desk)Telephony Electronic Point of Sale Paid Automated Parking Systems