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Bib Handout Decisions


• Custom Printed Bibs• Printing Labels• Dynamic Bib Assignment

• Running Store Handout• Group Handout• Expo Handout• Race Day Handout

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Labels – Custom Printed Bibs• Custom Printed Bibs• Ideal for sold out races where there is enough time to order• Extra expense• Download CSV from RunSignUp after Bib Assignment• Forward to Bib Company for Custom Printing




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Printing Labels• Avery 5160 Labels get Printed• Stick on Bibs• RunSignUp Bib Printout Utility• Under Participant -> Reports• Customize form

• Text• ? Insert a field from the database

• Output PDF formatted for 5160 labels


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Printing Labels• Avery 5160 Labels – Amazon ~$20 for 3,000•


• Printing Labels Suggestions• Print in alphabetical order• Put bibs in hanging folders ordered by last name

• General Guidelines• Best setup is 2 volunteers• Can do ~100 bibs in 5-10 minutes


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Dynamic Bib Assignment


Dynamic Bib Assignment

Store PickupStore Pickup

Expo Pickup Race Day PickupRace Day Pickup

Race Day PickupStore Pickup

Multiple Stores Multiple Pickup Lines

Expo PickupExpo Pickup

Each station has batch of bibsAssign bib to each runnerWrite name on bib – especially for family pickups!

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RunSignUp Dynamic Bib Assignment

• Bib Assignment on laptop, Chromebook, Tablet or mobile phone.

• Laptops and Chromebooks work with Bar Code scanners for bib reading.

• Find under Race Info –> Race Day Registration• Enable others to do check-in under Customize -> Participant

Display• Ensures security in information access


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Check-In Screen• Many options for Bibs & Checkin• Pick Columns• Filter data by event• Hide people checked in• Pick Editing Options• Pick Device type• Sort by registration date• Sort by name• Search by name and bib


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Bib Handout Page• Based on setup• Big buttons for mobile• Quick Edit/Check-In• Bib Number can be bar coded in.


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No Bib Races• Simply do checkin• Include Giveaways & Store items

• Take Cash Payments


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Summary• Complete bib handout enablement• Bib Assignment options• Printing Bib Label Utility• Dynamic Bib Handout• Stores• Expo• Race Day