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Consumers : A SelectBibliography

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Consumers : A SelectBibliography


Dy. LibrarianIndian Institute of Public Administration

New Delhi


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Published under aegis of consultancy assignment. Promoting Involvementof Research Institutions/Universities/Colleges, etc., in ConsumerProtection and Consumer Welfare

Sponsored by : The Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministry ofConsumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India.

Published by Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi andPrinted at New United Process, A-26, Naraina Industrial Area,Ph-II, New Delhi, Ph. 25709125

© Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi 2007

Price Rs. 250/-

Consumer Education Monograph Series

Editors : S.S. Singh Rakesh Gupta Sapna Chadah

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Satisfaction of consumers, clients and customers in regards toquality of goods and services is a condition precedent for the successof functioning of the system and sub-systems of public governance.It has a direct impact on the system of governance and its legitimacy,credibility and accountability. The role of Department ofConsumer Affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and PublicDistribution, Government of India in this regard is to evolvepolicies, law, schemes, programmes and to provide appropriateinfrastructure, so that the rights and interests of the consumerscan be better protected. Keeping in view this particular role, theDepartment of Consumer Affairs as a nodal institution has evolveda number of schemes and strategies to provide boost to theconsumer movement in the country. As a part of this endeavourof the Department, the present Consultancy Project was assignedto Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. Theactivities under the Consultancy Project, inter alia, includepublications of monographs and other literature on the topics ofrelevance for the benefit of general consumers. The presentBibliography is one such publications.

We are indeed grateful to the Department of Consumer Affairsparticularly Shri Yashwant Bhave, Secretary, for his trust andconfidence in the Institute and Mrs. Alka Sirohi, AdditionalSecretary, for her guidance, constant encouragement and activeparticipation in the activities undertaken as a part of the Project.We are also thankful to Shri Sanjay Singh, Joint Secretary for hisactive support, help, advice and usefuf suggestions as Chairpersonof the Monitoring Committee constituted under the ConsultancyProject. Our thanks are due to other official of the Departmentespecially Shri G.N. Sreekumaran, Director (CWF) and othermembers of the Evaluation Committee and the MonitoringCommittee.

We express our gratitude to the Management of IIPA especiallyHis Excellency Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, Governor of Karnataka

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v i

and Chairman, Executive Council, Dr. K. Malaisamy, Vice-President and Chairman Standing Committee and Shri B.P. Mathur,Honorary Treasurer, IIPA for their keen interest, encouragementand constructive suggestions. We express our heartfelt and sincerethanks to them. Prof. S.P. Verma, Director, IIPA, has always beensupporting, helping, encouraging and guiding the activitiesundertaken as a part of the Consultancy Assignment. We are indeedthankful to him. We would like to place on record our thanks andhigh appreciation for the sincere and timely services provided bythe Administration and Library, which helped us in the efficientperformance of the activities under the Project. We are also thankfulto Shri Sunil Dutt, Publication Officer, for his keen interest in thepublications under the Project.

We wish to place on record our appreciation and thanks fromthe core of our heart to the compiler of the bibliography, Smt.Sunita Gulati, Dy. Librarian, IIPA, for her positive response toour request for this contribution.

S.S. SinghRakesh GuptaSapna Chadah

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The Bibliography on ‘Consumers’ is an essential tool forlibrarians, academics and researchers wishing to keep uptodate withthe published literature on consumers.

The ground work of the bibliography was done with the helpof the database of books and articles of the Indian Institute of PublicAdministration Library, Indian Books in Print, Bowker’s Booksin Print, Sage Public Administration Abstracts and PAIS Bulletin.Various sites visited on the Internet include,,, etc. Some of the Networks andGateways visited for collection of the references are: DevelopingLibraries Network (DELNET), Social Science InformationGateways (SOSIG), some of the important library sites are BritishLibrary and the Library of Congress, IGIDR, TISS Library,NCAER websites. Some of the Publisher’s sites like D.K.Publishers, Springer and Sage were also checked for thebibliography. Various National and International Universities siteswere visited for Indian and Foreign thesis and dissertations. ForIndia especially Vidyanidhi site was found to be very useful.

The initial bibliography was checked with the holdings of themajor local libraries like Delhi University Library, Jawahar LalNehru University Library, Institute of Economic Growth,National Council of Applied Economic Research, Ratan TataLibrary etc. for the dual purpose of filling in the gaps and testingthe strength of the collections. Despite the best possible care, theprobability of shortcomings lurking here and there in the collectionand organisation of information cannot be ruled out. Nevertheless,it is hoped that the users would find the content useful.

The bibliography lists books, monograph, reports and articlesfrom all over the world. The period of literature for the books istaken from 1990 to 2006 and for the articles from 2000 to 2006.The bibliography is organised in two parts. Part I cover Books,

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Monographs and Reports and part II contains Articles. The entriesare arranged subject wise alphabetically. An author index is givenat the end.

It may not have been possible to complete the work withoutthe financial support from the Department of Consumer Affairs.We are grateful to the Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministryof Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Governmentof India for sponsoring this project. I express my gratitude to Prof.S.S. Singh who has always been a source of inspiration andencouraged me to do this project and for providing all the necessarysupport and guidance in the completion of this project. I amthankful to Prof. S.P. Verma, Director and Dr Naresh Kumar,Registrar for providing all the infrastructure support without whichit was not be possible to do the project of this kind. I am thankfulto Shri Rakesh Gupta for all the support provided to us.

A special word of appreciation is also due to Shri NagenderSingh., Professional Assistant for dedication and hardwork. Iexpress my thanks to Mrs. Kheema Rawat Mehta and Shri BrijMohan Mishra for the laborious task of data entry and efficientlypreparing the type script.

I am thankful to Prof R. K Sachdeva , Shri B.K. Suri, ShriSuresh Kumar, Shri A.K. Nath, Shri H.C. Yadav, Shri A.P. Yadavand all other library colleagues for all their kind cooperation andsupport. Finally I am thankful to all those whom I may haveforgotten to mention.

Sunita Gulati

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Preface vii

Introduction ix

Part I: Books

Sr. No. Subject-Headings Entry No.

01. Consumer Behaviour 0001-0263 1

02. Consumer Co-operatives 0264-0282 19

03. Consumer Complaints 0283-0289 20

04. Consumer Credit 0290-0380 20

05. Consumer Education 0381-0405 27

06. Consumer Goods. Brands 0406-0481 29

07. Consumer Health 0482-0520 34

08. Consumer Law and Legislation 0521-0651 37

09. Consumer Price Indexes 0652-0670 45

10. Consumer Protection 0671-0741 47

11. Consumer Relations 0742-0772 52

12. Consumer Research 0773-0806 54

13. Consumer Satisfaction. Needs 0807-0874 56

14. Consumer Services 0875-0940 61

15. Consumerism 0941-0963 65

16. Consumers 0964-1274 66

17. Consumer Marketing 1275-1390 87

18. Consumption (Economics) 1391-1634 95

19. Author Index 114

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Part II: Articles


Sr. No. Subject-Headings Entry No.

01. Consumer Behaviour 0001-0192 139

02. Consumer Co-operatives 0193-0199 153

03. Consumer Complaints 0200-0210 153

04. Consumer Credit 0211-0247 154

05. Consumer Education 0248-0260 157

06. Consumer Goods. Brands 0261-0340 158

07. Consumer Health 0341-0409 164

08. Consumer Law and Legislation 0410-0489 169

09. Consumer Price Indexes 0490-0507 175

10. Consumer Protection 0508-0577 176

11. Consumer Relations 0578-0603 181

12. Consumer Research 0604-0637 183

13. Consumer Satisfaction. Needs 0638-0693 186

14. Consumer Services 0694-0709 190

15. Consumerism 0710-0747 191

16. Consumers 0748-1083 194

17. Consumer Marketing 1084-1137 218

18. Consumption (Economics) 1138-1267 222

19. Author Index 233

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Part I


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BOOKS 1 / 1

Consumer Behaviour

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Page 14: Bib Complete


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Part II


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NSSO Expert Group On Non-SamplingErrors 1216

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Qiu, L. 979


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Xia, L. 507Xie, Y. 736Xue, Mei 1076Xuguang, Guo 1266


Yadav, R.K. 1077Yakkob, C. 709Yamini, Veena 1135Yang, Y. 1267Yee, W.M. 189Yee, W.M.S. 190Yeoman, Ian 952Yeung, K. 1078Yeung, R.M. 189Yeung, R.M.W. 190Yim, Y.B. 636Yinger, John 1136Yiridoe, E.K. 1079Yole, P. 747Yoo, B. 191Young, M. 1080Yu, K.M. 790Yu, Y.T. 693

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