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Best Leadership Ever

Best Leadership EverPresented by, Anushri S. Patil.The way to change the world

Selling d dream of better 2marrow1

What is leadership ? Leading People

Influencing People

Commanding People

Guiding People

Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.Set directions , inspire people , makes something differenet ,innovativeReligious figure2


They put Human Race Fward , while .some may see dem crazy ones, bt we see dem of d world genuis3

Alexander the GreatRemarkable lessons from Alexanders

Seek Out the Best MentorsThen Learn from Them.

Increase Decision-Making Flexibility.

Winning Strategy is Both Efficient and Innovative.

The Perils of Professional Excess and Personal Dissipation

Most part of d world, 11 yrs of conquest, Egypt to india,Seniors, n see d fact where u r ,n where u wnt 2 be4

Encourage innovationInvest intalent management Create mechanisms of organisational governanceCompelling visionUnsurpassed in executionWalk the talk

Focused Know to make vision reality by maintain excellentinformation systemToopsExtremely visionary in his time , so he spend a lot of resources on training &Developmentcollective imagination of his people and won the commitment of his followers.


Adolf Hitler.Leader of NAZI Party. Chancellor of Germany .MilitaryCommander.National Leader.

non german judges by his speeches to touch german peopleSingle minded6

Brilliant Orator..

Germany the world's superpower and committing genocide.


Steve jobs

Founder of worlds second largestInformation technology company.

A vibrant life.

Godfather of Marketing world.

Great passion of product excellence, think Differeent9




Appple market become d worldsmost marketBrand known by apple,11

Revolution begins from here.

Foster GreatnessFollow Your PassionStay True to Your VisionHire CreativityRisk FailureServe a Purpose

Push for Perfection.

Put products before profits Im going to do something completely different game.ability to focus.Left amazing mark on d world


Narendra Modi

Reflection of Nehru.

Prime Minister of India.

absolute supremacy.

16 hrs , y nt 18 hrsMade to break my own records.13

Vibrant LeaderExcellent Oratorical Skills.Charisma.Quick Decision Making Ability.Clarity of Vision.Strong Base Support.

Adressing to d woman , youth,rural , urbanIndian political class either by design or political compulsionTo a being blind is having sight but no visionMr.advani, sushma swarajA 14

How far can you go ?