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Best School EVER

Best School EVERSchool designed using UDL principles

EVERY PART OF THE SCHOOL SHOULD BE FOR EVERYONEIn our school there are no specialized electives-if everyone is not able to participate than it does not need to be offeredWe do not have a gymWe do not have a cafeteriaIn our school we teach knowledge, not manners We are not babysitters-We are educatorsWe are helping to develop lifetime learners and appreciators in what everyone has to offer

SCHOOL DAYThis is a year round school open to all ages and abilities.Everyone, students and personnel alike, gets 2 weeks of vacation and one week of sick leave per yearThe school day consists of 5-50 minute sessions 4 days a weekWe have an am (7-11:50)and a pm (12-4:50) set of sessions

STRUCTUREBecause we have two separate sets of sessions at our school, we can be half the size of schools now or we can expand to as big as necessary All stairs will be combined with ramps for multiple ways to access different levels.There will be classrooms, meeting halls and conversation pits that students can use for lessonsThe ceilings of each of the classrooms will double as a video screen with chairs that lean back.

CLASSESSince most of the classes are online, the students are not required to be any where in particular at the school, except for their daily Appreciation sessionThere are 10 minute breaks between session where students are allowed to move around if they wishBecause most of the sessions are individualized students are not grouped by age or ability.The only exception to this is Appreciation session. This session is assigned randomly upon registration and each student remains with the same group throughout their time at the school.

PERSONNELThere will be two forms of personnelOne will be monitors, these will be people who are available not only for technical questions but also there to encourage students to stay on task.There will be at least 3 monitors for every 20 studentsThe other form of personnel will be a mentor. There will be a mentor for every 10 students. They will be assigned specific students and will be there to guide them for the entire time they are at the school.

INSTRUCTIONAll classes are online so that everyone is on their own level. Instruction will include participating in online blogs and chatrooms so that everyone is allowed to express their opinions on what they are learning.Monitors are qualified in all subjects at all levels and are available for any technical issues a student might experience.Mentors are also qualified in all subjects at all levels but specifically concentrate on the Appreciation sessionsIf a student needs help with their lessons the first help comes from the online course itself. If further help is required the monitor is there to present it in another way.

GENERAL CURRICULUMThere will be 5-50 minute sessions per day 4 days a week based on classical teachings which will include: English/Literature, Math, History, ScienceThe fifth session will be called Appreciation, it will consist of music, art , and cultural studies. This will also be the session that guest speakers will attend. We will have famous people from all backgrounds and abilities. We will also have people from the community to come and share with us. Everyone who has a story to tell is welcome at our school All instruction will be student driven as far as what level they want to achieve at what point. It can also be in the style the student wants.Sessions will have been designed by psychologists with development in mind

TECHNOLOGYEvery single student will have their own tablet with headphones and a printer that will be kept at homeAny student that requires additional technology will be provided with it. Examples include but are not limited to alternative keyboards, abbreviation expanders, etc...

ASSESSMENTSince all instruction is provided on a computer you must pass into the next level by completing all the requirements.A yearly portfolio will also be required. This will include examples of work chosen by student, which can include, but is not limited to written work, oral presentations, visual representations.Our goal is not to test you over your access of knowledge but to help you demonstrate your knowledge in the way that you are most comfortable

Physical activitiesAlthough we do not offer physical activities at our school, we strongly encourage everyone get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a dayWe can recommend different activities for you and your child

schoolsSchools should be wonderful places, where students can learn to realize all of their potential in a safe and nurturing environmentSchools should help us to want to learn and show us the means to achieve thisSchools should not make us feel bad about ourselves because we are not like everybody else