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SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK We love to hear from travelers – your comments keep us on our toes and help make our books better. Our well-traveled team reads every word on what you loved or loathed about this book. Although we cannot reply individually to your submissions, we always guarantee that your feed- back goes straight to the appropriate authors, in time for the next edition. Each person who sends us information is thanked in the next edition – the most useful submissions are rewarded with a selection of digital PDF chapters. Visit to submit your updates and suggestions or to ask for help. Our award-winning website also features inspirational travel stories, news and discussions. Note: We may edit, reproduce and incorporate your comments in Lonely Planet products such as guidebooks, websites and digital products, so let us know if you don’t want your comments reproduced or your name acknowledged. For a copy of our privacy policy visit privacy. 870 870 OUR READERS Many thanks to the travelers who used the last edition and wrote to us with helpful hints, useful advice and interesting anecdotes: Cameron Ewen, Claus Nelson, Gerardo Celis, Jared Rosenthal, John Malone, Katrin Flatscher, Mo Miller, Moriz Heyss, Rachel Edwards, Sofie Widén WRITERS’ THANKS Mara Vorhees For local insights, thanks to Ewald Muschenich at Beach House Aruba, as well as excellent staff at Scuba Lodge in Curaçao and Sunset Divers in Cayman. I am especially grateful to Bill and Suzie Mulvey for their wonderfully warm welcome in Bonaire, while Luigi Moxam showed off the very best of Cayman. As always, so much love and gratitude to Jerry Easter and Roy & Ruth Vorhees for making it possible for me to do what I love to do. Paul Clammer Thanks to all my co-authors for their valiant efforts, and destination editor Bailey Freeman for fielding a hundred questions. In Kingston, big thanks to Matthew Smith and Ishtar Govia, to David Scott, Joshua Chamberlain, Annie Paul, and everyone at LifeYard. In Ocho Rios, thanks to Shelly Ann Johnson. In Port Antonio, thanks to Charlene Bryden and Jim Sibthorpe. Grazie to Carla Gullotta in Drapers. At home, thanks and love as always to Robyn, especially for Monkey-wrangling while I was on the road. Ashley Harrell Thanks to: David Roth for hiking Pico Duartewith me. Vince DeGennaro and Grace Tilly for the hospitality. Kevin Raub, Bailey Freeman and Paul Clammer for their help and expertise. Soulouque for the wild ride. Caroline and Kaitlyn for the girl-time. Diane Pellerin for the dancing. Paul Guggenheim for the ideas and company. Sam Luok for existing. Tania Simonet for loving food like I do. Amy Benziger for the truest friendship I’ve ever known. And JC Taillandier, for just everything. Liza Prado Mil gracias to all the locals whose names I never learned but whose help was essential to me. Special thanks to my long lost sanjuanero friend Carlos Rivas, Kathy Gannett in Esperanza and Keishya Salko in Punta Santiago. Thank you to Mom, Dad, Joe, Elyse and Susan for all the kid help, and to Eva and Leo for waiting so patiently to play. And to Gary, my heart, thank you for your support and love; there’s no way I could do what I do without you. Brendan Sainsbury Thanks to all my Cuban amigos, many of whom helped me immensely during this research (and have been doing so for years). Special thanks to Carlos Sarmiento, Luis Miguel, Maité & Idolka in Morón, Julio & Elsa Roque, Joel in Matanzas, Beny in Varadero, Ramberto on the Isla de la Juventud, and to my wife Liz and son Kieran for accompanying me on the road. Behind the Scenes ©Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd
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  • SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK We love to hear from travelers – your comments keep us on our toes and help make our books better. Our well-traveled team reads every word on what you loved or loathed about this book. Although we cannot reply individually to your submissions, we always guarantee that your feed-back goes straight to the appropriate authors, in time for the next edition. Each person who sends us information is thanked in the next edition – the most useful submissions are rewarded with a selection of digital PDF chapters.

    Visit to submit your updates and suggestions or to ask for help. Our award-winning website also features inspirational travel stories, news and discussions.

    Note: We may edit, reproduce and incorporate your comments in Lonely Planet products such as guidebooks, websites and digital products, so let us know if you don’t want your comments reproduced or your name acknowledged. For a copy of our privacy policy visit


    OUR READERSMany thanks to the travelers who used the last edition and wrote to us with helpful hints, useful advice and interesting anecdotes: Cameron Ewen, Claus Nelson, Gerardo Celis, Jared Rosenthal, John Malone, Katrin Flatscher, Mo Miller, Moriz Heyss, Rachel Edwards, Sofie Widén

    WRITERS’ THANKSMara VorheesFor local insights, thanks to Ewald Muschenich at Beach House Aruba, as well as excellent staff at Scuba Lodge in Curaçao and Sunset Divers in Cayman. I am especially grateful to Bill and Suzie Mulvey for their wonderfully warm welcome in Bonaire, while Luigi Moxam showed off the very best of Cayman. As always, so much love and gratitude to Jerry Easter and Roy & Ruth Vorhees for making it possible for me to do what I love to do.

    Paul ClammerThanks to all my co-authors for their valiant efforts, and destination editor Bailey Freeman for fielding a hundred questions. In Kingston, big thanks to Matthew Smith and Ishtar Govia, to David Scott, Joshua Chamberlain, Annie Paul, and everyone at LifeYard. In Ocho Rios, thanks to Shelly Ann Johnson. In Port Antonio, thanks to Charlene Bryden and Jim Sibthorpe. Grazie to Carla Gullotta in Drapers. At home, thanks and love as always to Robyn, especially for Monkey-wrangling while I was on the road.

    Ashley HarrellThanks to: David Roth for hiking Pico Duartewith me. Vince DeGennaro and Grace Tilly for the hospitality. Kevin Raub, Bailey Freeman and Paul Clammer for their help and expertise. Soulouque for the wild ride. Caroline and Kaitlyn for the girl-time. Diane Pellerin for the dancing. Paul Guggenheim for the ideas and company. Sam Luok for existing. Tania Simonet for loving food like I do. Amy Benziger for the truest friendship I’ve ever known. And JC Taillandier, for just everything.

    Liza PradoMil gracias to all the locals whose names I never learned but whose help was essential to me. Special thanks to my long lost sanjuanero friend Carlos Rivas, Kathy Gannett in Esperanza and Keishya Salko in Punta Santiago. Thank you to Mom, Dad, Joe, Elyse and Susan for all the kid help, and to Eva and Leo for waiting so patiently to play. And to Gary, my heart, thank you for your support and love; there’s no way I could do what I do without you.

    Brendan SainsburyThanks to all my Cuban amigos, many of whom helped me immensely during this research (and have been doing so for years). Special thanks to Carlos Sarmiento, Luis Miguel, Maité & Idolka in Morón, Julio & Elsa Roque, Joel in Matanzas, Beny in Varadero, Ramberto on the Isla de la Juventud, and to my wife Liz and son Kieran for accompanying me on the road.

    Behind the Scenes

    ©Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd

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    IND TH


    Alex EgertonFirstly massive thanks to Chrystabel Sifflet for all the on the ground coordination, also thanks to Tonya Paul, Luc Weevers, Tabiah Regis, and Kent Warren for the island introductions. On the home front thanks as always to Olga Mosquera and Nicholas Kazu.

    Anna KaminskiA big thank you to Bailey for entrusting me with half of Jamaica, to fellow scribe Paul and to everyone who helped me along the way. In particular: Richard and Nicole in Falmouth/Santa Cruz/Accompong, Valerie and Leroy in MoBay, Ann and Lisa in Mandeville, Susan in Windsor, Allison in Black River, Captain Dennis in Treasure Beach, the brownie lady in Negril, Nancy and Lindsey in Kingston, and Elise and Darryl for the most memorable meal in Ochi.

    Catherine Le NevezMerci mille fois/hartelijk bedankt first and foremost to Julian, and everyone on Anguilla, St Martin/Sint Maarten, St-Barthélemy, Saba, St Eus-tatius and throughout the Caribbean who provided insights, inspiration and great times. Huge thanks too to destination editor Bailey Freeman, my Leeward Islands co-author Andrea Schulte-Peevers and French Antilles co-author Tom Masters, and everyone at LP. As ever, a heartfelt merci encore to my parents, brother, belle-sœur and neveu.

    Tom MastersMany thanks to Rosemary Masters, Sylvain Delanoë, Gilbert Wass, Fabien Guyon, Héloïse Duchamp and Michel Brent for their assistance in Martinique and Guadeloupe.

    Carolyn McCarthyHeartfelt thanks to those who made my work in Cuba possible: from my host Luis Miguel in Havana to Domingo Cuza in Bayamo, the Muñoz family, Rafael in Camagüey, Nilson and Infotur. Brendan Sainsbury, Diego y Roy: para su ayuda y buenos consejos, no hay suficiente Havana Club en el mundo para compensarles, pero intentamos!

    Hugh McNaughtanI’d like to express thanks for the patience and support of Tasmin, Maise and Willa, the top-notch editorial and technical assistance of Bailey and the LP support team, and the kindness and generosity of so many in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos.

    Kevin RaubThanks to my wife, Adriana Schmidt Raub, who has to put up with me being gone more than being home (she might like it!). Bailey Freeman,

    Ashley Harrell and all my partners-in-crime at LP. On the road, Kim Beddall, Pierre and Monick Rouleau, Terry Baldi, Flora Tours, Paul and Audrey and all at the Dive Academy, Catherine DeLaura, Gill Thomas, Kate Wallace, Mael Moisan, Simon Suarez, Andria Mitsakos and Christina Little.

    Andrea Schulte-PeeversI’d like to thank the following people who went the extra mile in helping me with my research (in no particular order): Carol Ann Watson, Tom & Sharie Decherd, Iris Azoulay, Tim Antal, Alan Napier, Val Kempadoo, Lochton Grant, Julian Moore, David Lea, Clover Lea, Sunny Lea, Helen Marden, Troy Dixon and Jessica Foreman.

    Polly ThomasThanks to Dexter, Aaron and Soleil Lewis for their patience and love during research; to Lynette, Dale, Gillian, Dean, Sion and all the Lewis clan for fabulous family times; to Skye Hernandez and Mampuru Stollmeyer for putting us up and putting up with us with such love; to Jillian Fourniller for stopping me from being hangry; to Gunda Busch-Harewood for a great road trip; and to Lara and Briony Baden-Semper and Sean Edghill for Port of Spain nightlife re-immersion.

    Luke WatersonThank you Aurelio, Juan Julio and his stalwart JCB for rescuing me when my car came off the road and was teetering on the edge of a rather deep ravine. And, welcome as a piña colada on a sultry afternoon, was the assistance of Tamaris, José and Eddie in San Juan, Trevor in Isabela, Lisa in Rincón and Kurt in Jayuya. At LP, gratitude streams across the oceans to co-writer Liza and editor Bailey for helping bring this book together.

    Karla ZimmermanThanks to fab pals Lisa Beran and Tamara Rob-inson for patience, good humor and invaluable assistance driving, snorkeling, drinking Painkillers and full moon partying. Thanks most to Eric Markowitz, partner-for-life supremo, who shoveled snow while I sat under palm trees. You top my Best List.

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSClimate map data adapted from Peel MC, Finlayson BL & McMahon TA (2007) ‘Updated World Map of the Köppen-Geiger Climate Classification’, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 11, pp1633–44.Cover photograph: Yacht in Antigua, Aurora Photos / AWL ©s

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    THIS BOOKThis 7th edition of Lonely Planet’s Caribbean Islands guidebook was researched and written by Mara Vorhees, Paul Clammer, Alex Egerton, Ashley Harrell, Catherine Le Nevez, Tom Masters, Hugh McNaughtan, Liza Prado, Brendan Sainsbury, Andrea Schulte-Peevers, Polly Thomas and Karla Zimmerman. The previous edition was written by Ryan Ver Berkmoes, Jean-Ber-nard Carillet, Nate Cavalieri, Paul Clammer, Michael Gros-berg, Anna Kaminski, Beth

    Kohn, Adam Karlin, Tom Mas-ters, Emily Matchar, Brandon Presser, Kevin Raub, Brendan Sainsbury, Andrea Schulte-Peevers, Polly Thomas, Luke Waterson and Karla Zimmer-man. This guidebook was produced by the following:Destination Editor Bailey FreemanProduct Editors Tracy Whitmey, Kate MathewsSenior Cartographers Corey Hutchison, Alison LyallBook Designers Michael Buick, Wibowo RusliAssisting Editors Ronan Abayawickrema, William Allen,

    Janet Austin, Andrew Bain, Judith Bamber, Imogen Bannister, Michelle Bennett, Andrea Dobbin, Gabrielle Innes, Helen Koehne, Kellie Langdon, Jodie Martire, Kristin Odijk, Charlotte Orr, Chris Pitts, Sarah Reid, Ross Taylor, Saralinda Turner, Simon WilliamsonCover Researcher Naomi ParkerThanks to Bruce Evans, Shona Gray, Liz Heynes, Eliz-abeth Jones, Sandie Kestell, Catherine Naghten, Lauren O’Connell, Rachel Rawling, Amanda Williamson

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    Map Pages 000Photo Pages 000

    AAbacos, the 165-71accommodations 852, see

    also individual locations, individual activities

    activities 27-30, see also individual locations

    adventure sportsAnguilla 89Bahamas, the 176Bonaire 224Dominica 374Dominican Republic

    409, 422Puerto Rico 610St-Martin/Sint Maarten

    714Trinidad & Tobago 751,

    764Turks & Caicos 798

    air travel 858-9amusement & theme parks

    Anguilla Aqua Park 91Aquaventure Water

    Park 156Andros 177-81Anegada 248-51, 555, 554Anguilla 11, 84-98, 85, 11

    accommodations 84, 95-6activities 89, 91beaches 87, 90, 91, 93culture 95disabilities, travelers

    with 97diving 87, 88electricity 96embassies &

    consulates 96emergencies 96festivals & events 93food 84, 96geography 95GLBT travelers 96

    highlights 85history 94-5money 96public holidays 96telephone 97time 97tourist information 97tours 86travel seasons 84travel to/from 97travel within 98wildlife 95

    Anse de Grande Saline 657-8

    Anse de Toiny 655Anse Marcel 717-18Antigua & Barbuda 11, 99-

    124, 100-1accommodations 99, 120activities 102-3, 105, 111,

    114-15beaches 102, 105, 107,

    108, 111, 114, 117, 118children, travel with 120-1cruise-ship travel 123culture 120disabilities, travelers

    with 122diving & snorkeling

    108, 111electricity 121embassies &

    consulates 121food 99, 113, 121geography 120GLBT travelers 121health 121highlights 100-1hiking 110-11history 118-19legal matters 121money 121-2public holidays 122telephone 122time 122tourist information 122tours 102-3, 117

    travel seasons 99travel to/from 122-3travel within 123-4volunteering 122wildlife 120

    aquariumsCayman Turtle Center 269Discover Atlantis Tour 156

    archaeological sitesCentro Ceremonial Indí-

    gena de Tibes 615Hato Caves 356

    Aruba 12, 125-41, 126accommodations 125,

    138-9activities 127, 131, 134,

    136-7beaches 130, 131, 133,

    135, 136children, travel with 139cruise-ship travel 141culture 138disabilities, travelers with

    140-1diving & snorkeling 127,

    131, 133, 134, 136-7electricity 139festivals & events 127, 131food 125, 139geography 138GLBT travelers 139health 139highlights 126history 137-8legal matters 139-40money 140public holidays 140telephone 140time 140tourist information 140tours 131, 136-41travel seasons 125travel to/from 141travel within 141volunteering 141wildlife 138

    Aruba Resort Area 129-33, 130

    BBahamas, the 12, 142-91,

    144-5accommodations 142,

    186, 187activities 186, see also

    individual activitiesbeaches 143, 149-50,

    156, 159, 168, 169, 173, 175-6, 177, 184,

    boat tours 150, 161, 166, 182

    children, travel with 151, 187

    cruise-ship travel 189culture 185cycling 173disabilities, travelers

    with 189diving & snorkeling 150-1,

    157, 160, 166, 170, 172, 173, 178-9, 182, 184

    electricity 187embassies &

    consulates 188environmental issues 186festivals & events 151, 161,

    165, 182fishing 150, 168, 178food 142, 150, 187geography 185-6GLBT travelers 188golf 161health 188highlights 144-5history 184-5legal matters 188money 188public holidays 188sailing & yachting 166,

    181, 182surfing 168taxes 188telephone 189time 189tours 150, 156, 161, 181travel seasons 142travel to/from 189-90

    ©Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd

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    EX B

    travel within 190-1volunteering 189wildlife 185

    Banda’bou 354-5Baracoa 335-8Barbados 13, 192-217, 193

    accommodations 192, 214, 215

    activities 194-5, 197-8, 200, 214-5

    beaches 197, 199, 201, 203, 204, 205, 207, 208, 210, 211

    children, travel with 215cruise-ship travel 216-17culture 212-13disabilities, travelers

    with 216diving & snorkeling 195,

    197, 205, 207, 208electricity 215emergencies 215environmental issues 214festivals & events 196,

    205food 192, 202, 215geography 213-14GLBT travelers 215health 215highlights 193history 212legal matters 215-16money 216public holidays 216scenic drives 210surfing 200, 202-3,

    208, 211taxes 216telephone 216time 216tourist information 216tours 194-5, 197-8travel seasons 192travel to/from 216-17travel within 217volunteering 216wildlife 214

    Barbuda 115-24, 555, 116bargaining 853baseball 427Basse-Terre

    (Guadeloupe) 470Basse-Terre Island

    (Guadeloupe) 469-75Basseterre (St Kitts &

    Nevis) 664-6, 665

    bathrooms 856Bathsheba 210-11Battle of the Saints 378Bávaro 403-9, 404Bayahibe 411beaches 24, see also

    individual locations17-Mile-Beach (Palm

    Beach) 117Andicuri Beach 135Anse Chastanet 696Anse de Colombier 652Anse de Gouverneur 656Anse de Grande

    Saline 657Anse de Tartane 574Anse des Flamands 652Anse Dufour 565Anse La Roche 449Anse l’Etang 574Anse Mamin 696Anse Marcel 717Anse Michel 569Anse Noire 565Apple Bay 238Arashi Beach 133Archer’s Bay 208Baby Beach 136Bahía de Las Águilas 402Baie aux Prunes 713Baie de Pompierre 476Baie Longue 713Baie Nettlé 712Baie Rouge 713Balneario

    Escambrón 596Bambarra Beach 807Bath 211Baths, the 241Bathsheba Beach 210Bathway Beach 446Batibou Beach 380Beausejour Bay 447Big Sand 742Bottom Bay 203Brewers Bay (British

    Virgin Islands) 237Brewers Bay (US Virgin

    Islands) 821Brownes Beach 197, 56Cabbage Beach 156Cable Beach 149-50Cane Bay 841Cane Garden Bay 237Caneel Bay 833Cas Abao 353Cas En Bas 693Cemetery Beach 261-2Chatham Bay 742

    Choc Beach 689Churchill Beach &

    Fortune Beach 159Cinnamon Bay 833Cockleshell Beach 670Coki Beach 826Cove Bay 91Cow Wreck Bay 248Crane Beach 203Culebra 610-11Cumberland Bay 733Darkwood Beach 108Deep Bay 107Dickenson Bay 105Doctor’s Cave Beach 526Eagle Beach 130, 68Ffryes Beach 108Flash of Beauty 250Fort Bay Beach 102French Leave Beach 177Frigate Bay South 667Gaulding Cay 176Governor’s Beach 261Grace Bay Beach

    361, 797, 360Grand Anse 438Grande Anse des Salines

    361, 568, 361Grande Riviere

    Beach 768Grooms Beach 441Grote Knip 354Half Moon Bay 114Happy Bay 713Hawksbill Bay 107Hawksnest Bay 833Herbert’s Beach 675Hermitage Bay 108Heywoods Beach 207Hibiscus Beach 841Honeymoon Beach 832Hull Bay 822Jabberwock Beach 105Jan Thiel Beach 352Josiah’s Bay 240Jumbie Bay 833Junkanoo Beach 143Kite Beach 417La Toc Beach 689Las Cuevas 766Leinster Bay 833Levera Beach 446Lindquist Beach 826Loblolly Bay Beach 250Long Bay (Antigua &

    Barbuda) 114Long Bay (British Virgin

    Islands) 238Long Bay Beach 797

    Love Beaches 184Lovers Beach 675Lower Bay 737Lower Town Beach 637Macqueripe Beach 763Magazine Beach 441Magens Bay 821Maho Bay 833Malgretoute Beach 696, 7Mambo Beach 352Man of War Bay 785Manchebo Beach 130Maracas Beach 764Matura Beach 769Mayaro Beach 770Meads Bay 90Miami Beach 201Mt Irvine Beach 779Mt Standfast Beach 205Mullins Beach 207Nisbet Beach 675No Name Beach 220Number One Beach 380Oualie Beach 675Palm Beach 131, 12Paradise Cove 164Paynes Bay Beach 204Pebbles Beach 197Petites Cayes 717Pigeon Point 775Pink Sands Beach 173Pinney’s Beach 675Pirate’s Bay 785Plage Anse d’Arlet 565Plage de La Brèche 574Plage de la Caravelle 464Plage de Lorient 655Plage des Raisins Clairs

    466Plage des Surfeurs 574Plage du Diamant 564Playa Ancón 323Playa Cabarete 417Playa Caletones 333Playa Caracas 611Playa Carlos Rosario 607Playa Condado 596Playa Encuentro 417Playa Flamenco 607Playa Frontón 412Playa Isla Verde 596Playa La Chiva 611Playa La Plata 611Playa Limón 406Playa Luquillo 606Playa Madama 412Playa Ocean Park 596Playa Rincón 412

    Map Pages 000Photo Pages 000

  • 875IN

    DEX B

    - CPlaya Zoni 607Point Baptiste

    Beach 380Pointe Marin 569Princess Diana

    Beach 118Princess Margaret

    Beach 735Protestant Cay 836Pumpkin Bluff 806Reduit Beach 689-90Rendezvous Bay

    (Anguilla) 91Rendezvous Bay

    (Antigua & Barbuda) 111

    Rendezvous Bay (Montserrat) 584

    Rockley Beach 199Rum Point 272Runaway Bay 105Saline Beach 769Salt Pond Bay 834Saltwhistle Bay 740Sandy Beach

    (Barbados) 199Sandy Beach

    (St Lucia) 700Sandy Ground 87Sandy Point 278Sans Souci 769Sapphire Beach 826Savannah Bay 243Secret Harbour

    Beach 826Seven Mile Beach

    (Cayman Islands) 261, 361, 360

    Seven Mile Beach (Jamaica) 535

    Shark Hole 203Shell Beach 650Shoal Bay East 93, 361Shoal Bay West 91Smuggler’s Cove (British

    Virgin Islands) 237Smugglers Cove (St

    Lucia) 692South Friar’s Bay 669Spotts Beach 271Spring Bay 241-2Starfish Point 272Stonehaven Bay 779Store Bay 775Sugar Beach 696Sun Bay 611Surfer’s Beach 175-6Tahiti Beach 168Taino Beach 159Treasure Beach 538-40, 17

    Trunk Bay 833Twin Bay 739Valley Church Beach 108Vigie Beach 689White Bay 246White House Bay 669Winnifred Beach 524-5

    Bequia 734-8Biminis, the 171-3bioluminescence 272birdwatching 365

    Antigua & Barbuda 115Bahamas, the 150, 185British Virgin Islands 248Cayman Islands 275,

    278, 280Dominica 385St Lucia 694Trinidad & Tobago 767,

    770, 771, 772, 779, 789Black River 540-1Blanchisseuse 766Blowing Point 89Blue Curaçao 351blue iguanas 272Blue Mountains 517-18boat tours

    Antigua & Barbuda 103Bahamas, the 150, 161,

    166, 182Barbados 194-5, 195British Virgin Islands

    242, 244, 245Cayman Islands 263Curaçao 353Dominica 378Grenada 447Martinique 562, 565,

    569, 574St Kitts & Nevis 664St Lucia 687, 690, 698St Vincent & the

    Grenadines 735, 742 St-Barthélemy 650St-Martin/Sint Maarten

    710, 714, 718Trinidad & Tobago 772, 784Turks & Caicos 801US Virgin Islands 836-7

    boat travel 859Bodden Town 271-2bodysurfing

    Dominica 381Bolívar, Simón 289Bolt, Usain 544Bonaire 13, 218-30, 219

    accommodations 218, 228

    activities 221, 225-6

    cruise-ship travel 230disabilities, travelers

    with 229diving & snorkeling

    221, 226electricity 228festivals & events 221, 224food 218, 225, 228, 229geography 227GLBT travelers 228health 228highlights 219history 227money 228-9public holidays 229taxes 229telephone 229time 229travel seasons 218travel to/from 230travel within 230volunteering 229-30wildlife 227-8

    Bosque Estatal de Guánica 616

    Bottom, the 629-31Branson, Richard 241,

    244, 251Brasso Seco 766-7Bridgetown 194-6, 194-5Brimstone Hill Fortress

    553, 552British Virgin Islands 14,

    231-58, 232accommodations 231,

    254, 255activities 254beaches 237-8, 240, 241,

    243, 246, 248, 250birdwatching 248boat tours 242, 244, 245children, travel with 254-5cruise-ship travel 256culture 253disabilities, travelers

    with 256diving & snorkeling 236,

    242, 245, 251, 254economy 253emergencies 255festivals & events 233,

    238, 240, 242fishing 249food 231, 248, 249, 255geography 253GLBT travelers 255highlights 232history 252-3kayaking 245kitesurfing 249

    money 255, 256public holidays 256sailing & yachting 257-8surfing 240, 244taxes 256, 257time 256tipping 255tourist information 256travel seasons 231travel to/from 256-7travel within 257-8wildlife 253

    Buccoo 778-9budgets 23, 67-9Buen Hombre 418bus travel 859business hours 855, 856,

    see also individual locations

    CCabarete 416-21Cades Bay 108Caicos Islands 797-808Calibishie 380callaloo 363calypso 551, 786Camagüey 323-6Cane Garden Bay 237-40Canouan 739-40Cap-Haïtien 497-8Carnival 27, 242, 352

    Anguilla 93Aruba 127Bonaire 221Curaçao 352Dominican Republic

    396, 421Guadeloupe 460Haiti 500Martinique 558Saba 630St Kitts & Nevis 665St Lucia 687St-Barthélemy 650St-Martin/Sint Maarten

    709Trinidad & Tobago 758,

    761, 22, 28US Virgin Islands 823,

    830car rental 860car travel 859-60Carriacou 446-50Castara 780-2Castries 687-9, 688Castro, Fidel 292, 327,

    339-40Castro, Raúl 340

  • 876


    EX C

    Cat Island 155caves

    Animal Flower Cave 208Conch Bar Caves 807Crystal Caves 272Darby Sink Cave 118Gran Caverna de Santo

    Tomás 314Great Cave 275Harrison’s Cave 209Hatchet Bay Cave 176Indian Cave 118Los Tres Ojos 396Parque Nacional Los

    Haitises 411Cayman Brac 275-7, 277Cayman Brac parrots 275Cayman Islands 14, 259-84,

    260accommodations 259,

    281, 282beaches 261-2, 272, 278birdwatching 275, 278,

    280boat tours 263children, travel with 281-2cruise-ship travel 284culture 280cycling 269, 274, 278, 281disabilities, travelers

    with 283-4diving & snorkeling 261,

    262, 269, 271, 275, 278, 281, 41

    electricity 282embassies &

    consulates 282emergencies 282fishing 263, 281food 259, 282geography 280GLBT travelers 282health 282highlights 260hiking 273, 275, 46history 279-80kayaking 272, 281kitesurfing 270, 274legal matters 282medical services 282money 283planning 259, 281, 282public holidays 283safety 282taxes 283

    telephone283time 283tipping 283travel seasons 259travel to/from 284travel within 284volunteering 284wildlife 280wildlife-watching 264

    Cays, the 805cemeteries

    Cementerio Santa Ifigenia 327

    Jewish Cemetery 637-8Chaguanas 771Chaguaramas 763-4Charlestown 673-5Charlotte Amalie 820-6,

    822Charlotteville 785-7children, travel with 74-6

    Antigua & Barbuda 120-1Aruba 139Bahamas, the 151, 187Barbados 215British Virgin Islands

    254-5Cayman Islands 281-2Curaçao 357Dominica 386Grenada 454Guadeloupe 484-5Martinique 578Saba 633Sint Eustatius 646-7St Kitts & Nevis 680St Lucia 702-3Trinidad & Tobago 790Turks & Caicos 815

    chocolate 444, 766-7, 784Christiansted 835-40churches & cathedrals

    Catedral de la Habana 290-1

    Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Baracoa) 336

    Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Santiago de Cuba) 330

    Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Cande-laria 324

    Catedral de San Juan 596

    Catedral Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe 614

    Catedral Primada de América 392

    Cathedral of the Im-maculate Conception (Grenada) 435

    Cathedral of the Immaculate Concep-tion (St Lucia) 687

    Fortkirche 347Iglesia de Nuestra Señora

    de la Merced 324Iglesia Parroquial de la

    Santísima Trinidad 319Immaculate Conception

    Cathedral 664Mayreau Catholic

    Church 740Roseau Cathedral 368Sacred Heart

    Church 630St Bartholomew’s Angli-

    can Church 650St George’s Anglican

    Church (Grenada) 435St George’s Anglican

    Church (St Kitts & Nevis) 664

    St Mary’s 728St Thomas Anglican

    Church 671St Thomas’ Lowland

    Church 675William Knibb Memorial

    Church 534cigars

    Casa del Habano – Hostal Conde de Villanueva 309

    Fábrica de Tabacos Constantino Pérez Carrodegua 315-16

    Graycliff Cigar Co 147Citadelle, the 498-9cliff jumping 355climate 22, 27-30Cockburn Town 808-12, 22Codrington 115-17Columbus, Christopher

    252, 383conch 73, 72consulates 853, see

    also individual locationsCoral Bay 834-5Côte des Arcadins 498cricket 788

    Antigua & Barbuda 106Barbados 213

    Croix des Bouquets 495-6Crop-Over Festival 29-30,

    196, 28Crown Point 773-8cruise-ship travel 54-62,

    see also individual locations

    Cruz Bay 829-32Cuba 14, 285-344, 286

    accommodations 285, 342, 343

    beaches 323, 333business hours 342courses 296cruise-ship travel 344culture 340-1diving & snorkeling 317food 285, 342, 343geography 341-2GLBT travelers 342-3highlights 286history 338money 343music 341planning 285-6safety 343telephone 343-4tours 295-6, 312, 324,

    336travel licenses 344travel seasons 285travel to/from 344travel within 344visas 344wildlife 341-2

    Culebra 607-10Curaçao 15, 345-59, 346

    accommodations 345, 356-7

    area codes 358beaches 352, 353, 354boat tours 353budget 357children, travel with 357cruise-ship travel 359culture 356disabilities, travelers

    with 358-9diving & snorkeling 354,

    355, 357electricity 357emergencies 357festivals 352food 345, 357geography 356GLBT travelers 357health 358highlights 346history 356legal matters 358money 358planning 345, 357public holidays 358religion 356taxes 358telephone 358

    Map Pages 000Photo Pages 000

  • 87 7IN

    DEX C

    -Etime 358tipping 358travel seasons 345travel to/from 359travel within 359wildlife 356windsurfing 353

    currency 22cycling 859

    Antigua & Barbuda 102Bahamas, the 173Cayman Islands 269,

    274, 278, 281Grenada 441Puerto Rico 610St Kitts & Nevis 676St Lucia 698Trinidad & Tobago 773Turks & Caicos 798US Virgin Islands 841

    Ddengue fever 862departure tax 860Deshaies 470-2, 17Diamond Chocolate

    Factory 444diarrhea 862Dickenson Bay 105-7disabilities, travelers with 856

    Anguilla 97Antigua & Barbuda 122Aruba 140-1Barbados 216Barhamas, the 189Bonaire 229British Virgin Islands 256Cayman Islands 283-4Curaçao 358-9Dominica 387Grenada 456Guadeloupe 486Martinique 580Montserrat 589Puerto Rico 621Saba 635Sint Eustatius 647St Kitts & Nevis 682St Lucia 704St Vincent & the

    Grenadines 748 St-Martin/Sint Maarten

    723Trinidad & Tobago 792Turks & Caicos 817US Virgin Islands 849

    distilleriesAppleton Rum

    Estate 544

    Cadushy Distillery 224Callwood Rum

    Distillery 238Captain Morgan Rum

    Distillery 844Cruzan Rum Distillery 844Distillerie Bielle 479-80Distillerie Depaz 571Distillerie PoissonDomaine de Bellevue 480John Watling’s

    Distillery 147-8Macoucherie Distillery 377River Antoine Rum

    Distillery 445Topper’s Rhum 710Trois-Rivières

    Distillery 567diving & snorkeling 24-5,

    37-44Anguilla 87, 88Antigua & Barbuda 108Aruba 127, 131, 133, 134,

    136-7Bahamas, the 150-1, 157,

    160, 166, 170, 172, 173, 178-9, 182, 184

    Barbados 195, 197, 205, 207, 208

    Bonaire 221, 226British Virgin Islands 236,

    242, 245, 251, 254Cayman Islands 261,

    262, 269, 271, 275, 278, 281, 41

    Cuba 317Curaçao 354, 355, 357Dominica 368-9, 375-6,

    377, 378Dominican Republic 405,

    412, 415, 418Grenada 435, 438, 441,

    442, 447, 450, 41Guadeloupe 473, 476Haiti 498Jamaica 519, 529, 535-6Martinique 563, 564,

    566, 567, 572Montserrat 585Puerto Rico 597, 607,

    610, 617Saba 624, 626, 631,

    633, 43Sint Eustatius 638-9St Kitts & Nevis 664-5,

    676St Lucia 690, 697 St Vincent & the

    Grenadines 730, 735, 742

    St-Barthélemy 650, 656

    St-Martin/Sint Maarten 708, 714

    Trinidad & Tobago 776, 781, 784, 785

    Turks & Caicos 798-800, 807, 809, 811, 815

    US Virgin Islands 823, 826, 830, 836, 837, 841, 842

    dolphins 801, 364Dominica 15, 366-89, 367

    accommodations 366, 385

    beaches 380birdwatching 385boat tours 378budgets 385, 386children, travel with 386cruise-ship travel 388culture 384disabilities, travelers

    with 387diving & snorkeling

    368-9, 375-6, 377, 378economy 384ecotourism 386electricity 386embassies &

    consulates 386emergencies 386festivals & events 369-70food 366, 386geography 385GLBT travelers 386health 387highlights 367hiking 373, 374, 376, 379,

    385-6history 383-4hot springs 373, 375legal matters 386, 387money 387planning 366, 385,

    386, 387public holidays 387religion 384taxes 387telephone 387time 387tipping 387tourist information 387travel seasons 366travel to/from 388travel within 388-9volunteering 387whale-watching 368-9,

    385wildlife 385

    Dominican Republic 16, 390-432, 391

    accommodations 390, 431

    beaches 402, 404-5, 406, 412, 416-17

    business hours 429cruise-ship travel 432culture 426-8diving & snorkeling 405,

    412, 415, 418embassies &

    consulates 429festivals & events 419food 390, 430geography 428-9health 430highlights 391history 424-6internet access 430money 430-1planning 390-1public holidays 431safety 429telephone 431tours 405-6, 415, 419,

    422travel seasons 390travel to/from 431-2travel within 432visas 431wildlife 428-9

    donkeysAntigua’s Donkey

    Sanctuary 114Donkey Sanctuary 135

    Dover Beach 200-1Drake, Sir Francis 252driving 359-60Dutch West India Co 356

    Eearthquakes (Haiti) 505East End, Anegada (British

    Virgin Islands) 250-1East End, Grand Cayman

    (Cayman Islands) 273-5East End, Tortola (British

    Virgin Islands) 240-1Eastern Antigua 114-15El Yunque 605-6Elbow Cay 167-9Eleuthera 173-7embassies 853, see also

    individual locationsEnglish Harbour 110-14, 11Englishman’s Bay 782environmental issues 70-3

    Bahamas, the 186Barbados 214St Vincent & the

    Grenadines 746-7Trinidad & Tobago 789

  • 878


    EX E-G

    etiquette 853events, see festivals &

    eventsExuma Cays 183Exumas, the 181-3

    FFairy Hill 524-5Falmouth 533-4festivals & events 27-30,

    see also Carnival, music festivals, regattas, sporting events

    Bahamian Music & Heritage Festival 182

    Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade 161

    Carriacou Carnival 446Carriacou Maroon &

    String Band Festival 446

    Creole Heritage Month 687

    Crop-Over Festival 29-30, 196, 28

    Culturama 674Dia di Rincon 224Fête des Cuisinières 461Festival of St-Barth 650full moon parties 238,

    240Goat Races 778Holetown Festival 205King’s Day 639Mai de St-Pierre 572New Year’s Day

    Junkanoo Parade 161Rastafari Rootzfest 536Regatta Time in

    Abaco 165RumBahamas 151Saba Days 630Saba Lobster Fest 630Saba Summer

    Festival 630Sea & Learn 630Séu Parade 352Statia Carnival 639Statia Day 639St-Barth Film Festival

    658Vincy Mas 730

    Felicity 771Fiestas de la Calle San

    Sebastián 27Fig Tree Drive 109-10

    fishing 47Bahamas, the 150,

    168, 178British Virgin Islands 249Cayman Islands 263, 281Jamaica 527Turks & Caicos 800,

    809, 815US Virgin Islands 826-7

    Five Islands Peninsula 107-8

    Flamands 652-3flamingos 248, 353, 25,

    365food 363, 853-4, 363-4,

    see also individual locations

    lobster 248, 249Fort Bay 631Fort-de-France 558-61, 559forts & ruins 26

    Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins 833

    Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park 553, 671-2

    Castillo de la Real Fuerza 291

    Castillo de los Tres Santos Reyes Magnos del Morro 289

    Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca del Morro 327

    Château Dubuc 575Citadelle Laferrière

    498, 17Dutch Reformed Church

    637El Morro 593, 552, 553Folly 523Fort Amsterdam 347Fort Charles 517Fort Charlotte (St Lucia)

    687Fort Charlotte (St

    Vincent & the Grenadines) 729

    Fort de Windt 643Fort Duvernette 729-30Fort Fincastle & the

    Queen’s Staircase 149Fort Frederick

    (Grenada) 435Fort Frederik (US Virgin

    Islands) 842Fort George 435Fort James 102Fort King George 782Fort Louis 711-12Fort Napoléon 475Fort Oranje 637

    Fort Shirley 378Fort St-Louis 558Fort Zoutman 127Fortaleza de San Carlos

    de la Cabaña 287Fuerte Matachín 336Fuerte San Cristóbal 593Peace Hill 833Statia forts 642St-Pierre 570Synagogue Ruins 637

    Frederiksted 842-3free diving 625-6Freeman, Morgan 241Freeport 159-65, 162Friar’s Bay 713-14Friendship Bay 737-8Frigate Bay 666-9frigate birds 120, 555frogs 385fungi music 253Furcy 496-7Fuster, José 296

    Gganja 546gardens, see parks &

    gardensgay travelers see GLBT

    travelersGeorge Town (Bahamas,

    the) 181George Town (Cayman

    Islands) 261-9, 266Gibara 333GLBT travelers 66, 854

    Anguilla 96Antigua & Barbuda 121Aruba 139Bahamas, the 188Barbados 215Bonaire 228British Virgin Islands 255Cayman Islands 282Cuba 342-3Curaçao 357Dominica 386Grenada 455Guadeloupe 485Jamaica 546Martinique 579Montserrat 588Puerto Rico 620Saba 634Sint Eustatius 646-7St Kitts & Nevis 680St Lucia 703St Vincent & the

    Grenadines 748

    St-Barthélemy 660St-Martin/Sint Maarten

    722Trinidad & Tobago 791Turks & Caicos 816US Virgin Islands 848

    golfAnguilla 91Antigua & Barbuda 105Bahamas, the 161Dominican Republic 405Guadeloupe 466St Kitts & Nevis 667,

    672, 675Gonaïves 499Gosier 463-4Gouyave 444Governor’s Harbour 176-7Grace Bay 361, 360Grand Anse 438-40Grand Bahama 158-65,

    160-1Grand Case 714-17Grand Cayman 261-75,

    262-3travel to/from 268travel within 269

    Grand Cul-de-Sac 656-7Grand Etang Road 443Grand Turk 808-11, 809Grande Anse des Salines

    361, 568, 361Grande Riviere 767-8Grande-Terre 459-69Grand-Rivière 573-4Great Guana Cay 170-1Great Harbour 245-6Green Turtle Cay 169-70Greenwood 533Gregory Town 175-6Grenada 16, 433-57, 434

    accommodations 433, 454

    activities 435, 441, 442, 443-4, 447, 454

    beaches 438, 441, 446, 447, 449

    children, travel with 454cruise-ship travel 456culture 453disabilities, travelers

    with 456diving & snorkeling 435,

    438, 441, 442, 447, 450, 41

    electricity 454embassies &

    consulates 454emergencies 454festivals & events 446-7

    Map Pages 000Photo Pages 000

  • 879IN

    DEX G

    -I food 433, 454geography 453GLBT travelers 455health 455highlights 434hiking 443-4, 449history 451-3money 455people 453public holidays 455taxes 455telephone 455time 455tourist information

    455-6tours 440, 447travel seasons 433travel to/from 456travel to St Vincent 448travel within 456-7volunteering 456wildlife 453-4

    Grenada Island 434-46Gros Islet 689-92grouper 73, 72Guadeloupe 17, 458-88,

    459accommodations 458,

    484, 485beaches 464, 468-9,

    470, 475-6children, travel with

    484-5cruise-ship travel 486culture 484disabilities, travelers

    with 486diving & snorkeling

    473, 476electricity 485festivals & events 460-1food 458, 485, 486geography 484GLBT travelers 485health 485highlights 459history 462, 483legal matters 485money 485planning 458-9public holidays 485taxes 486telephone 486time 486tours 466, 474travel seasons 458travel to/from 486-7travel within 487-8weather 458

    Guevara, Ernesto ‘Che’ 295, 315, 340, 33

    Gustavia 650-2

    HHaiti 17, 489-508, 490

    accommodations 489, 506

    architecture 493beaches 499business hours 507culture 505-6diving & snorkeling 498earthquakes 505embassies & consulates

    506festivals & events 500food 489, 503, 506, 507health 506-7highlights 490hiking 496history 503-4internet access 507money 507planning 489-90public holidays 507safety 491, 506travel seasons 489travel to/from 508travel within 508weather 489

    Hamilton, Alexander 839hammerhead sharks 807Hastings 199Havana 287-311, 288-9,

    294, 298-9accommodations 296-7,

    300-2, 343Centro Habana 292-3,

    300-1, 304, 307courses 296drinking & nightlife

    306-7entertainment 307-9food 302-6shopping 309sights 287-95tourist information

    309-10tours 295-6travel to/from 310travel within 310-11

    Hawkins, Jack 252health 861-3, see also

    individual locationsinsurance 861vaccinations 861

    hepatitis A 862hiking 47-8

    Antigua & Barbuda 110, 111Aruba 134Barbados 195Cayman Islands 273,

    275, 46Cuba 314, 319, 322-3Dominica 373, 374, 376,

    379, 385-6Grenada 443-4, 449Guadeloupe 473Haiti 496Jamaica 517-18, 520, 535Martinique 572Montserrat 585Puerto Rico 608Saba 633Sint Eustatius 643St Kitts & Nevis 672,

    675-6, 677St Lucia 694, 697-8St-Martin/Sint Maarten

    714St Vincent & the

    Grenadines 733, 735Trinidad & Tobago

    767, 781Turks & Caicos 807US Virgin Islands 829,

    830, 834, 837Hillsborough 447-8historic buildings & sites

    Arlington House 207Betty’s Hope 114Bibliothèque

    Schoelcher 558Blackbeard’s Castle 821California

    Lighthouse 133-4Casa Blanca 595Cheshire Hall 797Christiansted National

    Historic Site 836Elbow Reef Lighthouse 168Faro a Colón 393, 395-6Firefly 522Fond Doux Holiday

    Plantation 696Fortaleza Ozama 392-3Garrison Savannah

    Area 197Government Guesthouse

    637Government House

    (Nassau) 149Greenwood Great

    House 533Gun Hill 209Hotel Nacional 293, 295La Fortaleza 595Martello Tower 117

    Nelson’s Dockyard National Park 110-11

    Parliament Buildings 194Parroquia de San Juan

    Bautista de Remedios 315

    Paseo de Martí 293Pedro St James 271Pigeon Island National

    Landmark 692Romney Manor 671Rose Hall Great

    House 533Sans Souci 498-9Sapodilla Hill 797-8Scotts Head Point 375Shirley Heights 111Slave Huts 225St Nicholas Abbey 209St Thomas

    Synagogue 821Sunbury Plantation

    House 212Wade’s Green

    Plantation 806Wallblake House 86Wallings Dam &

    Reservoir 109-10Wingfield Estate St

    Kitts 671hitchhiking 860Holetown 205-6honeymoons 63-6horseback riding

    Anguilla 91Antigua & Barbuda 111Aruba 135, 136Barbados 209Bonaire 225Cayman Islands 269, 270Cuba 314, 319Jamaica 519St Kitts & Nevis 675St Lucia 693, 700St-Martin/Sint Maarten

    710Trinidad & Tobago 775, 778US Virgin Islands 844

    hot springsBath Hot Spring 674Soufriere Sulfur Springs

    375Sulphur Springs 696Wotten Waven 373

    Hurricane Ivan 279

    Iiguanas 250, 272, 365, 364Île-à-Vache 502, 553Îlet Pinel 717

  • 880


    EX I-M

    insurance 854internet access 854internet resources 23Island Harbour 94itineraries 31-6, 53

    JJack Boy Hill 584Jacmel 499-501Jamaica 17, 509-49, 510

    accommodations 509, 545

    beaches 519, 523, 524-5, 526, 538-9

    business hours 545cruise-ship travel 548culture 542-4drinks 544diving & snorkeling 519,

    529, 535-6embassies & consulates

    546emergencies 546festivals & events 529,

    536, 539food 509, 521, 537, 547geography 544GLBT travelers 546health 546-7highlights 510history 541-2legal matters 547money 547planning 509-10public holidays 547safety 532, 538, 546telephone 547tours 513-14, 519, 534,

    539travel seasons 509travel to/from 547-8travel within 548-9wildlife 545

    Jarabacoa 422-4Jérémie 503jerk 363, 362Jolly Harbour 108-9Jost Van Dyke 245-8

    KKabic 501-2Kalinago people 382,

    383, 384Kalinago Territory 382-3

    kayaking 48-9Antigua & Barbuda 115Aruba 137Bonaire 226British Virgin Islands 245Cayman Islands 272, 281Guadeloupe 473Martinique 565, 569Puerto Rico 607-8, 610Trinidad & Tobago 763-4,

    775US Virgin Islands 823,

    827, 829-30, 833, 834, 841

    Kingston 511-17, 512, 516accommodations 514activities 513drinking & nightlife 515food 514-15sights 511-13tourist information 516tours 513-14travel to/within 516-17

    Kingstown 728-32, 730kitesurfing 49

    Antigua & Barbuda 105, 114-15

    Aruba 134, 136Barbados 202-3Bonaire 226British Virgin Islands 249Cayman Islands 270, 274Dominican Republic

    414-15, 417, 418Haiti 501Martinique 569Puerto Rico 597St Lucia 693, 700St Vincent & the Gren-

    adines 742St-Barthélemy 656Turks & Caicos 800-1

    Klein Curaçao 355Kralendijk 220-3, 220

    LLa Désirade 482-3La Sagesse Bay 443La Vega 421Lac Bay 226lakes

    Boeri Lake 374Boiling Lake 373Freshwater Lake 374

    Lance aux Épines 442-3languages 22, 864Las Galeras 412-13Las Terrenas 413-16, 414Le Diamant 564

    Le Moule 468Leeward Coast 779-80Leeward Hwy 732-3legal matters 854, see

    also individual locationsLes Anses d’Arlet 565-7Les Cayes 502Les Saintes 475-9 lesbian travelers, see GLBT


    Californai Lighthouse 133-4

    Elbow Reef Lighthouse 168

    Galera Point 769Grand Turk Lighthouse

    810liming 674Little Cayman 277-9, 555,

    276, 554Little Harbour 247-8lobster 248, 249Long Island 183-4Lorient 655-6Lower Bay 737Lucaya 159-65, 163Luquillo 606-7

    MMan O’ War Cay 171manchineel trees 854Mangrove Cay 180-1Maracas Bay 764-6Marie-Galante 479-82Marigot (Dominica) 381-2Marigot (St-Martin/Sint

    Maarten) 711-13Marigot Bay 361, 694-5,

    360marine parks

    Bloody Bay Marine Park 278

    Bonaire National Marine Park 222

    Buccoo Reef 773-5Folkestone Marine

    Park 205Northwest Point Marine

    National Park 800Tobago Cays Marine

    Park 741markets

    Floating Market 347Marshe di Artesania 348Old Market 368Produce Market

    (Marigot) 712Public Market

    (Antigua) 102

    Public Market (Kingstown) 728

    St George’s Market Square 435

    Marley, Bob 519, 543, 551museums 511Trench Town Culture

    Yard 513Marsh Harbour 166-7Martí, José 293, 327Martinique 18, 556-81, 557

    accommodations 556, 578

    activities 562, 564, 565-6, 569, 572, 574

    beaches 564, 565, 568, 569, 574

    children, travel with 578culture 577disabilities, travelers

    with 580diving & snorkeling 563,

    564, 566, 567, 572electricity 578festivals & events 558,

    562, 572food 556, 578-9geography 578GLBT travelers 579highlights 557hiking 572history 576-7legal matters 579money 579people 577public holidays 579surfing 575taxes 579telephone 579time 579tourist information

    579-80tours 558, 562-3, 569travel seasons 556travel to/from 580travel within 580-1wildlife 578

    Martin’s Bay 211Mary’s Point 631Mayreau 555, 740-1, 554McLean’s Town 159Meads Bay 90-1medical services 861merengue 551Mero 377Middle Caicos 807-8mofongo 363, 362Molê Saint-Nicolas 501money 22, 23, 854-5, see

    also individual locations

    Map Pages 000Photo Pages 000

  • 881IN

    DEX M

    Montbars, Daniel 657Montego Bay 526-33, 528

    accommodations 529-30activities 527-9drinking & nightlife 531festivals & events 529food 530-1safety 532shopping 531-2sights 526-7travel to/from 532travel within 532-3

    Montserrat 582-90, 583accommodations 582,

    585-6, 587-8beaches 584children, travel with 588culture 587diving & snorkeling 585electricity 588food 582, 586-7, 588geography 587GLBT travelers 588health 588highlights 583legal matters 588money 588-9public holidays 589safety 588taxes 589telephone 589time 589tourist information 587tours 585travel seasons 582travel to/from 589travel within 589-90volunteering 589weather 582wildlife 587

    monumentsAnse Cafard Slave

    Memorial 564Birth of the New World

    Statue 604Leaper’s Hill 445Pearl Airfield 445Wreck of the 10 Sail

    Monument 274Morne Rouge Bay 440-1motorcycle travel 859Mount St Benedict

    Monastery 763mountain chicken 385Mt Obama 108Mudjin Harbor 807museums

    1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum 233

    Albert Lowe Museum 169-70

    Amazing Grace Experience 672

    Amerindian Museum 787Aruba Archaeological

    Museum 127Barbados Museum 197Bob Marley Museum 511Casa de Arte Jover 323Casa del Cacao 336Cayman National

    Museum 261Centre de Découverte

    des Sciences de la Terre 571

    Chaguaramas Military History & Aerospace Museum 763

    Cricket Legends of Barbados 197

    Cuartel Moncada 327Curaçao Maritime

    Museum 347Curaçao Museum 348Devon House 511Dominica Museum 368Doongalik Studios 149Dutch Museum 624Edgar Clerc Archaeologi-

    cal Museum 468Estate Whim Plantation

    Museum 843-4Gallery Alma Blou 347George Washington

    House 197Grenada National

    Museum 435Harry L Johnson

    Museum 624Heritage Collection

    Museum 86Hilltop Coffee House &

    Family Center 584Horatio Nelson

    Museum 674Indian Caribbean

    Museum 771Institute of Jamaica 513Jewish Cultural-

    Historical Museum 347

    Kimme’s Sculpture Museum 779

    Larimar Museum 393Liberty Hall 513Little Cayman

    Museum 277Maison de la Canne 562Maison du Cacao 474Mangazina di Rei 224Mémorial ACTe 460

    Montserrat Volcano Observatory 584

    Musée de la Pagerie 562Musée de Saint Martin

    Antilles 712Musée des Coquillages

    et de la Mer 564Musée du Panthéon

    National 491Musée du Rhum 474Musée St-John

    Perse 460Musée Volcanologique et

    Historique 570Museo Alcázar de

    Colón 392Museo Arqueológico ‘La

    Cueva del Paraíso’ 336Museo Casa Natal de

    Ignacio Agramonte 324

    Museo de Ambiente Histórico Cubano 330

    Museo de Arte Cubano Contemporáneo 322

    Museo de Arte de Ponce 613

    Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico 596

    Museo de Artes Decorativas 316

    Museo de Comandancia del Che 287

    Museo de Fortificaciones y Armas 287

    Museo de la Ciudad 290Museo de la Lucha

    Clandestina 330Museo de la

    Revolución 292-3Museo de las

    Américas 593Museo de las Casas

    Reales 393Museo de San Juan 595Museo del Niño de

    Carolina 596Museo Histórico Munic-

    ipal 319Museo Memorial de la

    Resistencia Dominicana 393

    Museo Municipal Emilio Bacardí Moreau 330

    Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes 292

    Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos 319

    Museo Napoleónico 293Museo Provincial Ignacio

    Agramonte 323-4Museo Romántico 319

    Museo Tula 356Museo-Casa Natal de

    José Martí 292Museum Kura

    Hulanda 347Museum of Antigua &

    Barbuda 102Museum of Nevis

    History 673-4National Art Gallery of

    the Bahamas 147National Gallery of

    Jamaica 511-12National Gallery of the

    Cayman Islands 261National Museum & Art

    Gallery 752National Museum of

    Montserrat 584National Museum (St

    Kitts & Nevis) 664National Museum

    West 526Nevisian Heritage

    Village 677Nidhe Israel

    Museum 194North Shore Shell

    Museum 238Pirates of Nassau 146-7Savonet Museum 354-5Sint Eustatius

    Museum 637Sint Maarten

    Museum 708Terramar Museum 220That Yoda Guy

    Museum 708Tobago Museum 782Underwater Sculpture

    Park 435Wyannie Malone

    Museum 168mushrooms, psychoactive

    253music 24, 551

    Barbados 213calypso 551, 786chutney 786fungi music 253goombay 185rake ‘n’ scrape 185soca 786steel pan 786Trinidad & Tobago 786

    music festivalsDominican Jazz

    Festival 419Livin in the Sun 88Moonsplash 91Red Stripe Reggae

    Sumfest 529

  • 882


    EX M-P

    Soul Beach Music Festival 131

    St Lucia Jazz Festival 687

    St Kitts Music Festival 665

    St-Barth Music Festival 658

    World Creole Music Festival 369-70

    Mustique 738-9

    NNassau 143-55, 148, 152-3Necker Island 251Negril 534-8Nevis 673-8Nevis Heritage Trail 677New Providence 143-58,

    146-7nightlife 26North Caicos 805-7North Side 272-3North Sound 243-5national parks & nature

    reservesAbaco National Park 167Bahía Mosquito 610Barkers National Park 269Blue Holes National

    Park 179Brimstone Hill Fortress

    553, 552Buck Island Reef Na-

    tional Monument 840Cabrits National Park 378Caledonia Rain

    Forest 845Chalk Sound National

    Park 797Christoffel National

    Park 354Clifton Heritage National

    Park 158Columbus Landfall

    National Park 811Copper Mine National

    Park 242Domaine de

    l’Émeraude 571East Bay Islands

    Reserve 806El Yunque National

    Forest 605Farley Hill National

    Park 209Flamingo Pond 248

    Fountain Cavern National Park 93

    Gorda Peak National Park 243

    Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin 474

    Grand Etang National Park 443

    La Sagesse Nature Centre 443

    Lucayan National Park 165

    Millet Bird Sanctuary 694

    Montego Bay Marine Park & Bogue Lagoon 526-7

    Morne Trois Pitons National Park 373-5, 379

    Ojos Indígenas Ecological Park & Reserve 405

    Parc National de la Guadeloupe 471

    Parc National la Visite 496

    Quill National Park 643Réserve Cousteau 473Sage Mountain National

    Park 238Salt Island 251Salt River Bay National

    Historic Park 841Shete Boka National

    Park 354Three Mary Cays 806Two Foot Bay National

    Park 118Vieques National Wildlife

    Refuge 610Virgin Islands National

    Park 829Washington-Slagbaai

    National Park 224West Side National

    Park 179

    OObservatorio de Arecibo

    604-5Ocho Rios 518-22Oistins 201-2Old San Juan 553opening hours 855, 856,

    see also individual locations

    Oranjestad (Aruba) 127-9, 128

    Oranjestad (Sint Eustatius) 637-42, 640, 19

    Orient Beach 718-19

    Out Islands (Bahamas, the) 165-84

    Out Islands (British Virgin Islands) 251-2

    Oyster Pond 719-20

    PPagua Bay 381-2Palm Island 744panyards 761Paradise Island 155-7parks & gardens, see also

    national parks & nature reserves

    Andromeda Botanic Gardens 210

    Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Center 149

    Baths, the 241Bonaire Botanical

    Garden 224Botanic Gardens

    (Dominica) 368Botanical Gardens (Port

    of Spain) 752Botanical Gardens

    (Scarborough) 782Botanical Gardens of

    Nevis 677Camerhogne Park 438Diamond Falls Botanical

    Gardens & Mineral Baths 696

    Emancipation Garden 820

    Flower Forest 209Garden of the Groves

    159-60Huntes Gardens 209Jardín Botánico Nacional

    396Jardin de Balata 560JR O’Neal Botanic

    Gardens 233La Savane 558Mamiku Gardens 694Miriam Schmidt Botani-

    cal Gardens 643Parque Central 293Parque Natural

    Majayara 336Queen Elizabeth II

    Botanic Park 272Queen’s Park Savannah

    752St George Village

    Botanical Garden 844St Vincent Botanic

    Gardens 728Waterfront Park 753Welchman Hall Gully 209

    William Grant Park 512-13

    Woodford Square 753parrots 275Paseo de la Princesa

    593, 57passports 858Paynes Bay 204-5Península de Samaná

    409-16Petit Martinique 450-1Petit St Vincent 744-5Philip 203-4Philipsburg 708-9Pic Paradis 714Pico Duarte 423Pigeon Island

    (Guadeloupe) 472-4Pigeon Island (St Lucia)

    692Pirates of the Caribbean

    380, 384, 553, 733Pitons, the 695-700Plage de Malendure 472-4planning

    budgeting 22-3, 67-9calendar of events 27-30Caribbean Islands basics

    22-3children 74-6cruise-ship travel 54-62diving & snorkeling

    37-44environmental issues

    70-3internet resources 22-3island-hopping 50-3itineraries 31-6, 53outdoors 45-9sustainable travel 70-3travel seasons 22-3, 27-30weddings & honeymoons

    24, 63-6Point Salines 441-2Point Udall 840-1Pointe-à-Pitre 460-3, 461Ponce 613-16, 614Port Antonio 523-4Port Elizabeth 735-7Port of Spain 752-63,

    754-5Port Royal 517, 553, 553Port Salut 502-3Port-au-Prince 491-5, 492Portsmouth 377-9Presqu’île de

    Caravelle 574-6Prickly Pear Cays 88Providenciales 797-805,


    Map Pages 000Photo Pages 000

  • 883IN

    DEX P

    -SPuerto Rico 18, 591-622,

    592accommodations 591, 620activities 596-7, 620beaches 596, 606, 607,

    610-11business hours 621children, travel with 601cruise-ship travel 622culture 619disabilities, travelers

    with 621electricity 620embassies &

    consulates 620emergencies 620-2festivals & events 597-8food 591, 620, 621geography 619GLBT travelers 620health 620highlights 592history 618-19money 620-1planning 591public holidays 621telephone 621time 621tipping 621tourist information 621tours 597travel seasons 591travel to/from 622travel within 622visas 621wi-fi 620

    Punta Cana 403-9, 404

    QQueen Elizabeth II 253

    RRastafarianism 542, 543

    Indigenous Rastafarian Village 527

    Red Hook 826-8regattas 233

    Bahamas, the 165Grenada 446Sint Eustatius 639St Vincent & the

    Grenadines 734St-Martin/Sint Maarten

    710US Virgin Islands 827

    reggae 543, 551Bob Marley Museum 511Red Stripe Reggae

    Sumfest 529

    Trench Town Culture Yard 513

    Remedios 315Rhys, Jean 384Rincón 616-18Rio Grande Valley 525-6road rules 860Road Town 233-6, 234Rockley 199Rodney Bay 689-92romance 24, 63-6Rose Hall 533Roseau 368-72, 369Roseau Valley 372-3Route de Kenscoff 496Route de la Trace 571rum 198, see also

    distilleriesRuta Panoramica 417

    SSaba 18, 623-35, 625

    accommodations 623, 632-3

    activities 624, 633children, travel with 633courses 624culture 632disabilities, travelers

    with 635diving & snorkeling 624,

    626, 631, 633, 43electricity 633festivals & events 630food 623, 634geography 632GLBT travelers 634health 634highlights 625hiking 633history 631-2legal matters 634money 634people 632public holidays 634telephone 634time 634tourist information 634-5tours 624travel seasons 623travel to/from 635travel within 635volunteering 635wildlife 632

    sailing & yachting Bahamas, the 166,

    181, 182British Virgin Islands


    Dominican Republic 418Grenada 435Guadeloupe 460, 466,

    474Jamaica 527St Lucia 690St Vincent & the

    Grenadines 742Turks & Caicos 801

    Salisbury 377salsa 551, 551Salt Cay 811-12Samaná 409-12San Fernando 772San Juan 593-604, 594,

    598-9, 18 accommodations

    598-600activities 596-622beaches 596drinking & nightlife

    602-22entertainment 602festivals & events 597-8food 600-1shopping 602sights 593-6tourist information

    602-3tours 597travel to/from 603travel within 603-4

    San Nicolas 136Sandy Ground 87-9Sandy Island 88 Sans Souci 498-9Santa Clara 314-18Santiago de Cuba 326-35,

    328-9accommodations 331-2drinking & nightlife 333entertainment 333-4food 332-3shopping 334sights 327-31tourist information

    334-5 travel to/from 335travel within 335

    Santo Domingo 392-403, 394-5

    accommodations 397-8activities 392-6downtown 398drinking & nightlife 399entertainment 399-400festivals & events 396food 398-9Malecón 398-9

    shopping 400sights 392-6tourist information 401tours 396travel to/from 401-2travel within 402-3

    Saut d’Eau 497Sauteurs 444-5Savaneta 136-7Scarborough 782-3schistosomiasis 862seafood 70Seven Mile Beach (Cayman

    Islands) 261, 361, 360Seven Mile Beach

    (Jamaica) 535Shoal Bay East 93, 361Silver Sands 202-3Simpson Bay 710-11Sint Eustatius 19, 636-

    47, 638accommodations 636,

    645activities 638-9, 645beaches 637children, travel with 646culture 644disabilities, travelers

    with 647diving & snorkeling

    638-9electricity 646festivals & events 639food 636, 646geography 644GLBT travelers 646health 646highlights 638history 644money 646public holidays 646-7telephone 646-7time 646tourist information

    646-7travel seasons 636travel to/from 647travel within 647volunteering 647wildlife 644-5

    Sint Maarten, see St-Martin/Sint Maarten

    Soufriere (Dominica) 375-7Soufrière (St Lucia)

    695-700Soup Bowl 211, 13Spanish Lagoon 136-7Spanish Town 241-3Speightstown 206-12

  • 884


    EX S

    Speyside 784-5sporting events

    8 Tuff Miles 830Ironman 70.3 Triathlon

    St Croix 837Master of the Ocean 419Saba Triathlon 630St Thomas International

    Regatta 827Spring Bay 738St Croix 835-44

    travel to/from 835travel within 835

    St George’s 435-7, 16, 56St John 828-35

    travel to/from 828-9St John’s 102, 103St Kitts & Nevis 662-84,

    663 668-9accommodations 662,

    680activities 664-5, 672,

    675-6, 677beaches 667, 669, 670,

    675children, travel with 680cruise-ship travel 682culture 679disabilities, travelers

    with 682diving & snorkeling

    664-5, 676electricity 680emergencies 680festivals & events 674food 662, 680geography 679-80GLBT travelers 680health 680-1highlights 663hiking 672, 675-6, 677history 678-9money 681people 679public holidays 681taxes 681telephone 681time 681tours 664-5, 666, 672,

    675-6, 677travel seasons 662travel to/from 682travel within 682-4volunteering 682wildlife 679-80

    St Lawrence 200-1St Lucia 21, 685-705, 686

    accommodations 685, 702

    activities 687, 690, 693, 694, 697-8

    beaches 689-90, 692, 693, 696, 700

    children, travel with 702-3

    cruise-ship travel 704culture 701disabilities, travevlers

    with 704diving & snorkeling

    690, 697electricity 703embassies &

    consulates 703emergencies 703festivals & events 687food 685, 693, 703geography 702GLBT travelers 703health 703highlights 686hiking 694, 697-8history 701kitesurfing 693, 700money 703public holidays 704taxes 704telephone 704time 704tours 698travel seasons 685travel to/from 704travel within 705wildlife 702

    St Thomas 820-8travel to/from 820travel within 820

    St Vincent & the Grenadines 21, 726-49, 727, 729

    accommodations 726, 747

    activities 730, 733, 735, 742, 747

    beaches 733, 735, 737, 739, 740, 742

    culture 746disabilities, travelers

    with 748diving & snorkeling 730,

    735, 742electricity 747environmental

    issues 746-7festivals & events 730,


    food 726, 747-8geography 746GLBT travelers 748health 748highlights 727hiking 733, 735history 745-6money 748public holidays 748taxes 748telephone 748time 748tourist information 748tours 731travel seasons 726travel to/from 748-9travel within 749wildlife 746

    St-Barthélemy 19, 648-61, 649

    accommodations 648, 659

    activities 650, 653, 656, 659

    beaches 650, 652, 655, 656, 657

    cruise-ship travel 661culture 658-9diving & snorkeling

    650, 656electricity 659emergencies 659festivals & events 650,

    658food 648, 660geography 659GLBT travelers 660health 660highlights 649history 658money 660people 658-9public holidays 660telephone 660time 660tours 650travel seasons 648travel to/from 660-1travel within 661wildlife 659-61

    Ste-Anne 464-5, 568-70steel pan 551, 551Ste-Luce 567-8Ste-Rose 474-5Stevenson, Robert Louis

    251Stewart, Don 221St-François 465-7stingrays 264

    St-Jean 653-5St-Martin/Sint Maarten 21,

    706-25, 707accommodations 706,

    721activities 708, 710,

    714-15, 718, 721adventure sports 708beaches 712, 713, 717cruise-ship travel 724culture 720-1disabilities, travelers

    with 723diving & snorkeling

    708, 714electricity 722emergencies 722festivals & events 709,

    710food 706, 708, 722geography 721GLBT travelers 722health 722highlights 707hiking 714history 720money 722public holidays 722-3safety 721-2telephone 723time 723tours 708, 710travel seasons 706travel to/from 723-4travel within 724-5wildlife 721

    Stocking Island 183St-Pierre 570-3surfing 49

    Bahamas, the 168Barbados 200, 202-3,

    208, 211British Virgin Islands

    240, 244Dominican Republic 418Guadeloupe 466Haiti 501Jamaica 525Martinique 575Puerto Rico 617US Virgin Islands 842

    sustainable travel 70-3synagogues

    Mikvé Israel Emanuel Synagogue 347

    St Thomas Synagogue 821

    Synagogue Ruins 637Map Pages 000Photo Pages 000

  • 885IN

    DEX T-W

    Ttax havens 253telephone 855-6, see

    also individual locationsTerre-de-Bas 479, 477Terre-de-Haut 475-9, 477Terres Basses 713time 856, see also

    individual locationsTobago 772-87, 774Tobago Cays 741-2toilets 856Topes de Collantes 322-3Tortola 233-41tourist information 856,

    see also individual locations

    Trafalgar Falls 372-3travel to/from the

    Caribbean Islands 858-9

    travel within the Caribbean Islands 859-60

    Treasure Beach 538-40Treasure Island 251Trinidad 751-72, 765Trinidad (Cuba) 318-22Trinidad & Tobago 22,

    750-94, 751accommodations 750,

    789-90activities 766-7, 775, 781,

    785, 790beaches 763, 764, 766,

    768, 769, 770, 775, 779, 785

    children, travel with 790cruise-ship travel 793culture 788disabilities, travel with

    792diving & snorkeling 776,

    781, 784, 785electricity 790embassies &

    consulates 791emergencies 791environmental

    issues 789festivals & events 758,

    761, 778food 750, 757, 791geography 789GLBT travelers 791health 791highlights 751hiking 767, 781history 787-8legal matters 791-2money 792

    people 788public holidays 792safety 790taxes 792telephone 792time 792tours 751-2, 760, 763-4,

    766-7, 768, 769, 771, 772-3, 775, 778, 781, 784

    travel seasons 750travel to/from 792-3travel within 793-4wildlife 789

    Trois-Îlets 562-3Trois-Rivières 475Tropical Storm Erika 377,

    384Trouvadore 813Trujillo, Rafael Leonidas

    425Turks & Caicos 22, 795-817,

    796accommodations 795,

    815activities 798-801, 809,

    811, 815beaches 797, 806, 807children, travel with 815culture 813-14disabilities, travelers

    with 817diving & snorkeling

    798-800, 807, 809, 811, 815

    electricity 815embassies & consulates

    816emergencies 816fishing 800, 809,815food 795, 816geography 814GLBT travelers 816health 816highlights 796hiking 807history 812-13legal matters 816money 816people 813-14public holidays 816taxes 817telephone 817time 817travel seasons 795travel to/from 817travel within 817volunteering 798whale-watching 811, 815wildlife 814

    Turks Islands 808-12turtles 271, 355, 738,

    768, 769Two Foot Bay 118

    UUnion Island 742-4Universidad de la Habana

    295US Virgin Islands 818-50,

    819accommodations 818,

    847beaches 821-2, 826, 832-

    3, 834, 836, 841children, travel with 847culture 846disabilities, travelers

    with 849embassies &

    consulates 848emergencies 848-50festivals & events 823,

    827, 830, 837, 842food 818, 848geography 846-7GLBT travelers 848health 848highlights 819history 845-6legal matters 848money 848planning 818public holidays 848-9taxes 849time 849tipping 848tourist information 849travel seasons 818travel to/from 849-50travel within 850volunteering 849

    USS Antilla 133USS Kittiwake 14, 261, 14

    VValle de Viñales 314Valley, the 86-7vervet monkeys 679Vieques 610-13Vieux Fort 700-1Ville-Bonheur 497Viñales 311-14Virgin Gorda 241-5visas 856, see also

    individual locationsvolcanoes

    La Soufrière (Guadeloupe) 471

    La Soufrière (St Vincent & the Grenadines) 735

    Mont Pelée 577Soufrière Hills Volcano

    585volunteering 856, see

    also individual locations

    WWaitukubuli National

    Trail 376Wallilabou Bay 733, 552Washington, George 197water 863Water Island 821waterfalls

    Argyle Falls 783Bassin Bleu 500Cascada El Limón 414Concord Falls 444Damajagua 420Dark View Falls 733Dunn’s River Falls 519Irie Blue Hole 518-19La Tille Waterfalls 693-4Middleham Falls 374Pitons Waterfall 696Rio Seco Waterfall 769Ti Tou Gorge 373Trafalgar Falls 372Wallilabou Falls 733YS Falls 541

    weather 22, 27-30weddings 63-6West Bay 269-71West End (Anguilla) 91-3West End (Anegada; British

    Virgin Islands) 248-50West End (Curaçao) 354-5West End (Tortola; British

    Virgin Islands) 236-7whales 385whale-watching

    Dominica 368-9, 385Dominican Republic 409Turks & Caicos 811, 815

    White Bay 246-7Wide Sargasso Sea 384wildlife 365, 364-5,

    see also individual locations & species

    wildlife sanctuaries & zoos 26

    Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary 114

    Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Center 149

    Arikok National Wildlife Park 135

  • 886


    EX W-Z

    Blue Iguana Recovery Center 272

    Butterfly Farm (Aruba) 130

    Butterfly Farm (St- Martin/Sint Maarten) 718

    Caroni Bird Sanctuary 770

    Culebra National Wildlife Refuge 607

    Donkey Sanctuary 135Donkey Sanctuary

    Bonaire 225Emperor Valley Zoo 752Flamingo Sanctuary 353Grafton Caledonia Wild-

    life Sanctuary 779Isla Culebrita 607

    Millet Bird Sanctuary 694Nariva Swamp 770Old Hegg Turtle

    Sanctuary 738Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl

    Trust 771Rock Iguana Headstart

    Facility 250Sea Turtle Conservation

    Bonaire 221Stingray City 33The Dogs 251Zoo de Martinique 570-1

    wildlife-watchingCayman Islands 264Martinique 562

    Willemstad 347-52, 348-9, 15

    Willibrordus 353-4windsurfing 49

    Antigua & Barbuda 105, 114-15

    Aruba 134Bonaire 226Curaçao 353Dominican Republic 418Martinique 569

    Windward Highway 734Windward Road 783-4Windwardside 624-9, 628women travelers 856work 857Worthing 199-200Wotten Waven 373wrecks

    RMS Rhone 251USS Antilla 133USS Kittiwake 14, 261, 14

    YYS Falls 541

    Zzandoli 374zika 863zip-lining

    Antigua & Barbuda 110St Lucia 689US Virgin Islands 823

    zoos, see wildlife sanctuaries & zoos

    Map Pages 000Photo Pages 000

  • 887N


  • 888



  • 889N


  • 890



  • 891N


  • 892



  • 893

    Walking Tour detourWalking Tour

    Path/Walking Trail

    BeachBird SanctuaryBuddhistCastle/PalaceChristianConfucianHinduIslamicJainJewishMonumentMuseum/Gallery/Historic BuildingRuin

    Sento Hot Baths/Onsen

    ShintoSikhTaoistWinery/VineyardZoo/Wildlife SanctuaryOther Sight






    Drinking & NightlifeCafe

    BankEmbassy/ConsulateHospital/MedicalInternetPolicePost OfficeTelephoneToiletTourist InformationOther Information

    AirportBorder crossingBus


    Underground station


    Metro station

    Petrol stationSubway stationTaxiTrain station/RailwayTram

    Other Transport



    LookoutMountain/VolcanoOasisParkPassPicnic AreaWaterfall

    River, CreekIntermittent River





    Dry/Salt/Intermittent Lake





    Cemetery (Christian)

    Cemetery (Other)



    Sight (Building)


    DisputedRegional/SuburbMarine ParkCliffWall

    Capital (National)Capital (State/Province)City/Large TownTown/Village




    SkiingSnorkellingSurfingSwimming/PoolWalkingWindsurfingOther Activity




    Pedestrian overpass


    Unsealed roadRoad under construction


    Cable car/Funicular



    Activities,Courses & Tours



    Drinking & Nightlife



    Information Routes







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  • Carolyn McCarthyCuba Carolyn specializes in travel, culture and adventure in the Americas. She has written for National Geographic, Outside, BBC Magazine, Boston Globe and other publications. A former Fulbright fellow and Banff Mountain Grant recipient, she has documented life in the most remote corners of Latin America. Carolyn gained her expertize by researching guidebooks in diverse destinations. She has con-tributed to more than 30 guidebooks for Lonely Planet, including Colorado, USA,

    Argentina, Chile, Trekking in the Patagonian Andes, Panama, Peru and USA’s National Parks. For more information, visit or follow her Instagram travels at @masmerquen

    Hugh McNaughtanBahamas, Turks & Caicos A former English lecturer, Hugh swapped grant appli-cations for visa applications, and turned his love of travel into a full-time thing. Having done a bit of restaurant-reviewing in his home town (Melbourne), he’s now eaten his way across four continents. He’s never happier than when on the road with his two daughters. Except perhaps on the cricket field.

    Kevin RaubDominican Republic Writer, Punta Cana & the Southeast, Península de Samaná, The Southwest & Península de Pedernales. Kevin Raub grew up in Atlanta and started his career as a music journalist in New York, working for Men’s Journal and Rolling Stone magazines. He almost didn’t accept this assignment, his third through the region, until he found out the road to Sabana de la Mar was finished – he just couldn’t bear another go on the formerly tortuous, pothole- ridden road.

    Follow him on Twitter and Instagram (@RaubOnTheRoad).

    Andrea Schulte-PeeversAntigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Montserrat, St Kitts & Nevis Born and raised in Germany and educated in London and at UCLA, Andrea has traveled the distance to the moon and back in her visits to some 75 countries. She has earned her living as a professional travel writer for over two decades and authored or contribut-ed to nearly 100 Lonely Planet titles as well as to newspapers, magazines and websites around the world. She also works as a travel consultant, translator and

    editor. Andrea’s destination expertise is especially strong when it comes to Germany, Dubai and the UAE, Crete and the Caribbean Islands. She makes her home in Berlin.

    Polly ThomasTrinidad & Tobago Polly has been writing about the Caribbean for 20 years, authoring guide books to Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda, St Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago. Having lived for five years in Port of Spain, Trinidad, she’s now back in her hometown, London, seeking out good roti and doubles whenever she can.

    Luke WatersonPuerto Rico Raised in the remote Somerset countryside in Southwest England, Luke quickly became addicted to exploring out-of-the-way places. While com-pleting a Creative Writing degree at the University of East Anglia, he shouldered his backpack and vowed to see as much of the world as possible. Fast-forward a few years and he has traveled the Americas from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and developed an obsession for Soviet architecture and pre- Columbian ruins in equal

    measure. He divides his time between Wales and Slovakia, on which he keeps the world’s leading English-language content site on Slovak travel and culture, www.englishman

    Karla ZimmermanBritish Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands Karla lives in Chicago, where she eats doughnuts, yells at the Cubs, and writes stuff for books, magazines, and websites when she’s not doing the first two things. She has contributed to 40-plus guide-books and travel anthologies covering destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and the Caribbean – all of which are a long way from the early days, when she wrote about gravel for a construction magazine and got to trek to places like

    Fredonia, Kansas. To learn more, follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@karlazimmerman).

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  • Brendan SainsburyCuba Born and raised in the UK in a town that never merits a mention in any guidebook (Andover, Hampshire), Brendan spent the holidays of his youth cara-vanning in the English Lake District and didn’t leave Blighty until he was nineteen. Making up for lost time, he’s since squeezed 70 countries into a sometimes precarious existence as a writer and professional vagabond. His rocking chair memories will probably include staging a performance of ‘A Comedy of Errors’

    at a school in war-torn Angola, running 150 miles across the Sahara Desert in the Marathon des Sables, and hitchhiking from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro with an early, dog-eared copy of LP’s Africa on a Shoestring. In the last 11 years he has written over 40 books for Lonely Planet, from Castro’s Cuba to the canyons of Peru. When not scribbling research notes, Brendan likes partaking in ridic-ulous ‘endurance’ races, strumming old Clash songs on the guitar, and experiencing the pain and occasional pleasures of following Southampton Football Club.

    Alex EgertonBarbados, Grenada, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines A news journalist by trade, Alex has worked for magazines, newspapers and media outlets on five continents. Having had his fill of musty newsrooms and the insatiable corporate appetite for superficial news, Alex decided to leap into travel writing in order to escape the mundane. He spends most of his time on the road checking under mattresses, sampling suspicious street food and chatting with locals as part of

    the research process for travel articles and guidebooks. A keen adventurer, Alex has hiked through remote jungles in Colombia, explored isolated tributaries of the mighty Mekong and taken part in the first kayak descent of a number of remote waterways in Nicaragua. When not on the road, you’ll find him at home amongst the colonial splendor of Popayán in southern Colombia.

    Anna KaminskiJamaica Having majored in Caribbean and Latin American history at university and having lived in Kingston and worked in Jamaica’s prisons and ghettos in 2006, Anna was thrilled to research Jamaica for Lonely Planet a second time. On this occasion, she drove the scenic and often gnarly back roads of west Jamaica, visited numerous plantation houses, hiked through rugged Cockpit Country, attended the Maroon Festival, attended the country’s second-largest reggae

    gig and went to Boston Bay in search of Jamaica’s best jerk pork. When not on the road for Lonely Planet, Anna calls London home.

    Catherine Le NevezAnguilla, Saba, Sint Eustatius, St-Barthélemy, St-Martin/Sint Maarten Catherine’s wanderlust kicked in when she roadtripped across Europe from her Parisian base aged four, and she’s been hitting the road at every opportunity since, travelling to around 60 countries and completing her Doctorate of Creative Arts in Writing, Masters in Professional Writing, and postgrad qualifications in Editing and Publishing along the way. Over the past dozen-plus years she’s writ-

    ten scores of Lonely Planet guides and articles covering Paris, France, Europe and far beyond. Her work has also appeared in numerous online and print publications. Topping Catherine’s list of travel tips is to travel without any expectations.

    Tom MastersGuadeloupe, Martinique Dreaming since he could walk of going to the most obscure places on earth, Tom has always had a taste for the unknown. This has led to a writing career that has taken him all over the world, including North Korea, the Arctic, Congo and Siberia. Despite a brief spell living in the English countryside, Tom has always called London, Paris and Berlin home. After graduating with a degree in Russian literature from the University of Lon-

    don, Tom went to work in Russia as a journalist at the St Petersburg Times. This first writing job took him on to work at the BBC World Service in London, and as a freelance contributor to newspapers and magazines around the world, as well as working in documentary production for UK and US television companies. Tom indulges his love of communist architecture by living on Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin’s Friedrichshain, but still returns regularly to the former Soviet Union for work. His most recent projects include guides to China, Central America and Venezuela. He can be found online at

  • OUR STORYA beat-up old car, a few dollars in the pocket and a sense of adventure. In 1972 that’s all Tony and Maureen Wheeler needed for the trip of a lifetime – across Europe and Asia overland to Australia. It took several months, and at the end – broke but inspired – they sat at their kitchen table writing and stapling together their first travel guide, Across Asia on the Cheap. Within a week they’d sold 1500 copies. Lonely Planet was born.

    Today, Lonely Planet has offices in Franklin, London, Melbourne, Oakland, Dublin, Beijing and Delhi, with more than 600 staff and writers. We share Tony’s belief that ‘a great guidebook should do three things: inform, educate and amuse’.

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