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Please refer Avatar & Minihompage proposal if you are interested in.

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  • 1. Avatar and My Room Service 2004. 3. Strategic Cooperation

2. Index 1. Service Introduction 2. Service Object 3. Proposal Contents 4. Service Menu 5. System Structure 6. Japanese Version7. About TAMNET > Index of the service 3. Avatar and My Room Service Concept -. The Avatar Solution is a successful business model in making community and serving users. -. The following diagram shows the visual representation of the service concept.Long-time Stay andJoyfulOn-Line Event and Joint Marketing Making a Profit1. Service Introduction Powerful Monitoring Admin Tool Avatar and Myroom> concept 4. 2. Service Object Activating The Site Long-time Stay and Joy MakingProfit-. As the service aims at satisfaction of the users, normally the users will not have anyobjectionto pay for Avatar Items. -. Making profits along with service. -. The users can taste the ultimate enjoyment of browsing by using the privileges Offered by the service like setting avatar, creating cyber room, avatar chatting etc.-. Users can create their own space and can stay long time for enjoying our website. -. Suitable for all kind of age groups.>Making profit,Activating the site,Long-time stay&joy 5. 3-1. Offerings 3-2. Terms and conditions

  • We Offer source to launchAvatar and My Room service.
  • We provide maintenance and site renewal regularly.
  • We update manyAvatar,My Room and Homepage items every month.

> Offerings,Terms and conditions 3. Proposal

  • Basic Contract period for theservice is2 years.
  • Customizing time is 2 months normally. (Changing the Language & Modifying menus, )
  • Profit Sharingwill depends on the contract.

6. > Avatar and My Room Service Menu 4. Service MenuSetting upAvatar Basic Shape Setting up My RoomBasic Shape Avatar My Room Face, Eyes, Nose and Mouth, Skin Color, Facial Expression (Animated Gif) Avatar Item Shop Background, Underwear, Formal Dress, Casual Cloths, Accessories,Hair Style, Pet Shop, Party Cloths Appearance of My Room, Structure of My Room, Inner Color My RoomItem Shop Remodeling, Furniture, Electronics, Interior, Theme Items, Warehouse My RoomAvatar Chatting Chatting with other people in My Room based on Avatar Chatting Personal Homepage Homepage Shop Homepage Skin, Homepage Accessory, Mouse Items, Homepage Sticker Zone Space for Community 08-12 Zone, 13-19 Zone, 20-40 Zone, Bulletin Board (Photo, Multi-media, ) 7. > Detailed Contents 4. Service Menu Site Structure Avatar My Room Homepage Avatar Chatting My Room Best & New CommunityBulletin Board Avatar ContestRoom Contest 8. 4. Service MenuAvatar > Avatar : definition,figure,object,description Definition: users candecoratethe character(avatar) themselves. Object : -.Allowing the users to have their avatar more attractiveaccording to theirtaste than using the readymade avatar. Description :-. To makeAvatar complete one has to select shape of the face, eyes, nose&mouth, skin color, hair and dress. 9. 4. Service MenuAvatar : setting up Face Eyes Nose and Mouth Skin Color > Avatar : Basic shapes Definition : users can choose the basic shapes of theAvatars face from the available options. 10. 4. Service Menu Avatar :Item Shop Underwear Formal Dress Casual Cloths Accessories > Avatar : item shop Definition :to dress up Avatar user can buy the garments and accessories by paying some fare. 11. 4. Service Menu Hair Style Pet Party Cloths Background Avatar : Item Shop > Avatar : item shop Description : user can change hairstyle, pet, background etc for Avatar by paying some fare. 12. 4. Service Menu My Room setting> My room : definition, figure, object, description Object :-. offering the user to have their own space thanhaving the default space/room. Description :-.Basically the user has to set the structure of the room then he can decorate the things like bed, windows, lamp, frame etc Definition : user can create their own room and can furnish the roomdepending on their taste and has to pay for each item in the room. 13. 4. Service Menu My Room settingDefinition : users has to select the room structure and wallpaper to create base for the room.flooring etc to form his own room. > My room : setting up 14. 4. Service MenuMy Room : Item Shop : Remodeling Wallpaper Floor of the room Window Light > My room : item shopDescription : users can arrange the things to decoratetheir rooms like floor windows,wallpaper etc. and to save the arrangements they have to pay cost for each item in the room. 15. 4. Service MenuMy Room : Item Shop : Furniture Cloths chest Bed Sofa Desk > My room : item shop Description : users can arrange the furniture in their room like bed,sofa etc for price. 16. 4. Service MenuMy Room : Item Shop Bookshelf Dressing table Prop Table > My room : item shop Description : Users can purchase the furniture like shelf,tables etc. 17. 4. Service MenuMy Room : Item Shop :ElectronicappliancesRefrigerator TV Audio > My room : item shop Description : users can buy the electronic appliances for their rooms. 18. 4. Service MenuMicrowave Computer Vacuum Cleaner Air Conditioner My Room : Item Shop :Electronicappliances> My room : item shop Description : users can bye the electronic goods like vacuum cleaner, pc etc. 19. 4. Service MenuMy Room : Item ShopPicture Frame Etc Small Accessories > My room : item shop Description : users can even buy the frames,mats etc just as they interior their own home. 20. 4. Service MenuMy Room : Item Shop Carpet Interior Light Small Items > My room : item shop Description : users can get even very small items like pans,lamps,kitchenware etc through the service. 21. 4. Service MenuMy Room : Item Shop : Theme shop > My room : item shop Definition :-. In theme, group of items comes under 1 title like 10set, 6set etc. -.users can select the style of the room like pyramid,magic forest, baseball groundand avatarbasic shape etc -. Users can change the place of items except background.Pyramid Fantasy Magic forest Baseball ground 22. 4. Service MenuChatting> Chatting between avatars Definition : Users can make chatting room using their own room. They can chatwith each other and caninvite other Avatars in that room. 23. 4. Service Menu Personal Homepage > Home page Object : -.without knowing about the site user can view the homepage of a member ( http://my.nebang.com/testid) Description :-.this homepage contains the information like home, self introduction,photo gallery, private photos, diary, music, ware house, friends listetc..Definition : the Avatar and my room can have personal homepage. 24. PersonalHomepage : self introduction > Home page 4. Service Menu Definition : information about owner. (alsoyou can see other peoples information if it is opened) 25. 4. Service Menu Personal Homepage : photo gallery > Home page Definition :users can make album ofpersonal photos, Avatars photos,pet photos etc and also write comments. And can add some photos on category wise. 26. 4. Service Menu Personal Homepage : diary > Home page Definition : user can note down the important engagements, memories on date wise. And also can hide the information from others. 27. 4. Service Menu Personal Homepage : board > Home page Definition : one can write comments, compliments on free board.the other users may or may not be restricted to see the board. 28. 4. Service Menu PersonalHomepage : guest book > Home page Definition : Other users can visit my homepage and they can write some comments. 29. 4. Service Menu Personal Homepage : music > Home page Definition : users can select the music to be played from the available list. 30. 4. Service Menu Personal Homepage : friend list > Home page Definition : users can add friends and can send/receive messages. 31. 4. Service Menu Zone : community Definition : the people make and keep the relation in groups to form community. > Community Object: -.to promote unity . Description :-. Basing on one topic One group cancommunicate with othergroup bywriting their opinion in Zone area and can also send photos. -. By clicking on the small Avatar icon beside the comment one can directly go to the homepage to give response.The interesting topics in the world like wars,movies,relations etc.. Talks on 1 topic with other group. Gives reply and keep communication 32. 4. Service Menu Zone : community > Community Definition : based on the age the zone is divided into 3 categories like 8~12, 13~19, 20~40 . And each zoneincludes the information like photogenic, Theme talk, drawing contest, Photo gallery, friends, free board etc... 33. 4. Service MenuAdministration Tool> Tools Definition : basically this tool is to manage the users log data, members data, item data, payment data, contest data etc 34. 5. System Structure System Structure Map Users Chatting Server Web Server Backup Server DB Server Image Server > Mapping Definition : servers are maintained separately for each category like chatting, database, image etc and one backup server for safety. 35. 5. System Structure Detailed System Structure > Details Name Of The Server H/W S/W Web Server PentiumIII 1G Dual CPU,SCSI HDD 30G *2,RAM 1G Windows 2000 IISDB Server PentiumIII 1G Dual CPU,SCSI HDD 30G *2,RAM 1G Windows 2000 MS-SQL 2000 Chat Server PentiumIII 1G 1CPU,EIDE HDD 30G *1,RAM 2G Windows 2000 Using Java Development KitImage Server PentiumIII 1G 1CPU,SCSI HDD 30G *2,RAM 1G Windows 2000 IISBackup Server PentiumIII 800MHz CPU,EIDE HDD 80G *2,RAM 256MWindows 2000 36. JAPANESE Version Japanese Version > www.maime.jp www.maime.jp * use Id : testid p/w : testid. 37. About TAMNET Company Introduction > Company Introduction Business Area -. Web Service (Contents Provider for Avatar & My Room & Homepage &a