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2. The film I am researching is Avatar.
Avatar was released on December
17th 2009 in the UK. The media hype that surrounded Avatar was that it was meant to be the best film of all time. Also that with all the technology used to create Avatar it would change cinema and 3-D forever. The audience expected Avatar to better than James Camerons last film Titanic. But some critics also thought Avatar would be a flop. Avatar is mainly science-fiction but it also has some elements of adventure and romance. The BBFC (the British Board of Film Classification)are the people who decide what the age rating is for each film in Britain. Avatar was rated 12A. Avatar was rated that younger people could watch the film too and it didnt have anything explicit.
3. The primary audience for Avatar are people who like sci-fi films and people who have anticipated the release of the film. The secondary audience is probably people who have seen the film being advertised in some way and got interested and younger people.
The production company behind Avatar was Lightstorm entertainments and the person who owns this company is James Cameron who is also the director of this film. Other films Lightstorm entertainment have created are Terminator 2, True lies and Titanic which were all big blockbusters and grossed a lot of money. Also Titanic was the highest grossing film of all time so the audience expected Avatar to be just as good. So this could make more people want to watch the film which means the film gets more money.
Neyteri and Jake
4. In the trailer we are introduced to the main character Jake Sully and we see what his mission is. At the beginning the humans are shown to the audience as the good ones and the natives called the Navi as the evil savages. As the trailer goes on the audience understand that it is actually the other way round. The humans are destroying Pandora the Navis home, to get a precious rock called unobtainium that sells for millions on earth. All the characters are very powerful, Neyteri a Navi gets closer to Jake. The only humans that want to help the Navi are Jake, Dr Grace, Trudy and Norm. We can tell from the trailer that this film is mostly science fiction from the 6ft blue Navi, scientists in lab coats, robots, lots of gadgets and new technology and things floating. The film looks appealing because of all the special effects such as the Navi, exotic animals, Pandora and the fighting scenes. Avatar takes the audience to a world beyond imagination that is action packed with adventure and visually beautiful images as they follow Jakes journey into understanding the Navi .
5. Decoding the Avatar poster
The poster is split into two sides the Navi side and the human side. This image of Jake shows that he has two sides one as a human and one as a Navi.
The human side of Jake Sully. This maybe representing the humans as the bad side because Jake looks very serious.
Here we see Jake as his avatar which looks like a Navi. This may be representing the Navis as the good side because he looks calm and more relaxed than the human side.
Here we see Neyteri this may be showing that she is one of the main characters. Because she is the only other character featured on the poster. We know she isnt the main character because Jakes face is the biggest thing on the poser which means the audience sees his face first which tells us hes the main character and then we only see her afterwards. She looks strong and independent because she has a bow and arrow.
The title of the film which is AVATAR. It is also in blue in relation to the Navi being blue.
We see Pandora destroyed in this part here. This is on the human side of the poster. This maybe what the humans see when they look at Pandora. This may make the audience think that its the humans fault for the land being destroyed.
It says a James Cameron film. This may attract the audience to watch the film because hes made some of the biggest films of all time such as Titanic being the highest grossing film of all time and many others.
Here we see Pandora as a pure naturally beautiful land. It looks peaceful and unique. This maybe what the Navi see when they look at Pandora.
The poster appeals to the audience because it looks interesting. Also its unique because the face is half human and half Navi. The main selling point is probably James Cameron because he is the director.
The credit block. All the names of the people who made the film.
6. Empire Magazine
It says amazing world exclusivewith an exclamation mark, which immediately attracts the attention of the readers. The magazine is trying to tell the audience this is something not to be missed if you love Avatar.
It says The planets first look at the movie event of the decade.This makes people excited and want to know more about Avatar because it is described as the movie event of the decade.
This says SPECIAL COLLECTORS COVER FOLD OUT NOW! which makes readers want to read the magazine even more because it has special Avatar collectors cover in it.
This says James Camerons Avatar ; how his new sci-fi epic will change cinema forever. This makes people anticipate the release of the film even more because they want to see what makes Avatar the film that will change cinema forever.
7. Website.
The website helps promote the film by having: the trailer on it so people can have a sneak peek of whats to come before actually watching the movie. There is also an interactive trailer so that you can get involved. There are also images and downloads that you can use, and if you do use it your helping to promote it if other people see it. The website also advertises the official Avatar game and toys. There is also an Avatar twitter feed so you can see whats going on with Avatar. Last of all there is a website called AVTR.com which you can go on to learn more about Avatar and join the Avatar Program