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  • 1.By :Shwetanshu Gupta 342/08 ECE B2

2. Contents Introduction OBES Hardware Impact of avatar world Applications Challenges Future aspects References 3. AVATAR MACHINEIntroduction Avatar is a digital representation of a real human being. Neal Stephenson describe the avatar in the Metaverse, a fictional virtual-reality application.1Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 4. OBES Generally, OBEs are associated with illness or traumatic incidents. OBEs can be produced in healthy persons.(science journal) Three tests performed: Display test. Sweat sensor. Recognition test. 3Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 5. Hardware A harness that straps to the user's torso. Three two-meter long aluminium rods that attach to the user's harness at the lower back and shoulders, forming a tripod. A wide-angle pinhole video camera at the end of the tripod. A head-mounted display (HMD) contained in a helmet. A power supply attached to the harness.5Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 6. 6Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 7. CAMERA7Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 8. 8Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 9. Costumes9Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 10. Impact of Virtual Life Positive effect. Proteus effect. Transfer of features from Virtual to real life.10Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 11. Healthy habits 11Saying no room Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 12. Applications Sociology and psychology. Entertainment. Training machine. Medical Help For academic studies12Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 13. Challenges Low level of expressiveness of avatars. To lessen the time of creating things. Creating a system that avoids bad ergonomics. Maintaining psychology between user and virtual world. To overcome lack of situational awareness. Avoidance of criminal effects13 14. Future Aspects By 2020, intelligent avatar will jump off the screen and become a real-life touchable digital image. Self-looking avatar. Mouse clicking and typing will end. Security, change lighting and temperature as needed, and deliver news, sports, games, and entertainment anywhere in the house. Selecting TV programs will be easy14Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 15. References www.marcowens.co.uk (Marc Owens official website). www.howstuffworks.com www.en.wikipedia.org The Virtual University and Avatar Technology, by Klaus Oestreicher, printed at Worcester Business School, University of Worcester Henwick Grove, United Kingdom.15Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2 16. 16Shwetanshu Gupta ECE B2