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  • 1.ACUPUNCTURE ANDHOW IT WORKSBy the Awesome Ava Soleil Andrews

2. WHY ACUPUNCTURE ISGOOD FOR YOU*Acupuncture is good for you because when you have a bad back orany thing like that instead of going to the doctor and paying a lot ofmoney you can get Acupuncture.*Acupuncture is also good for you because it helps with stress.* Acupuncture is also good because it helps stiff muscles, wounds,infections, and all illnesses in general 3. WHAT ACUPUNCTURE CANDO FOR YOU*Before*Acupuncture can help relieve stress 4. AH ACUPUNCTUREOh wow that looks like it hurts, but actually it feels really good. 5. AFTER ACUPUNCTURE Calm and awesome 6. ACUPUNCTURE AND HOWIT HELPS STIFF MUSCLES When you have stiff muscles instead of getting a massage andhelping your stiff for like aweek you can getacupunctureso it does not come back forlong while. 7. DURING ACUPUNCTURE Oh my! wow but he is going to feel better when it is over 8. AFTER ACUPUNCTURE Flexible as can be. 9. WHAT ACUPUNCTURE CANDO FOR YOU BEFORE ACUPUNCTURE CAN HELP WITHILLNESSESN, INFECTIOND, AND WOUNDS 10. AFTER ACUPUNCTURE Healthy as can be 11. ACUPUNCTURE AND HOW AWESOME IT IS After acupuncture: Before acupuncture: Which one looks better? 12. ACUPUNCTURE MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY Look at her you cant get more happy that that 13. THAT IS ALL FOR NOWABOUT ACUPUNCTURE THATS ALL NO REALLY THAT IS ALL OK BYE