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Short description of ART360 -project and especially it's Tampere part.

Transcript of Art360 & Tampere Artists' Association In English

  • 1. ART360 project - One Million Euros for Visual Arts Arja Moilanen and Matti Koistinen Tampere Artists Association Art360 is financed by European Social Fund, Transport and the Environment of Hme, and City of Tampere Developing Managerial Skills and New Business Strategies in Fine Arts

2. Tampere ArtistsAssociation Mltinranta Artcenter 3. Gallery & Studio

  • Gallery 190 m2
  • Studio 70 m2

4. Work premises at Mltinranta

  • Workshops for Graphic Arts

5. Work premises at Mltinranta

  • Metal Studio
  • Monument Studio

6. Takahuhti Artist Residence 7. ART360 nationally

  • In the cities of Oulu, Helsinki, Pori and Tampere and in the town of Kankaanp
  • Seven organizations from the field of visual arts involved
  • Satakunta University of Applied Sciences is the coordinator of the project.
  • Project started in August 2008 and ends in May 2011.

8. ART360 nationally

  • Oulu Artists Association and PROTO The Designers' Association of Northern Finland: turning fine arts services into sellable products , improving the international skills of artists and managers
  • Helsinki Artists Association: creating an online service
  • ( ), instructing artists of the use of the web
  • Artists' Association of Finland: the developing of artists web register, creating contract forms
  • Visual Artists Coryright Society Kuvasto: digital use of image, copyright
  • Finnish Painters' Union: the developing of procedures of acquiring art, art in urban environment
  • AV-arkki the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art: improving the international skills of artists and curators

9. ART360 in Tampere

  • Financed locally by Creative Tampere
  • What do we do?
  • Develop new ways to co-operate with companies
  • Improve artists' business know-how
  • Teach business skills for artists
  • Develop the art lending service
  • Staff
  • Local coordinator Arja Moilanen: Administration and finance
  • Project coordinator Katri Heinnen: Developing the art lending service
  • Consult Anne Paldanius: Art consulting
  • Business coordinator Matti Koistinen: Developing art based products and services for businesses, organizing education for artists

10. Business Coordinator

  • Developing products and services for business
  • Organizing education for artists
  • Searching companies and other organizations to co-operate with
  • Collecting information about using fine arts in business
  • Producing information for ART360 network
  • Public Relations (partly)

11. Creating Art Products Evaluation Product-ization

    • Business coordinator
    • Artist Group
    • ART360 local team and national network


    • Artist
    • Business coordinator
    • Artist Group
    • Customer
    • Virtually anyone
    • Artist Group
    • Business coorditor
    • Customer
    • ART360 local team

12. Product Categories

  • Experience Workshops: M aking art in guidance of an artist. Besides experiencing something new, the aim in a workshop can be improving the dynamics of the group, improving ones strengths or recognizing ones weaknesses, etc.
  • Art experiences:Visual Arts Jury, Gallery Tours, Events at the Gallery in Mltinranta Art Center.
  • Art for Companies:Art inspired by the company, its history, premises or community, Art Consulting
  • Using artists' skills in business:Artist of the House, Croquis Portraits

13. Education for Artists

  • Spring 2009:
    • Taxation & accounting, photographing and digital image processing.
  • Fall 2009:
    • A seminar of how to work as an professional artist
    • Artists' communication, portfolio, Curriculum Vitae, Artists Statement,marketing, sales and meeting the customer, copyrights and contracts
  • Spring 2010
    • Accounting, computer based accounting, digital image processing
    • Clinics: Taxation & accounting, developing a business idea, sales & working with galleries, customers, marketing
  • The aim is to give tools, know-how and ideas to improve artists' business skills.

14. Events & Other

  • Finnish Housing Fair in Valkeakoski 2009 and 2012 in Tampere
  • HabitareFurniture, Interior Decoration and Design Fair in Helsinki
  • Local Fairs in Tampere
  • Improving art lending service: Marketing, customer experience, web store
  • Co-operation between art lending service providers nationwide
  • Making the achieved know-how and good practices public for everyone to use